The Adventures of Super7even


Super7even is an international man of mystery and the top agent for T.H.E.M (a secret organization, sworn to battle the world wide forces of evil)! Superseven’s code name is DANGER! His passport… to HELL! Follow the masked, crimson avenger and his lethal, beautiful and reluctant partner, Sandra West (a former agent of T.H.E.M), as they battle villains, femme fatales, monsters, robots, invading aliens, henchmen, assassins and criminal masterminds bent on world domination… And destruction! Spies, babes, action, gadgets and a hefty body count… All in the name of good old fashioned, wholesome spy fun!

The Adventures of Super7even is an award-winning action/comedy web series “created, produced, written, directed, edited and stunt coordinated” by Scott Rhodes. The series “mixes the humor of Get Smart & Batman, with the quirky chemistry of The Avengers, with the intrigue of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., with the action and sex appeal of James Bond and the bizarre world of masked wrestling movies for flavor!” Where has this delightful web series been hiding all my [blog] life?!

Scott Rhodes is “a veteran stuntman, filmmaker, actor and lifelong Spy Genre fan.” His resumé is extensive – just glance at his IMDb page. However, in 2007, he suffered an “injury-related stroke” which left his left arm and leg partially paralyzed. He has been working on Super7even since 2011, and 38 episodes [at 5-15 minutes each] have been produced to date for 60 Second Film School Productions.


The Adventures of Super7even stars Jerry Kokich as Super7even, Olivia Dunkley as Sandra West, Anne Leighton as Sparky, and Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Thunderpussy. Super7even, with his red suit and black mask, is a quirky hero. His monotone voice and virtuous demeanor reminds me of Matt Keeslar‘s The Middleman [from the brilliant but short-lived ABC Family TV series The Middleman (2008)]. Former agent Sandra West is as sexy as she is bad-ass. She’s like The Avengers‘ Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) mixed with Person of Interest‘s Samantha Shaw (Sarah Shahi), with blonde hair. Sparky is Super7even’s adorable mechanic and gadget maker who loves watching classic sci-fi B-movies in her pajamas. She adores Super7even and is envious of Sandra West. Thunderpussy is #2 in the T.H.E.Y organization [T.H.E.Y are T.H.E.M’s nemesis]. She is an evil mastermind, skilled in martial arts. Gonzalez is killed twice as other characters in the first season.


The Adventures of Super7even delivers plenty of spy action, a bevy of beautiful babes, and tons of dark deadpan humor. In the pilot episode, a hot industrial spy meets Super7even in a parking garage. “You’re Super7even?” she wonders, even though he’s wearing his mask. “You wanna see my driver’s license?’ he retorts. Then, the spy is shot from behind and falls into Super7even’s arms. “Don’t look at me,” he tells her. And, that’s just two of my favorite lines from only the first episode! I think it’s funny, too, that every time anyone refers to T.H.E.M or T.H.E.Y, the acronyms are quickly displayed on the screen so as to differentiate the organizations from the pronouns – with a figurative wink. And, the fact that people don’t bleed when they’re shot is retro cool, as is the authentic theme music and the liberal use of stock footage courtesy of various forgotten ‘6os spy films. Oh, and I love how the episodes are credited as being filmed in various different (fictitious) anamorphic lens formats such as Polyvistavision, TohoScop, Real-O-Rama 2D, etc. Great stuff!

So, let’s run through all 38 episodes, in brief …

Pilot – Operation: Triple Cross (9:46). Super7even buys a computer disc from an industrial spy (Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez) in a parking garage, but, she is double-crossed by her partner (Andrew Palmer), a ruthless assassin. Best West scene: Sandra shoots a thug twice, then, as she runs by his body, she shoots him again. Watch the scratchy “Old Looking Version” here.

SEASON 1 (2011)


Sandra West (Olivia Dunkley) in Operation: A Coffin For Sandra West!

Ep 1 – Operation: Trapezoid Conundrum (11:03). Sandra West thwarts a plot by T.H.E.Y to kill Super7even on live TV. Best West scene: Sandra jumps backwards, feet first, as she shoots two T.H.E.Y assassins.

