Tamsin L. Silver’s “Skye of the Damned”


Skye MacKenna has been on the run most of her life. Different names. Different cities. Now she will face those who hunted her by taking the battle to them, back to where it all began — New York City. Currently it is run by the vampires, with the FAE nipping at their heals for control. Once on the inside of the political upheaval, can Skye discover who killed her family before they find and eliminate her?

Skye of the Damned is a sexy urban fantasy web series created, written and directed by Tamsin L. Silver and produced by VampireFreaks in association with Small Town Pictures. Tamsin L. Silver is an independent sci-fi/fantasy author who currently lives in NYC, and VampireFreaks is an online community for the gothic–industrial subcultures. The series stars Lauren Steinmeyer (as Skye MacKenna), Matt Cullen (as Nicolai Jordan), Briana Redmount (as Joelle Meadows), Kelly Driscoll (as Amara Raine), Josh Fielden (as Kyle Lawson), Sara Hogrefe (as DJ Phaedra), Kara Addington (as Madison Park), and Andrew Rogers (as Silas Winters). Skye of the Damned isn’t quite as polished as the previous web series I posted about, nor is it ground-breaking in its genre. However, the series is still deliciously entertaining thanks to a talented writer and a very attractive young cast of future stars and starlets. Of course, my favorite cast member is obvious …


Skye MacKenna (Lauren Steinmeyer) in Skye of the Damned

Black hair. Gothic [or punk]. Dark beauty just kills me. Lauren Steinmeyer is my new new favorite young actress of the week – but, I’m still lovin’ Dani Lennon from Bite Me, too! Anyway, Skye of the Damned is recommended if you like urban fantasy TV series like HBO’s True Blood (2008-present), Syfy’s Lost Girl (2012-present) and Bitten (2014-present), MTV’s Teen Wolf (2011-present), etc. Skye‘s hook is the goth-industrial scene as a backdrop.


SkyeOfTheDamned_Photo_02Episode 01: Back to the Start [13:20]. Skye MacKenna is told by her stepfather, recovering in a hospital after a car accident, that she has to leave town. He tells her that her mother was murdered and that the people responsible are coming for Skye. Then, he dies suddenly. Skye relocates to NYC to find answers and plan her revenge. She takes a room in Joelle Meadows’ apartment. Joelle’s friend DJ Phaedra invites Skye to a local goth/industrial club later that night… The action sequences [Skye tussling with Finn Malloy (Mark Rosenthal) in the stairwell of the hospital, and Alarica Gage (Sarah Murdoch) kicking two thugs’ asses on the sidewalk] are well done despite the apparent budget constraints. Oh, and I love that Skye’s cat’s name is Miss Harley Quinn!

Episode 02: Welcome to My City [12:18]. Skye goes to the goth/industrial club with Joelle and Phaedra and learns that the scene and the city are ruled by vampires, like club owners King Xavier Keenan (Sir William Welles) and Prince Cillian Black (Jet Berelson). Madison Park, Skye’s best friend from college who arranged for her to stay with Joelle, introduces Skye to her ex-boyfriend Silas Winters, a vampire as well. Skye also meets Kyle Lawson and Nicolai Jordan, who are worried about their roommate Jillian Murphy (Christa Sparks) who has gone missing; and Silas’ snarky, jealous vampire girlfriend Amara… Best line: “Of course we tried her cell phone, Strawberry Shortcake,” Amara snarls at red-headed Madison, after she asks a question with an obvious answer. Jet Berelson, by the way, is the creator and founder of VampireFreaks; while Sir William Welles is the founder of New Goth City, a website that informs users of goth/industrial events.

Episode 03: The FAE [13:08]. King Xavier has been murdered. Skye, Nicolai, Kyle [part FAE, part witch, Madison’s half-brother], Silas, Amara, Joelle, Madison, Phaedra, and Shana Dune (Audrey Hayner) are being detained at the club. Soon, FAE detectives Dorian Steele (Tyler Jakes) and Grant Carter (Christopher LaCour) arrive, followed by vampire detectives Brooke Delaney (Rachel Grundy) and Ethan Vale (Cedric Jones). The FAE keep the vampires in check and vice versa. They learn, from security video, that Skye was the last one to see King Xavier alive when she went back to his office to talk about a job. Now, Skye is a suspect in the murder investigation… Best lines: “What is this? Good cop, bad cop?” Amara wonders, in regards to Det. Steele and Det. Carter’s tactics. “More like: hot cop, bald cop,” Nicolai quips. “Hey, this is a choice!” Carter defends, pointing to his bald head. The Evanescence-esque song that plays over the closing credits is “Wannabe” by female-fronted alternative rock band Tattermask, from Charlotte, NC. The song appears on the album After the Storm… (2011).

Episodes 01-03 are available to view online for free, but, episodes 04-05 are only offered via Vimeo On Demand. If, like me, you’ve watched and loved the first 3 episodes, then I’m sure, like me, you won’t mind renting or buying the next 2 episodes. Hopefully, you’ll be financing future episodes.

