Harley Quinn on (Short) Film


Batman: Harley Quinn [photograph by beethy]

I love DC villainess Harley Quinn. The character was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for Fox’s Batman: The Animated Series (1992-95), and appeared in the episode “Joker’s Favor” which aired on September 5, 1992. Her origin, as Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel who becomes obsessed with The Joker, was told in the one-shot The Batman Adventures: Mad Love (1994) by Dini and Timm. The comic was later adapted into an episode of The WB’s The New Batman Adventures (1997-99). She has since become one the most beloved villainesses in DC’s Batman universe. But, you all know that.

I fell for Harley Quinn with The New 52 relaunch of Suicide Squad (2011-present). She was completely revamped with a skimpier costume, bleached skin and half-red/half-blue hair. She was sexier and crazier, but, just as charming, too. Currently, Harley Quinn is also appearing in her own ongoing new series (2013-present) written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. The new series isn’t as dark as Suicide Squad, but, it’s a fun read, regardless, and I look forward to each successive issue.

So, yeah, I love DC villainess Harley Quinn. I also love short films. So, let’s watch a few short films about Mr. J‘s little bag of crazy! We’ll start with my favorite film. It’s called Harley Quinn – The Introduction (2013). It was written, directed and edited by Brian Champ Robinson for Imagination Upgraded, and stars aspiring pop/rap artist BOYS LiKE BRiTA!N as Harley Quinn. Watch it here …

“Sometimes, wearing a mask and makeup brings out the real you!”

I love this film because BOYS LiKE BRiTA!N makes a sexy Harley! I love her outfit! The director is hoping to expand this introduction into a web series. Check out the progress right here. I hope he gets this accomplished because it will be awesome, I’m sure! Next, let’s watch my second favorite Harley Quinn short film. It’s called Red Queen “Harley Quinn” Fan Film Episode One: Awakening (2014). The film was created by Sheridyn Fisher and Mechanical Minds Studios; written by Sheridyn Fisher, Kerryn Williams and Daniel Maher; directed by Salim; and, stars Sheridyn Fisher as Harley Quinn. Watch it here …

I love this film because it presents a stylish, very creepy re-imagining of the well-known character. Oh, and, Sheridyn Fisher makes a sexy Harley, too! I love how she skips down the hall at the end. I think this concept could work as a feature film with the very lovely Fisher not as DC’s Harley Quinn in a comic-inspired film, but, as a new Harley-esque slasher in a horror movie. Maybe she’s a psychopath who’s obsessed with the character, and believes that a serial killer currently terrorizing the city is The Joker; so she escapes the asylum she’s in to join him and begins killing to get his attention. Robinson‘s short film takes the top spot because his Harley is more traditional, but Fisher‘s film is a close second with her darker vision. Watch a making-of video for Fisher‘s very cool film right here.

OK, the next two short films are take ’em or leave ’em, but, I love this kind of ameteur stuff, so I take ’em. First up is Harlequin – A Joker Fan Film (2009). This “live action re-imagining of Harley Quinn‘s origin” was written and directed by Cedric Sequerra for ITFProductions; and, stars Milina Di Bartolo as Harley Quinn and Stephane Malka as The Joker. Watch it here …

If you really want to enjoy this film, don’t compare Stephane Malka‘s Joker to Heath Ledger‘s iconic take on the character in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight (2008). The alt-rock song that plays at the end is Change (In the House of Flies) by Deftones [from the album White Pony (2000)]. Next up is Madness Comes in Pairs [A Harley Quinn Fan Film] (2014). This “re-imagining of Harley Quinn‘s origin story” was directed by Emilio Chisholm-Palacios and Mark Hertzler for RiverFront Productions; and, stars Ciera Eis as Harley Quinn and Christian Belmonte as The Joker. Watch the film here …

Call me crazy, but, I like Christian Belmonte‘s Joker in this film. He has a perfect creepy smile. And Ciera Eis‘ transition from Harleen to Harley is well played, too. Both of these films are inspired by Harley‘s origin in the Mad Love graphic novel, but, I would love to see Harley‘s origin in Suicide Squad come to life. I want to see The Joker throw Dr. Harleen Quinzel into the chemical vat, liberating her inner Harley Quinn!


Let’s Play [cosplay by Stephanie van Rijn]

Finally, here’s some links for a few more short films featuring Harley Quinn if you’re interested …

Smile: A Joke of Two Faces (2013). This film was written, directed and edited by Drew Doelp; and, stars Kayt Suppel as Harley Quinn, Peter Kendell as The Joker, and Matt Barbieri as Two-Face.

Harley Quinn: Origins – The Prologue (2014). This film was directed by Peter Georges and stars Lyndsey Fay Macnaught as Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Beau Baker as The Joker. However, Harley Quinn does not make an appearance. It is a prologue for the upcoming Harley Quinn: Origins. Watch that film’s teaser trailer here.

Harlequin (2013). This film was directed by Tara Alexis and stars Leah Vonn, but, it has nothing to do with Harley Quinn. It’s about a girl who paints her face and goes on a crime spree (sort of). Close enough.

Batman Series: The Asylum (2013-14). This web series was produced by Infinite Films by MC [Michael Pulido, Charles Perez and Lisseth Pulido] and features many of the characters from the Batman universe (mostly villains, including Harley Quinn). Watch the episodes here: Episode 1 (2013), Episode 2 (2013), Episode 3 (2013), Episode 4 (2013), and Episode 5 (2014). Lisseth Pulido is sooooo adorable!!! Watch her in this Q&A here. And, watch her (with husband Michael and Charles) in Life.After (2014), a non-Batman short film with a cruel twist. I love these guys (and girl)! Their films are very cheap and ameteurish, but, their passion and enthusiasm more than make up for a lack of funding!


Charles, Lisseth, Michael

They’re photographers, too. Where was I? Oh right – Harley Quinn short films. That’s all!


Harley Quinn [photograph by MrAdamJay]


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