Ep 2 – Operation: Breakdown (9:36). Super7even and Sandra West are both after double agent Mamba (Damion Poitier). Best West scene: Sandra kills Mamba with a stiletto heel. Hot T.H.E.M agent: Elke Winters (Nisa Wong).

Ep 3 – Operation: Four Play, Volume 1 (5:27). Super7even meets Sandra West in a deserted theater. Best West scene: Sandra removes a bull whip from her purse: “Forget about T.H.E.M – let’s talk about us,” she grins.

Ep 4 – Operation: Four Play, Volume 2 (8:58). Super7even and Sandra West are ambushed in a parking garage by Franz Gruber (Kurt Carley) and his wife Francine (Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez), a hit team working for T.H.E.Y. Best West scene: Sandra and Francine engage in a very lengthy fight.

Ep 5 – Operation: Up Close & Personal: Superseven (6:36). An interview with masked spy Super7even.

Ep 6 – Operation: Up Close & Personal: Sandra West (8:02). An interview with sexy spy Sandra West.

Ep 7 – Operation: Red Shark (6:57). Super7even and his mechanic Sparky discuss giving his automobile a name.

Ep 8 – Operation: Prime Time (7:30). Super7even and Sandra West meet with Dick Lively (Glenn Takakjian), a former T.H.E.Y agent turned Hollywood producer. Best West scene: Sandra, in a mini-dress and knee-high boots, struts to her seat in Lively’s office.

Ep 9 – Operation: Get Sandra West! (9:05). T.H.E.Y plots to “get Sandra West!” Best West scene: Sandra walks past a sexy T.H.E.Y assassin Anya (Anna Bazarkina) on the sidewalk and shoots her, from over her shoulder.

Ep 10 – Operation: A Coffin For Sandra West! (8:29). Sandra West is kidnapped by a T.H.E.Y. agent posing as Super7even, while Super7even blows up a T.H.E.Y rocket base via stock footage. Best West scene: Sandra kills a super super sexy T.H.E.Y assassin (Rachel Dale).

Ep 11 – Operation: Death Trap Burbank (8:48). Super7seven meets with double agent The Butterfly (Ashlee Souza) for information on Sandra West. Best non-West line: “What day is it?” The Butterfly asks, as she lay dying. “Tuesday,” Super7even tells her. “Tuesday? My favorite color,” she smiles, then dies.


Sandra West (Olivia Dunkley) in Operation: Diabolical!

Ep 12 – Operation: Diabolical! (8:45). Sandra West is interrogated by T.H.E.Y’s leader Big O (Kurt Carley), Dr. Diabolical (???), and Thunderpussy. I love this (mostly) gloriously B&W episode! Best West scene: “You like hitting girls?’ Sandra asks Leopold (Terry Shane), after he slaps her. “Oh, yes! Very much!” he snickers. “Yeah? You hit like a girl,” she retorts, then kicks him in the balls. Best West line: “Thunderpussy? Named after your mother, no doubt!” Sandra jokes, after meeting T.H.E.Y’s #2. Sandra, henceforth, chuckles whenever she says Thunderpussy’s name throughout the series.

Ep 13 – Operation: Blueprint For Danger! (9:56). T.H.E.Y agents attempt to kidnap Sparky, while Super7even meets with nefarious triple agent, The Fez (Glenn Takakjian). Hot triple agent: Al (Jennifer Kairis).

Ep 14 – Operation: Spy Trap (9:44). Super7even ventures to the Cave of Death to find Sandra West. Best non-West scene: Super7seven fights Thunder…“What you said.” Hot T.H.E.Y agents: Madam Piranha (Rosanna Rizzuto) and Madame Wasabi (Vanessa Suarez).

Ep 15 – Operation: 8 Spies Too Many! (12:49). Super7even rescues Sandra West at the Cave of Death. Best West scene #1: Sandra, high on truth serum, jokingly shouts “Boom!” as Super7even attempts to disarm the bomb underneath the chair she’s tied to. She is so funny in this episode! Best West scene #2: Sandra belly dances during the closing credits.

