Invasion of the Undead!


When beautiful college grad Allison encounters a bizarre creature in the bathroom of her newly-inherited mansion, she reluctantly enlists the aid of Desmond and Jake, two self-proclaimed paranormal exterminators. Unfortunately for her, Desmond and Jake, who both work at a grocery store for their day jobs, are not the most competent bunch, and when a terrifying extra-dimensional evil from the mansion’s past reveals itself the trio are soon fighting not only for their own lives but for the fate of the entire world as well.

Invasion of the Undead! is “a feature-length ’80s-style comedy/horror film- think Big Trouble in Little China meets The Evil Dead!” The film, currently in post-production [for release in October 2014?] was written and directed by Torey Haas for MonsterBuster Entertainment (an independent Atlanta-based production company), and stars Marie Barker, Greg Garrison and Dylan Schettina. Invasion of the Undead! was partially financed via indiegogo. I’m really excited about this one! Watch the teaser trailer here …



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