Twigglet & SECRETS

First, meet Twigglet. She is an artist, model, and aspiring singer, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Check out her deviantART page [Twigglet20] or her Facebook page [TwiggletOfficial] for lovely photos, like these …


Still of the night by Twigglet20


Patrol / SS2 by Twigglet20

Next, watch this video for the song “Somewhere In Hiding” by metalcore band SECRETS

Does the girl in this video look familiar? Yep, it’s Twigglet. I followed the link from her deviantART page. I really like this song which is weird because I prefer female-fronted metalcore bands like In This Moment, Eyes Set To Kill or Butcher Babies. I liked it enough to download the album it’s from, the band’s debut The Ascent (2012), and, I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

SECRETS plays typical metalcore [or post-hardcore if you like] with both clean and unclean vocals courtesy, on The Ascent, of Richard Rogers (clean) and Xander Bourgeois (unclean), and, hooks to spare. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally. In “Somewhere In Hiding”, they sing: “Take back, take back my heart / I don’t mind (heart, I don’t mind) /’Cause if you’re not mine / I see no point in even having one.” In “The Hardest Part” [my favorite track!], they sing: “This heart is yours (it will only beat for you) / My body, too (my life for you) /You’re the only one I’ll be kissin’ / You’re the only one I’ll be missin’.” But, sometimes, it’s not about love at all. In “The Heartless Part”, they sing: “Embarrassed and destroyed / Your heart is my favorite toy / It won’t be beating tomorrow / I’ll watch you burn bitch!” I love this line from the same song: “Love is not a war – it’s a goddamn massacre!” In “Blindside” [my second favorite track!], Xander growls: “How the fuck do you still have friends? / You can lie, to yourself, like it’s fine / But now you’re dead, you’re dead to me!” Sorry, no hearts mentioned in that last song.

SECRETS went through a line-up change, switching out Xander Bourgeois for Aaron Melzer on unclean vocals, then released Fragile Figures (2013). The follow-up offers more of the same, but, that’s a good thing. In fact, I think I like this album even more than the debut. “Ready For Repair”, the first single, is a cool song about wanting to start over: “Take me back to where we started / Let’s erase every memory and make it so we never existed.” And, it’s back to hearts on “Maybe Next May” [my favorite track on this album]: “This heart is yours so take it as you please / But if you walk away, remember / I need that heart to breathe.” Well, I think he needs lungs to breathe, but, whatever. In “Forever and Never” [my second favorite track!], Aaron delivers my favorite line: “You always looked better lying on your back / Than you did lying to my face.” Other good tracks are “Fragile Figures” and “Live Together, Die Alone”. However, the album closes with my third favorite track, “Sleep Well, Darling”, a surprisingly tender (mostly) acoustic ballad. Richard sings: “Who said love should be this hard / Who said hearts should break apart? / I know, maybe I should mend this / Pull out the glue, maybe I can fix this.” More hearts? I know, right.

OK, back to Twigglet for a minute. She also appeared in the video for the song “High” by upcoming pop/rap artist Friday Sydell. Her music is not really my thing, but, it’s not bad, and she’s a very sexy woman …


Friday Sydell

Watch the video for Friday Sydell‘s “High” [with Twigglet] here. And, watch the video for Friday Sydell‘s latest single “Fever” here. I really like “Fever”, but, her look doesn’t match her style of music. She should do rock. Anyway, here’s one more lovely photo of Twigglet


Darkness by Twigglet20 [photo by destroyinc]


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