SEASON 3 (2012)

Ep 16 – The Captive (12:34). A surreal parody of the British TV series The Prisoner (1967-8). Written, directed and choreographed by Jerry Kokich. Guest starring Richard Malmos as “B”,  Michelle Martonick as “T”, Polly Amarice (aka Michelle Martonick) as “D”, Scott Rhodes as “Z”, and The Stilettos (Brooke Pascoe, Kelly Delson, Milena Gardasevic, Krystle Martin). This is the only episode of season 3. Yes, they skipped season 2!

SEASON 4 (2012)


Sandra West (Olivia Dunkley) in Operation: 3… 2… 1… Die!

Ep 17 – Operation: 3… 2… 1… Die! (13:25). T.H.E.Y plots to eliminate Sandra West, Super7even and T.H.E.M with Thunderpussy. Best S7 line: “Invisible assassins – you don’t see those very often.” Hot T.H.E.M agents: Paula Bishop/Agent 38D (Kelly Delson) and Miss Higgins (Sloan De Forest).

Ep 18 – Operation: Body Count (9:57). Super7even meets with sexy T.H.E.M. agent Jessica Logan (Emerald Robinson) at Sparky’s shop. Best West line: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” Sparky says. “Actually, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his sternum,” Sandra grins, then shoots a paper target in the chest. Best non-West lines: “Call T.H.E.M. They‘ll take care of it,” Super7even tells Sparky in regards to agent Logan’s body. “T.H.E.Y? I though you wanted me to call T.H.E.M? T.H.E.Y’re the bad guys.”

Ep 19 – Operation: Permission to Kill (12:09). Super7even and Sandra West steal a magnotometer in Bulgaria and, later, the assassin of T.H.E.M agents is revealed to be Sandra West! Hot T.H.E.M agents: Lexi Savage (Michelle Martonick) and Miss Smithers (Julia Rees).

Ep 20 – Operation: Live to Die Another Day (12:52). Sandra West, under the influence of Dr. Diabolical’s mind control chip, continues to assassinate T.H.E.M agents, while Sparky tries to convince Super7even that Sandra is the assassin. Sexy T.H.E.Y agents: Emma Steel (Krystle Martin) and Natasha Pushimoff (Inga Van Ardenn). I think I am in love with Taekwon-Do champion Inga Van Ardenn. She’s 5’1” of pure bad-ass! Best Natasha line: “Bring me… squirrel, whatever, moose!” she smirks, after not finding the humor in her partner Boris Goodinoff (Joe Foley) telling her to say “Bring me moose and squirrel.”

Ep 21 – Operation: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill! Part Uno (11:02). Super7even sleeps with double agent Sasha Banacek (Milena Gardasevic), who has been contracted to kill him. She likes to refer to herself in third person.


Sandra West (Olivia Dunkley) in Operation: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill! Part Duo

Ep 22 – Operation: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill! Part Duo (10:55). Super7even has dinner with Sasha, but Sandra West foils her attempt to kill him. Montenegro-born Milena Gardasevic is a very beautiful woman! Best West scene: Sandra calls Sasha’s bluff and shoots her under the table. Hot T.H.E.M agent: Angela Rome (Rosanna Rizzuto). Rizzuto is delightful as Rome!

Ep 23 – Operation: Kill or Die Trying (10:49). Super7even request extraction from Greece after an attempt on his life, while T.H.E.M attacks a W.E freighter in retaliation for W.E attacking a T.H.E.M freighter. Rosanna Rizzuto is delightful, again, as Angela Rome.

Ep 24 – Operation: Shaken, Not Stirred (8:43). Sandra West steals the firing mechanism for a death ray gun for T.H.E.Y, while Super7even is given a device that will detect mind control chips. Hot T.H.E.M agent: Dr. Dee Dee Drexler (Crystal Coney). Coney with dorky glasses = adorable!

