Meet The Turbulent Hearts


The Turbulent Hearts

The Turbulent Hearts are a new punk band from Los Angeles, CA. The band’s frontwoman, however, is not new to the So-Cal punk scene. She is Suzi Moon [“the artist formerly known as Suzi Homewrecker”], ex-Civet! Suzi is joined by Easy Lou Jones, Tim Connelly and Mark Johnson. I’ll miss her former band, but, I’m very excited about The Turbulent Hearts, who will be self-releasing their debut EP very soon. So, until then, let’s watch the video for the band’s latest single “Panic” here …

“Panic” delivers a fresh take on the So-Cal punk sounds Suzi forged with her sister Liza Graves in Civet, and, I love it! I recently compared Phoenix, AZ’s all-female punk trio The Venomous Pinks to Civet and, now, I’m thinking The Turbulent Hearts and The Venomous Pinks would make for an awesome punk show!

But, wait, there’s more …

The previously-released video for the song “Dear Sailor”, which features a different line-up of The Turbulent Hearts, was written, edited and directed by Suzi Moon herself. The song is a blissful ‘6os-esque ballad [which reminds me a bit of The Muffs], but, the video takes a much darker, more violent turn! Oh, Suzi – please write and direct more videos like this one! Watch it here …

Also, check out the bluesy rocker “Redwood Nights” [here] which Suzi wrote for The Redwood Bar & Grill in Los Angeles where The Turbulent Hearts play often. Finally, check out this lovely photo of Suzi


Suzi Moon

Thanks, Suzi, for letting me know about your awesome new band! I’m now your new biggest fan!


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