The Porcelain Doll Collection


Porcelain_Doll_Collection_Cover_01The Porcelain Doll Collection (TPDC) is a riot grrrl punk band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in late 2012. They are Alayna Brooke (vocals, guitar), Lauren C Reyna (guitar, vocals), Zoë Kissel (drums, vocals), and Dylan Kissel (bass, vocals). TPDC sounds like Courtney Love fronting Bikini Kill with the ghost of Kurt Cobain sitting in. They were initially inspired by “earlier punk groups such as Bikini Kill, The Runaways, and The Cramps“, and they are “heavily influenced by the ideals of the RIOT GRRRL movement.” The title track on TPDC‘s debut EP Grade One (2014) is, in fact, a feminist call to arms: “I’ll play my music, you play yours / But I’m sick of you callin’ us bitches and whores / We’re not much for violence but we will use force / Callin’ up the army ’cause we’re goin’ to war.” Alayna snarls those vocals with the best female punk rock voice I’ve heard since Blackey Deathproof of New York’s Midnight Mob. Her voice is Brody Dalle-esque [even Danzig-like in the 2nd verse of “Grade One”] when she snarls, and powerful enough to grab you by the throat and make you listen to her words, her message. She talks tough and she ain’t takin’ shit. In hardcore “Riot Queen”, Alayna warns: “I brought the thunder / You brought the rain / You brought the problems / I’ll bring the pain!” I love that song, although “Grade One” is easily my most played song of the day! TPDC pays tribute to The Cramps with a bad-ass cover of their B-movie horror classic “Human Fly”, which originally appeared on that late great band’s debut EP Gravest Hits (1979). TPDC‘s debut is rounded out with the grungy “Jill the Ripper”. Grade One is an awesome EP, but it’s just too damn short! If TPDC‘s “goin’ to war”, they’re gonna need some more ammunition, like a full album’s worth!


But, wait – there is more! You can download for free, at ReverbNation, a dozen of the band’s demos! My favorites are the ballad “Love Me Sober” [with accordion courtesy of Zoë] and the punky feminist anthem “How They Protest”. In addition, you can also check out The Doll House which is “a live acoustic web show hosted by TPDC featuring new music and exciting guests every other Thursday of the month.” It’s like Wayne’s World for punks with 3 very lovely girls and 1 [handsome?] dude. Something for everyone, I guess.

Watch the official video for “Grade One” [with lots of great photos] here …

Watch TPDC perform “Riot Queen” at rehearsal …

Oh, and check out TPDC‘s cover of Bikini Kill‘s “Rebel Girl” performed live here …

I would love to hear that song in higher quality, or recorded in the studio! TPDC also gives a shout out to Bikini Kill‘s frontwoman and riot grrrl pioneer in “Grade One” with the lines: “Her name is Kathleen / She’s not a slut / She’s not a retard / I’ll tell you what …” Damn! I need to re-watch Sini Anderson‘s wonderful 2013 documentary The Punk Singer about the amazing Kathleen Hannah so I can finish the post I started a few months ago! Anyway, go buy TPDC‘s EP Grade One, then, go to the band’s website and enjoy all the video extras!


TPDC is my new favorite band of the week!


2 thoughts on “The Porcelain Doll Collection

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  2. Yo, this was a cool find! I’m glad you enjoyed our music!
    But inevitably, we are no more. Most of our content is pulled off, and all four members are in other bands.
    Keep on rocking out though man \m/

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