Sugar, Lagom & Madeleine Martin


Swedish actress Madeleine Martin

Last night (8/21), I watched another episode of NBC’s Swedish sitcom Welcome to Sweden featuring lovely Swedish actress Madeleine Martin. In this episode [#7: “Homesick/Lagom”], American celebrity Amy Poehler (Amy Poehler) asks her former celebrity accountant Bruce (Amy‘s brother Greg Poehler) to return to New York to help her with some tax problems, but, he refuses. So, Amy sends American celebrity Aubrey Plaza (Aubrey Plaza) to Sweden to stalk Bruce in an attempt to convince him to return. Bruce decides that he needs to attract Swedish celebrities as clients, such as author Björn Ranelid and former ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus.

Frustrated after his meeting with Björn Ulvaeus and fearing that he’s becoming too Swedish, Bruce stops at the café where the counter girl (Madeleine Martin), still not recognizing him as a regular patron, tells him that he looks very Swedish. He orders coffee, black, with three sugars. She scoffs, telling him that, in Sweden, they have something called lagom, “like it’s not too much, it’s not too little.” Bruce defiantly demands ten sugars, then goes on a rant about taking risks as he empties all of the packets into his cup. The girl chuckles as Bruce tastes his beverage, hiding his grimace so as not to give her the satisfaction. “That’s delicious,” he tells her.

All in all, “Homesick/Lagom” was another fine episode of a very funny series that is definitely one of my favorites this summer. I love guest star Aubrey Plaza‘s deadpan-style as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, but, it’s fun to see her playing herself on Welcome to Sweden even if she is playing a fictionalized version of herself. She was actually herself on Jane Lynch‘s Hollywood Game Night last summer. Anway, Welcome to Sweden is a wonderful show, and Madeleine Martin‘s “girl in café” is, once again, a delightful bonus.


Madeleine Martin in Avicii‘s “Addicted To You”

Madeleine Martin was born August 20, 1991, in Gothenburg, Sweden; and, at 23, she is but a pup. Madeleine‘s older brother, Philip Martin, is also an actor. Her resume, as mentioned in my previous post, includes roles in the films Easy Money II: Hard to Kill (2012) and Easy Money III: Life Deluxe (2013), and, the music video for Swedish DJ Avicii‘s single “Addicted to You” (2013). However, I think she needs her own TV show, so …

I’m pitching a new sitcom for NBC (or Sweden’s TV4). It’s not really a spin-off of Welcome to Sweden, but, more of a re-imagining of the “girl in café” character. I’ll call it Molly and Maja. Swedish Madeleine Martin stars as Molly, a 20-something single girl and aspiring actress, making a new life for herself in Stockholm. She works in a café where her blasé attitude, and, sometimes, unwittingly sarcastic asides irk and occasionally charm the regular patrons whom she never remembers. Maja (played by Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds) is Molly’s co-worker and friend. She is a single mother making ends meet, and a recently-outed lesbian who is constantly hitting on Molly. Each week, Molly and Maja struggle with customers, life and love. Maja lovingly refers to Molly as The Molligator since she chews up men like chum, prompting Maja to continually try to convince Molly to be with her. Making it in the big city, Molly learns, is difficult, but, with Maja, she always finds her way. It’ll be like 2 Broke Girls by way of Sex and the City. Yeah, I’d watch that show if only just to see Madeleine Martin‘s adorable grins on a weekly basis.

“No One Sleeps When I’m Awake” by The Sounds will be the show’s theme song. Watch the video here …

Why that song [from the band’s 3rd album Crossing the Rubicon (2009)]? Well, first – I love it! Second, singer Maja Ivarsson will be playing Maja. Finally, the line “You know it hurts so bad just like I knew it would / But I’d do it again, do it again if I could” is a perfect mantra for Molly and Maja’s outlook on the life lessons they’ll learn and ignore in each episode. I chose the name “Molly”, by the way, because it’s #9 on the 2012 Most Popular Names for Girls in Sweden list. Plus, “The Molligator” is an adorable nickname, for an adorable character. “Maja” [which is pronounced “Maya”] is #5 on that same list of names.

My previous post on Madeleine Martin has been viewed quite a bit, and my blog has been searched numerous times for different combinations of “Madeliene Martin”, “Sweden”, “Swedish” and/or “Welcome To Sweden”, which led me to wonder if some were actually searching for the American Madeleine Martin [from Californication and Hemlock Grove] thinking she’s appearing on Welcome to Sweden. However, last night, the views spiked right after the show aired – so, apparently, I’m not the only one smitten with this very lovely Swedish actress! Now, I must seek out her movies. I can dive into Easy Money II without having seen Easy Money, right?


Swedish actress Madeleine Martin (2013)


3 thoughts on “Sugar, Lagom & Madeleine Martin

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  2. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for these posts about Madeleine Martin. Yes, I’ve found thig blog because I’m so amazed by her that I had to know if I could watch her in another show/movie. Yes, she’s [sooooo very] adorable. I first saw her on Avicii’s Addicted To You, but I’m definitely giving Welcome to Sweden a chance, it sounds great.

    And… If I were a producer, I’d hire you to make the first season of Molly and Maja, I loved the idea!

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