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Secuestrados (2011)

Last week, someone searched my blog for this: “dead girl belly stabbed”. I was curious, so I searched YouTube and, surprisingly, found a lot of videos of girls getting belly-stabbed either in clips from foreign and/or low-budget films or in ameteur shorts! Apparently, this is some sort of trend or fetish, and, truth be told, I’m fascinated myself. Last year, I watched a 2010 Spanish thriller called Kidnapped [aka Secuestrados] which is a gritty, realistic and, ultimately, brutal film about three nameless thieves [Guillermo Barrientos, Dritan Biba and Martijn Kuiperthieves] who take a family [Jamie (Fernando Cayo), his wife Marta (Ana Wagener) and their teenage daughter Isa (Manuela Vellés)] hostage in their new home. The head thief takes Jamie to a bank machine to withdraw money while the other two stay behind to watch Marta and Isa. However, the plan goes awry and the night doesn’t end well for our hapless family. In the harrowing climax, Isa watches as the head thief shoots Marta in the head, then Isa’s boyfriend César (Xoel Yáñez) as he tries to run. He calmly walks past Isa, as she drops to her knees, gasping, staring in horror at her dead mother. We think the head thief is getting away, sparing Isa; but, he returns, and, suddenly begins to stab her in the belly with a butcher’s knife, repeatedly, as she screams in pain. The movie ended abruptly, mid-stab; and, I stared, mouth agape, at the screen, as the credits rolled.

Kidnapped, co-written [with Javier García] and directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas, is an unsettling thriller. However, the brutal ending, especially Isa being stabbed, is what really resonated with me and, because of it, I purchased the DVD and recommended the film to friends. Isa’s stabbing is all the more horrifying because it’s an unexpected end to a bleak night of despair in which Isa’s survival was the only hope that remained. However, I must admit that I would not have been so affected by this movie if Isa had survived. So, as it is, I’m left with a twisted fascination with belly stabbings which, probably, represents some sort of misogynistic sexual fantasy seated deep within my psyche.

Guillermo del Toro‘s 2001 Spanish ghost story El Espinazo del Diablo (aka The Devil’s Backbone) also includes an affecting belly stabbing scene. The film, set in Spain during the last days of the Spanish Civil War, is about a haunted orphanage. Jacinto (Eduardo Noriega), the groundskeeper and the film’s hateful villain, finds his fiancée Conchita (Irene Visedo), exhausted, on the road to town. He caused a deadly explosion in an attempt to burn down the orphanage he despises, and she accidentally shot him while trying to stop him. He finds her when returning with his comrades to take the orphanage’s gold. Watch the clip here …

I love this clip because Conchita is not a hapless victim. “Say you’re sorry and get in the car,” he demands. “I’m not scared of you,” she replies. “You’re making me look like a fool,” he tells her. “Say you’re sorry. They’re looking at us,” he reiterates. “I’m not afraid of you,” she repeats, defiantly. He flashes his blade [which is where this clip begins]. He takes her by the neck, and demands, once more, “Say you’re sorry.” She glances at the blade. “You’re an animal,” she snarls, ready for his reprisal. She suffers the pain of the first jab, and, stands strong as he thrusts the blade in deeper. Then, she rests her head gently on her ex-lover’s shoulder, fighting back at death, in vain. It’s a poignant scene, with a feminist declaration amidst a film that is overwhelmingly masculine. However, the scene works better in the context of del Toro‘s atmospheric political horror film, and, in higher definition. Here’s a similar scene from the 2013 Luc Besson-produced English-language French romantic thriller Intersections (aka Collision)

Watch when Frank Grillo first stabs Jaimie Alexander at 1:05 up until he sets her gently on the bench. Is she dying or having an orgasm? You decide. And, do people really die that quickly when they’re stabbed in the belly just once? In Kidnapped, Isa is stabbed a half dozen times and she’s still screaming when the credits roll. In Quentin Tarantino‘s Reservoir Dogs (1992), Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) is shot in the belly during the jewelry heist and spends the entire movie on a warehouse floor spilling enough blood to paint the entire space with two coats until Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) shoots him in the head at the end! In Day of the Dead (1985), Captain Rhodes (Joseph Pilato) is torn in half by zombies and still musters enough strength to shout “Choke on it!” twice before dying! Anyway …

Let’s watch this kind of clever short slasher film (with a single belly stab) called Movie Night (2011) …

We must put a stop to girl-on-girl crime! This film was directed by Michael Adams for The Horror Film Race 2011, an annual horror film festival presented by The Art Institute of Dallas (horrorfilmrace); and, stars Kelsey Higham as Roommate #1, Kristen Breann as Roommate #2 and Ala Quinn as the Killer. My only problem with this cool short is Roommate #2’s last line which is said only to set-up the Killer’s ironic quip, but, it’s delivered all wrong. She says it, with concern, as if they have a problem that can’t be solved: “What are we gonna do?! Oh, no!” She should have said it as if to ask what’s next on the agenda: “So, what are we gonna do now?” However, I like this film regardless, and, Ala Quinn [who, apparently, is a singer/songwriter, too] is adorable …

Finally, let’s watch this bad-ass fight sequence from 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) between Artemisia (Eva Green) and Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) which culminates in a brutal belly stab …

I have not seen this movie nor have I seen 300 (2007). I do not intend to see 300, but, based on the clip above [which I’m sure will be removed eventually] and a wonderful review of the movie by one of this blog’s followers, I just might have to see 300: Rise of an Empire! Wait – are there bad-ass women in 300 as well?


2 thoughts on “Search: “dead girl belly stabbed”

  1. Enjoyed the blog. I too have a fascination with belly stab scenes.
    Watching the blade go inside her. Watching her reaction. When he pulls it out, the relief of the blade being out of her belly, but the realization of what just happened.
    What does it for me, is the thought process of the actors involved. How fun it would be to hold up a knife, fake pf course, to a females belly and push it in while staring into her eyes. Pulling her closer to you in a moment of pure pain and shock. Gasping for breath. Moaning for relief.
    Search belly stab 12. And Bart Track has a few good ones.
    One of the best stab reactions ive ever seen is in one of the new dracula movies 3D from 2012 or 2013. Italian chick gets a sword thru her just below her breast bone. Her face and how she clutches her belly is truly sad. She knows its over. The way the make the blood come out of her is very cool.

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