Kimmy Saracino in “Think. Feel. Become.”


Kimmy Saracino in Think. Feel. Become.

A young businesswoman finds her stress levels tearing at her mental health.Through her dream of escape, she sees that there might be a way out.

Evan Zissimopulos over at EZG Productions brought to my attention his latest collaboration with lovely actress Kimberly Saracino, whom I had gushed about in a previous post. So, here’s Think. Feel. Become. (2014) …

First… Kimmy Saracino is amazingly beautiful, and such a talented young actress. I’ll watch her in anything. Think. Feel. Become., I’m guessing, ties into her blog Think. Feel. Become. where she posts about “the latest workout trends, gear, health foods, and other inspiring things that make us all smile!” Check it out.

Second… What an amazing video! The images, the music, the uplifting message – everything about this collaboration is absolutely wonderful. I’m inspired. Honestly. All the stress in my life, lately, seems to be crashing down on me all at once. I need relief. A friend, at work, suggested that I take a yoga class. I scoffed. I lift weights. I don’t do yoga. I thought he was joking; but, he was serious because, a few days later, he brought his friend over to my desk. She takes a yoga class which, apparently, is offered at my work. She said yoga offers many benefits, other than just stress relief (such as soothing my aging, aching joints to ease the pain that is affecting my workouts). I said I’d consider the idea. However, this video might just be the catalyst I need to push myself into signing up for that class. So, thank you, Kimmy Saracino and Evan Zissimopulos, for such an incredibly inspiring video!

Oh, by the way, the delightfully heart-warming song is We Won’t stop Dreaming by Pinkzebra (featuring Benji Jackson). Pinkzebra is “a composer/producer who sells royalty-free music exclusively at, and music for personal listening on iTunes.” I have since downloaded the song from iTunes, and can’t stop listening to it! I love this song’s bridge …

Standing at the crossroads
Feeling how the wind blows
We can soar above the clouds
Every moment is a heartbeat
Every breath feeling so sweet
Who can say what happens now

Beautiful. Thanks, Pinkzebra and Benji Jackson.


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