Hello, Kitties!


Punk Rock Hello Kitty

This post is not about the white kitty with a pink bow groomed by Japanese company Sanrio into a global marketing phenomenon worth $5 billion a year. No, this post is about 3 very different punk bands who all share the word “kitty” in their names: Goodbye Kitty K, Hear Kitty Kitty, and Here Kitty Kitty. Pretty clever, huh?

First, here’s Goodbye Kitty K


Goodbye Kitty K

Goodbye Kitty K is a female-fronted punk band from Copenhagen, Denmark, who deliver “a raw sound called Scrap Rock!!” Goodbye Kitty K is Kat van Ville (vox, tambourine & lyrics), Hick Corea (guitar), Hoff (bass), and Kat‘s brother Wolfman (cowbell & drums). They sound like Patti Smith fronting The Stooges playing 70s-era Black Sabbath. Look at the photo above – Kat even looks a little like the “Godmother of Punk.” No, wait – maybe she looks more like Chrissie Hynde (of The Pretenders)! She sounds like the 70s New York punk icon [whose “Ask the Angels” is one the era’s best tracks], or as their press says, “part Patti Smith, part Jim Morrison.” These are some of the artists they like: The Stooges, The Runaways, PJ Harvey, Nina Hagen, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Juliette & The Licks, Dead Boys, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, and Ramones.

Goodbye Kitty K‘s debut album Scrapped (2013) caught my attention way back in July, but, other obsessions overwhelmed me until last week when I stumbled upon the next band, and their name sparked my interest, once again, in this band. “Mama Said” is a definite favorite. The track’s sludgy doom riffs proudly display the band’s Black Sabbath influence. “Driving Miss Mercy” is another great sludgy track, while “Just Be Around When I Want It” and “Don’t” kick out a 70s punk sound mixed with The Stooges influence. “Boyfriend” is another stand-out track that reminds me of Oingo Boingo with more guitars and a female Danny Elfman. “1 2 3 You & Me”, a smoldering ballad with a kind of 50s groove that ignites in the last minute, closes out this excellent album.

Watch the official video for “2 Steps from Mars” here …

Next, here’s Hear Kitty Kitty


Hear Kitty Kitty

Hear Kitty Kitty is a female-fronted pop/punk band from Los Angeles, CA, who combine “East Coast grit w/ LA glam.” Hear Kitty Kitty is, currently, Nikita “Kitty” La Tijera (lead vox, rhythm guitar), Cordell Crockett [aka Jonny Kat, ex-Ugly Kid Joe] (lead guitar, vox, bass), “Swiss drummer” Carlo Ribaux (drums), and “lovely” Leah Provencher (bass). They are, their press says, “the sexy Hollywood answer to bands like The Distillers and Hole,” but, I say Hear Kitty Kitty sounds more like The Go-Go’s meet The Runaways. The band delivers unashamed pop hooks with punk style and alternative rock power. These are some of their influences: The Distillers, Rancid, Joan Jett, Green Day, Hole, Pat Benatar, Blink 182, AC/DC, and Danzig.

Hear Kitty Kitty‘s self-released debut album, Tails From the Alley (2009), featured guest appearances from Gina Schock (The Go-Go’s) and Sunset Strip impresario Kim Fowley (The Runaways), as well as Tommy Stinson (The Replacements/Guns N’ Roses) and others. I don’t know who contributed what, but, I’d have to guess that Gina Shock had a hand in the awesome Go-Go’s-esque track “Play That Song”. Tails From the Alley is stocked with addictive girl-punk like “Moody”, “Everything”, “Waiting”, “On My Mind”; and, harder-edged alt-rock like “Find My Own” and “Catfight”. In fact, there’s not a single bad track to be found. However, “Over” is a favorite with its vindictive twist on Kelly Clarkson‘s hit: “Since you’ve been gone / Every time I think of us / It makes me sick, you dick.” Oh, and “Til the Moon Turns Blue” is an excellent ballad, too! A fantastic debut!

Watch the awesome video for “Moody” here …

Wow! Nikita “Kitty” La Tijera looks amazing in that video!! She looks amazing in this photo, too …


Nikita “Kitty” La Tijera

Watch Kitty, with a slightly different incarnation of her band, in this interview. She’s dressed as a sexy Dorothy [from The Wizard of Oz] when her band performed in Kansas. I love her dumbfounded look when she learns that Dorothy had a last name [Gale] in the 1939 movie. Also, check out this sultry live cover of Danzig‘s I’m the One“. Kitty used to be the lead vocalist of a Danzig cover band; and, with Hear Kitty Kitty, she also covers songs by other artists such as The Distillers, The Runaways, and Betty Blowtorch! I so need to see her band live!

Anyway, Hear Kitty Kitty‘s 2nd album, Sacrifice, is, according to the band’s website, “on the way,” and, two singles (with videos) have been released to date: For Better or for Worse and Lift Off (2014). I can’t wait to hear the whole album because… Hear Kitty Kitty is the “right Meow!”

Finally, here’s Here Kitty Kitty


Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty was a mostly all-female pop/punk band from Santa Cruz, CA, who played catchy punk songs with “the simplicity of the Ramones, the angst of The Muffs and the abrasive elements of Sonic Youth.” Here Kitty Kitty was Mikala (vocals/bass), Aricka (vocals/guitar), Gabby (guitar), and Dave (drums).

I stumbled upon this band purely by accident when I typed “here” instead of “hear” as I looked for music by Hear Kitty Kitty on eMusic. Here Kitty Kitty released two albums [Daddy’s Girl (1999) and This Is Broken (2004)] before going stray. I was only able to acquire the latter. It’s good, but, I only included this band mostly just because of their name. However, “Lucy Grey” is a cool track, as is the band’s cover of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts‘ 1981 hit cover of Gary Glitter‘s 1973 hit “Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)”.

Watch the video for “Move On” here …

The bottom line: Hear Kitty Kitty is my new favorite band of the week!


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