Marisha Ray is “Not a Working Girl”


A lovely shot of Marisha Ray

Marisha Ray is “an actor, host, stunt performer, and general all around nerd.” She is also the co-creator and star of the short-lived but wonderfully well-done web series Batgirl: Spoiled. I, of course, just did a post about that series and, while I was doing so, I found this very funny comedy short starring the lovely redhead …

The video is from the web series #WalkOfShame created by Brendan Bradley [who previously created the popular web series Squatters]. #WalkOfShame is a series of short comedy vignettes about the mornings after casual sexual encounters. Watch the entire series, “behind the scenes” videos, and bloopers, at Crit Tick.


A lovely double shot of Marisha Ray

#WalkOfShame reminded me of my favorite song by post-punk veteran Peater Searcy [ex-Squirrl Bait]. It’s called “In the Morning” [from the album Spark (2007)] and, if the web series were a drama, it would be the perfect theme song. Watch the video here …


2 thoughts on “Marisha Ray is “Not a Working Girl”

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