Brazil Rocks! LACRIMA

This is Kekah of LACRIMA


LACRIMA is a rock band from São Paulo, Brazil, fronted by Kekah (vocals) with Rods (guitar), Baldi (guitar), Caio Siqueira (drums), and Raphael Gomes (bass). LACRIMA plays an energetic blend of alternative and hard rock, feuled by addictive riffs and pounding backbeats that drive Kekah‘s powerful vocals over anthemic choruses. The band cites as influencesGuns N´Roses, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Paramore e Led Zeppelin entre outros.” LACRIMA is one of the best female-fronted Brazilian rock bands I’ve heard since my obsession with that country’s rock music began back in 2012; and Kekah is, without doubt, one of Brazil’s best female rock vocalists.

Last week, I decided to check up on a few of my favorite female-fronted Brazilian rock bands [like Fake Number, CW7, etc] to see when their latest albums would be released; and, after watching the video for CW7‘s excellent new song Inércia” on YouTube, I followed a link to the video for the first single from banda LACRIMA‘s debut full-length Você vai me notar (2013). I was instantly charmed. Watch the video here …

“Você vai me notar” is a cool song, right? Yeah, it is. The AC/DC influence is undeniable. “Quanto estou por perto” is another excellent track with a classic rock influence [similar to American bands like Silvertide or Whitestarr], but, my favorite hard rocker, on Você vai me notar, is “Mais”, which begins deceptively easy, then, quickly kicks out energetic melody to the end. Next, watch the video for LACRIMA‘s second single …

“Com você” is a cool power ballad, right? Yeah, it is. It’s moody and melodic. However, my favorite power ballad, and, possibly, my favorite track on Você vai me notar, is “Livre pra voar”. Passionate vocals, crunchy chords, and big, soaring choruses – perfect! “Ainda não e tarde”, which recalls ’90s alt-rockers Live mixed with Evanescence, is another cool power ballad; while “Ciclo” is an amazing acoustic ballad that showcases Kekah‘s vocal prowess. Next, watch the video for “Se Você Se Aproximar”

The intro of this hooky pop/rocker reminds me of 38 Special‘s classic ’80s hits. Other excellent pop/rockers, on Você vai me notar, are “Impresso em mim” and “O que eu quero”. The album closes with “Fax um tempo”, a fuller acoustic ballad with a “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by way of ’90s Lillith Fair kind of vibe. Very cool. Finally, watch this video of LACRIMA, in studio, covering Nina Simone‘s “Feeling Good”

Like I said, Kekah is, without doubt, one of Brazil’s best female rock vocalists!


3 thoughts on “Brazil Rocks! LACRIMA

  1. Wow!
    I’m the lead singer of the band and I’ve found this post by chance and I am very happy with what I read.
    Sometimes we forget how powerfull is the internet which can take us to places we could never imagine, and see someone who is so far from us enjoying and commenting
    about the songs in this clearly way, it is just amazing and very exciting!
    I would like to thank the affection, the words and everything. you just turn my day quite better and happier with this.
    Long live rock and roll!


    • Thank you for making your excellent album available via SoundCloud. It’s a definite gem! I’m forever a big fan now, and I’ll be waiting to hear what’s next!


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