Ep 25 – Operation: Have Silencer, Will Travel (12:18). Super7even meets, again, with nefarious triple agent The Fez (Glenn Takakjian), while Sandra West confronts Thunderpussy. Hot triple agent: Cleo Moore (Danielle Rayne). Hot hench women for hire: Millie (Melanie Camp) and Sic (Brooke Pascoe). Madame Wasabi (Vanessa Suarez) also returns. Best West scene: Sandra fakes dying after being shot by Madame Wasabi.

Ep 26 – Operation: From T.H.E.Y. With Love (11:56). Thunderpussy sends Sandra West to eliminate Super7even. Sandra West’s great great grandfather “worked with the Secret Service under President Grant” [i.e., Jim West from The Wild Wild West] and her grandmother’s name was Honey [i.e., Honey West from Honey West]. Sexy acting leader of T.H.E.M: Barbara Gordon (Joan Rizza). Barbara Gordon? Dr. Drexler and Jessica Logan return. Sparky’s Sandra envy provides some funny lines: “It’s about half the size of a peanut,” Dr. Drexler says in regards to the mind control chip lodged in Sandra’s cerebral cortex. “What? Her brain?” Sparky mocks.

Ep 27 – Operation: Grand Slam (12:06). Super7even travels to the Island of Doom to rescue Sandra West and recover the death ray firing unit and 20 million dollars worth of diamonds. Best West line: “The rescue helicopter won’t be here for another hour and I’d like to get you south of the border as soon as possible,” Super7even tells Sandra. “I bet you would,” Sandra quips. Awesome season finale surprise: Sandra West is carried off by Dr. Diabolical’s 51-foot tall giant robot ape! However, I need more Thunderpussy!

SEASON 5 (2013)


Sandra West (Olivia Dunkley) in One Shot… One Kill!

Ep 28 – Operation: Heads I Win, Tails You Die! (12:03). Super7even travels to Costa Rica to steal the plans to Element X, while the League Of Assassins puts a price on Sandra West’s head, sending a hit team, Mia Culpa (Jennifer Kairis) and Jasper (Shannon McClung), to kill her. Hot hench woman: Ilsa (Maria Leicy). Rosanna Rizzuto is back as Angel Rome! Oh, and Jennifer Kairis played The Fez’s partner Al in Ep 13.

Ep 29 – Operation: High Tension (14:36). After learning that T.H.E.Y is back in business, Super7even is lured to an apartment where he finds an explosive trap set for him. Hot T.H.E.Y agent: Miss Hashtag (Brynn Bromley). Best scene: Suspecting that her wine has been poisoned, Miss Hashtag takes another sip just to be sure! Oh, and Angela Rome in voice only is just as delightful!

Ep 30 – Operation: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Save Sandra West! (13:38). Thunderpussy sends assassin Boris (Joe Foley) after Super7even, while assassin Natasha (Inga Van Ardenn) challenges Sandra West for $20,000 in cash. Best West scene: Sandra fights Natasha, but, the pre-fight dialogue between the two is hysterical! Sandra, like Boris in Ep 20, tells her to say “Bring me moose and squirrel,” but, Natasha still doesn’t think it’s funny. However… Best line: “A private party,” Natasha responds to Sandra who jokingly wonders if anyone else is invited to the showdown. “You …” she says, pointing at herself, “… and I,” she adds, pointing at Sandra. Have I mentioned that I’m in love with scrappy Inga Van Ardenn? I think I’m in love with Rosanna Rizzuto and Milena Gardasevic, too! Sadly, Angela is not in this episode and Sasha is dead, but, Ilsa (Maria Leicy) is back!

Ep 31 – Operazione: Video Musicale (9:30). “A fun and silly musical romp with the Superseven gang.”

Ep 31 1/2 – Operation: Superseven a Go Go! (2:08). Another music video. This groovy instro is my favorite!

