Harley Quinn, Catwoman & Dakota Skye


Catwoman and Harley Quinn in Gotham Girls

This week, someone searched my blog for this: “harley quinn force[s] catwoman into lesbian sex video.” OK, judge me if you must, but, I would love to see that [if done tastefully softcore]! So, I jumped on Google to see what I could find. However, I found only links to hardcore porn websites with a link to my blog via a Harley Quinn tag mixed in. If your search for hardcore porn videos with Harley Quinn and Catwoman [in Walmart-quality costumes] led you to my blog … sorry. There’s no hardcore DC villainess porn here.

However, you can check out these pics of lovely cosplayer WhiteLemon as Harley Quinn



Next, check out WhiteLemon (and a few others) as Catwoman by clicking here. Now, just imagine Mr. J’s little bag of crazy and Gotham City’s feline fatale [in WhiteLemon‘s much higher-quality costumes] together doing, you know, lesbian things. I am. But, is it wrong that my (imaginary) lesbian sex video with Harley Quinn and Catwoman is cast with the same cosplayer playing both characters? I can just imagine them as twin sisters, right? No, wait – that’s even weirder, isn’t it? Well, maybe not. Have you ever seen the Oxide Pang movie Ab-Normal Beauty (2004) in which real-life sisters Race Wong and Rosanne Wong play lesbian lovers? OK, maybe it is a little weird – but, not for my (imaginary) sex video.

Speaking of sex videos …


Jonah (Ian Nelson) and Dakota (Eileen Boylan) in Dakota Skye (2008)

This week, someone also searched my blog for this: “dakota skye our father ending.” Am I the only one who didn’t know that Dakota Skye [click at your own discretion] is an adult film star?! If your search for hardcore porn videos starring adult film star Dakota Skye led you to my blog, but, you found, instead, my post on the 2008 independent romantic comedy Dakota Skye [no discretion necessary] … sorry. There’s no Dakota Skye porn videos here.

However, Dakota (Eileen Boylan) does have sex with her boyfriend Kevin (J.B. Ghuman Jr.) in his car outside the bowling alley at the beginning of Dakota Skye (the movie), and, almost has sex with Jonah (Ian Nelson) in her bedroom near the end. But, that’s probably not what you were looking for. Dakota Skye (the movie), by the way, is my favorite independent film of, like, ever. I think I’ll watch it again!

Now, what was someone looking for with this: “dead girl belly stabbed”?


3 thoughts on “Harley Quinn, Catwoman & Dakota Skye

  1. LooooooL….loved this post! Peeps search for the strangest shit! I would like to see a vid of those two as well. Tentatively titled…”Quinn Pets the Cat” yupppppp!! buaahaaahaaaa

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