Where is Slasher Squad?!


Slasher Squad is an 8 minute, action-horror short film about a team of sexy and deadly women who hunt slasher villains by using themselves as bait. Think of a darker Charlie’s Angels meets Friday the 12th, inspired by the likes of Buffy, Mission: Impossible and even Scooby-Doo.

I would say think of Hack/Slash. This project was written and (would have been) directed by Stuart Campbell and Nathan Stone of double barrel vfx (in Perth, Australia) if the crowdfunding campaign via Pozible was successful. It was not. They raised only A$15,035 of their target of A$27,000. Watch the pledge video here …

Stuart Campbell and Nathan Stone wrote Slasher Squad as a full-length feature script,” but, wanted to make “a short film based on the script’s opening scene.” If I had known this campaign existed, I would definitely have pledged. However, my A$25 [US$24] wouldn’t have pushed them any closer to a successfully funded project. Why do they need A$27,000? Longer “feature quality” short films have been made for less. In fact, fellow Australian filmmaker Maria Tran made the awesome 17-minute “feature quality” short action film Hit Girls (2013) for only US$4,050! So, come on guys – make your movie! I want to see it!



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