Scarlet Salem as “Lin Chow”


Don’t let her looks fool you; she’s as beautiful as she is deadly. Raised by the mercenary Dmitri, Yelena Yurkovich [aka Lin Chow] has been around death and corruption all of her life. It has been said that her real parents were killed at the hands of Dmitri himself when Yelena’s mother chose her father over Dmitri.

I mentioned scream queen Sarah French (aka Scarlet Salem) in my previous post, but, until I read about Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter, I had never heard of her. I didn’t want that film to be my first time with that lovely actress, so I started looking into some of the other wonderfully bad films on her extensive resume via their delightful trailers. One film called Opposite Blood stood out. The trailer presented a low-budget mix of Hong Hong-inspired martial arts and heroic bloodshed films, like Bruce Lee meets John Woo by way of Southeast Asia.

Opposite Blood was written, directed, produced and stars Billy Xiong, a Laotian refugee turned filmmaker. The film is “about a corrupted family partnership that leads to two brothers on opposite sides.” According to IMDb, Opposite Blood was released in 2012, which leads me, once again, to wonder why I can’t find this movie to watch it! I think, soon, I’ll have to create a new category on this blog called “Movies I’ll Love But Haven’t Seen (Yet)”. Anyway, watch the trailer for Opposite Blood here …

“Your time’s up,” Sarah French (aka Scarlet Salem) warns before firing her silenced Glock 9mm. She plays Russian assassin Yelena Yurkovich whose alias is Lin Chow. I’m imagining the disappointment of her targets before they die when they realize that Lin Chow is not Asian. It must be kind of like Jerry Seinfeld‘s disappointment in “The Chinese Woman” episode of his NBC sitcom Seinfeld (1989-98), where he meets Donna Chang (Angela Dohrmann), whom he previously talked to on the phone, and learns that she’s not Chinese and that her name was shortened from Changstein! Sarah French as “Lin Chow” is but one of only two females in the main and supporting cast of Opposite Blood‘s testosterone-fueled action-fest. The other is the lovely Christina Xiong as “Brenda” …




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