Episode 04: Jillian [15:53]. “Skye MacKenna finds herself the prime suspect for the murder of New York City’s Vampire King. Meanwhile another body has been found in connection to the King’s murder, and FAE Detectives Carter (Christopher LaCour) and Steele (Tyler Jakes) must put aside their differences with Vampire Detectives Delaney (Rachel Grundy) and Vale (Cedric Jones) in order to begin solving this double homicide case.” I like their synopsis better, but… The interrogations continue in the murders of both King Xavier and Jillian Murphy. Skye shares her story with “hot cop” Det. Reese. I love their playful flirting. I love, too, how she describes some of her new friends: “Madison’s friend… Pretty gay boy? Nicolai! Yeah, he and the dark-haired bitch [Amara] …” Lauren Steinmeyer is, undeniably, the most talented thespian in this ensemble cast; but, the others’ ameteur-ish skills are certainly charming, too. Sure, that’s kind of a back-handed compliment, but, it’s a compliment nonetheless. Oh, and I want to see more of Alarica Gage [who makes a brief appearance in the end]!

Episode 05: Wake [15:35]. “Skye MacKenna along with friends Madison, Kyle, Silas, Phaedra and Shana, attend Jillian’s wake, where Skye is introduced to both sides of New York City’s royality… the Vampires and the FAE. Jillian’s mother, Violet Murphy (Melissa Silver) confronts the Vampires for not protecting her daughter from being murdered, and sets a brawl into motion. Once again, Skye finds herself in the middle of a battle between the Vampires and the FAE, and she quickly learns what she is truly capable of, and meets a new ally along the way.” This episode is chock full of background on the FAE and vampire royalty and their combustible relationship. Don’t miss it. Skye, at last, gets to kick some ass and impresses a new friend, FAE Hayden Fletcher (Philip De La Cal). The wake brawl is interrupted by Declan Sinclair (Hunter Thore), Deputy Chief of the Vampire & FAE Security Department (VFSD), who freezes time. Very cool. Alarica Gage introduces herself and her brother Alexie (Sam Ogilvie) to Skye. She tells Skye that their mistress Unseelie Queen Danae (Leanna Renee Hieber), impressed by Skye’s fighting skills, wants to have a word with her.

Favorite lines #1: “Nicolai plans to put his in an urn necklace,” Kyle tells Madison in regards to Jillian’s ashes. “No way! I adored her, but I am not wearing her!”

Favorite lines #2: “What happened to Amara [the dark-haired bitch]?” Madison wonders at the wake. “She’s having a bad reaction from that black light pill [which allows vampires to be in the sun] she took,” Silas informs her. “Oh, that’s too bad,” Madison replies sarcastically, as Skye chuckles.

Watch how Kyle’s hair changes on the subway from dry, unkempt and hanging down both sides of his face to wet and combed back. Then, at the funeral, it’s back to his usual – parted on the right and hanging over the left side of his face. That must be one of his witchy FAE powers. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next episode!


The very attractive young cast of Skye of the Damned


6 thoughts on “Tamsin L. Silver’s “Skye of the Damned”

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  3. Hello!

    So happy you enjoy the show! Thank you for doing such a detailed review of the episodes! If at any point you’d like to do an interview with Lauren and/or myself, please let me know…and if you are at New York Comic Con, stop by and say hello…we’ll be at the VampireFreaks booth.

    Best, Tamsin 🙂

    P.S. Episode Six looks to be out in October, by the way.

    • Thanks, Tamsin. I’d love to do an interview with you and/or Lauren (at some point). I might get all awkward like Chris Farley in those old SNL sketches, but, I can’t pass up the opportunity to talk to the writer and star of such a cool web series. So, thanks for the offer. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to take you up on it. And, I’m looking forward to watching episode six! Chris.

      • Chris,

        GREAT! With Episode 6 coming out on Halloween, we’d love for the posting of the interview to coincide with the release, if possible. Lauren and I can conference call in with you OR if you live in the city, we could meet up. Either way is fine. You have my email (I have to list it to leave a comment) so go ahead and email me and let’s set this up if you are available to do so. If you have to wait until November, that’s fine, but it’ll be harder for me due to National Novel Writers Month (www.nanowrimo.org).

        I’ll also talk to my DP/Editor about getting you a copy of Ep. 6 early to preview (it may not be the final cut, but it would be darn close) so that you can reference the episode during the interview if you wish. You’ll just have to wait to release the interview on your blog until the episode is live.

        I look forward to hearing back from you! This will be fun! Lauren and I are best friends so the interview will be entertaining, to say the least. 🙂

        Oh, and I’ve seen the super rough cut of Ep. 6…it’s both dialogue and character building heavy, on purpose. Each character gets the opportunity for you, the viewer, to see more about them and we begin the build up to Ep. 7…which will be the Season One Finale.

        Talk soon!


        Tamsin 🙂

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