BOOST_stayLiving_posters_3_thumbIn 2013, Boost Mobile needed to rebuild their business, and Ad agency The Monkeys developed a campaign:

Boost Mobile’s young audience lives their lives through their phones, and to them lock-in contracts and restrictions mean death. So we turned their battle for freedom, into a battle for mortality. STAY LIVING is both a brand idea and a philosophy. To bring our STAY LIVING philosophy to life, we didn’t want to hold a mirror up to reflect reality, we wanted to wrap it all up in a story that was entertaining and unconventional. We created a series of provocative online zombie films where four kids use their Boost mobiles to stay connected and stave off the brain-dead corporate zombies they don’t want to become, and ultimately STAY LIVING. With the popularity of the genre, the metaphor of Boost Mobile’s prepaid plans helping you to stand against a world of zombies just made sense.”

Across four short films, The Monkeys used “action, zombies, sex, and hot pants” to keep the consumers engaged. The uncensored short films were cut into censored versions (for the squeamish and under 18), as well as into 15 and 30 second TV spots which aired throughout Australia. All the films and TV spots were shared on the YouTube channel AUSBOOST, while the full campaign, like a zombie plague, was widely spread via social networking sites (such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and other promotions. In addition, YouTube celebrities (including Kimmi Smiles and Louna Maroun) were recruited to star as zombies in the films.


The campaign was a success. Boost Mobile‘s sales in Australia were, well, boosted. The campaign, however, would not have been as successful, I’m sure, if those four short films sucked. They didn’t. In fact, they’re amazing and amazingly well done all thanks to director Matt Devine of The Glue Society (Revolver). The films, together, are like the best zombie web series that never was. “ACTION, ZOMBIES, SEX, and HOT PANTS!” How can you argue with that? My only problem with the whole concept is that I’m left wondering if any cell phone services would even still be active in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Whatever. Just watch the films here …

I love Saff & Jen’s film [above]! Saff is a sexy lesbian in leather hot pants and rollerskates bustin’ zombie heads with a cricket bat to make a grocery store safe to shop in for her cute blonde girlfriend Jen in Daisy Dukes. Awesome! Saff scouting the store for zombies reminds me of The Punks’ Vance scouting the subway for The Warriors in 1979’s cult film The Warriors.

AMAZING!! All of ’em [especially Saff & Jen’s film]! I want to see more short films or a feature film to fill out the back stories of these characters! And I want to know who the actress is that plays Saff! Anyway, as a bonus, watch the STAY LIVING case study here.


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