Z1 by kittyspit


Z1 by kittyspit [model: RockFairy]


Z1,2 by kittyspit [model: RockFairy]

I found these photos on deviantART while randomly searching for “zombie girls.” I love deviantART and, every now and then, I’ll do a random search like that. These two were taken by kittyspit. I was immediately drawn to the top photo. The model (RockFairy) is gorgeous, even all bloodied up like that. But, I thought she was a battle-worn zombie hunter on the lookout, and I imagined a whole lot of scenarios with this bad-ass character. Then, I saw the second photo and realized that she’s not a zombie hunter, but, a zombie. So I imagined more scenarios with that horrifying character. Either way they’re very cool photos.


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