Bow Power!


This past Sunday was the continuation of the Battle of Barlow, a fast-pitch tournament whose final games were rained out two weeks before. My daughter Gaby’s [#18 above] team, SC Elite, was scheduled to play two games in the morning. If they won one of those two games, they moved on to the semi-finals later that afternoon. SC Elite was crushed by one of the tournament’s best teams in the first game, but, they won the second game. The girls’ parents [including me] attributed the win to the bows that the team decided to wear in their hair. The bows were made by the coach’s older daughter to raise money for SC Elite.

However, the power of the bows was short-lived. SC Elite made it to the semi-finals, but, the team they were pitted against was the team that crushed them earlier that morning. SC Elite didn’t make it to the finals, but, like always, the girls had fun, and, I soaked up some sunshine. This weekend is another tournament. More fun, more sun!

I just noticed that the girls’s numbers in the photo above [right] form a pattern. Well, there are two possible patterns. If you add by subtracting 5 from the previous difference (working left) or subtract by adding 5 to the previous difference (working right), the pattern looks like this: -32, -12, 3, 13, 18, 18, 13, 3, -12, -32. However, if you add half the previous difference (working left) or subtract twice the previous difference (working right), the pattern looks like this: 22.375, 21.75, 20.5, 18, 13, 3, -17, -57, -137. What does it all mean? Nothing.


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