Ep 32 – Operation: Next Episode (15:19). Super7even considers the possibility of eliminating Sandra West; while Hope Springs (Rachel Farrow), a member of The League of Assassins, attempts to blow Sandra up. I was hoping Thuderpussy, while scolding assassin Natasha, would tell her to say “Bring me moose and squirrel.” She didn’t. Angela Rome’s lovely voice is back, as are the bickering assassins Milli (Melanie Camp) and Sic (Brooke Pascoe).

Ep 33 – Operation: One Shot… One Kill! (10:52). Super7even receives a secret tape from The Fez (Glenn Takakjian) and deciphers a coded message, while Sandra West meets with Sandra Lustenberg (Nisa Wong), a member of The League of Assassins, and plays deadly game for $50,000 in cash. Best West line: “You’re late,” Sandra S says. “I was getting my nails done, so shoot me,” Sandra W retorts. “That’s the plan,” Sandra S quips. Angela Rome is back – and, she’s pregnant!


Sandra West (Olivia Dunkley) in Doom Service

Ep 34 – Operation: Doom Service (8:52). Super7even meets Sandra West “at an out of the way hotel” and encounters T.H.E.Y assassin Fifi LeBlanc (Heather Bonomo), dressed as a French maid, and old foe Cross (Andrew Palmer). Best S7 line: “We’ll have to leave our unfinished business… unfinished,” Cross tells Super7even. “Unfinished? She’s the one who shot you,” Super7even defends. Best death scene: Fifi’s prolonged demise.

Ep 35 – Operation: Destructo (14:12). Super7even travels to London to demand that Sue Muru (BarBara Luna), the founder & CEO of the League of Assassins, call off the contract on Sandra West. Best Mistress Muru line: “If you try to remove the chip, her head will explode like a… like a poodle in a microwave,” Sue Muru warns Super7even. Best West scene: Sandra faces off against a pair of assassins in a spaghetti western showdown. Hot LoA guard: Helga (Kelly Delson). BarBara Luna is a veteran actress best known to original Star Trek fans as Lt. Marlena Moreau in the 1967 “Mirror, Mirror” episode. Oh, Dr. Drexler’s back, too!

Ep 36 – Operation: Hard Kill in Fresno (11:34). Super7even meets Sandra West “at an out of the way (and not so secret) hotel” and encounters T.H.E.Y assassin Fifi LeBlanc’s twin cousin Elke (Heather Bonomo), dressed as a French maid. Best West scene: Sandra jokingly shouts “Boom!” as Super7even removes dynamite from her purse. Best death scene: Elke’s prolonged demise that rivals Fifi’s. This episode is one of my favorites.

Ep 37 – Operation: Red Herring (14:44). Sandra West experiences surreal dreams as Super7even neutralizes the mind control chip in her brain. Best West scene: Olivia Dunkley as Anne Leighton as “Sparky”. Heather Bonomo returns, again, as “The Henchmaid”.

Operation: Double Down on Danger (2:17). “The rare, lost episode found in a secret vault under the Vatican.”


OK, if you like classic ’60s spy shows, masked Mexican wrestlers, super sexy women, parking garages, stock footage, and pop cultural references thrown about with reckless abandon – well, look no further than The Adventures of Super7even. This is a fun web series! Watch it! However, if you’re still not convinced, check out these selected pics of Super7even‘s beautiful babes [click on the names] … Olivia Dunkley, Anne Leighton, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, and all the rest (in alphabetical order): Anna Bazarkina, Heather Bonomo, Brynn Bromley, Melanie Camp, Crystal Coney, Rachel Dale, Sloan De Forest, Kelly Delson, Rachel Farrow, Milena Gardasevic, Jennifer Kairis, Maria Leicy, BarBara Luna, Krystle Martin, Michelle Martonick, Brooke Pascoe, Danielle Rayne, Julia Rees, Joan Rizza, Rosanna Rizzuto, Emerald Robinson, Ashlee Souza, Vanessa Suarez, Inga Van Ardenn, and Nisa Wong. I hope I didn’t overlook anybody!


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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing our show “Adventures Of Superseven”, especiall by someone who “Gets it”…Forwarded it to the cast and crew and posted it on the Superseven Facebook page. Olivia really loved the piece.

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