Poison Ivy Sows the “Seeds of Arkham”


Currently, I’m reading Gotham City Sirens: Book One which, of course, features Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. I decided to go out to YouTube and see if there were any good Poison Ivy fan films since I’ve previously posted several with Ivy‘s girlfriends. I found Seeds of Arkham (2011) featuring the lovely Alexa Mey as Gotham’s Flower Girl. This film was directed by Aaron Schoenke for Bat in the Sun Productions [founded in 2001 by Aaron and Sean Schoenke], and also features Kevin Porter as Batman, Xango Henry as Killer Croc, and Aaron Schoenke as NightwingSeeds of Arkham has over 2 million views. Watch it here …

OK, Poison Ivy doesn’t look anything like she does in Gotham City Sirens – but, Alexa Mey‘s version is damn sexy! She’s delightfully evil, too! Oh, and the Batmobile is excellent, as is Killer Croc‘s make-up [even though, like Ivy, it’s not accurate]. Still it’s all pretty cool! Is there more? I don’t know, but, Seeds of Arkham is actually a sequel to Bat in the Sun‘s Batman: City of Scars. That film was written and directed by Aaron Schoenke and stars Kevin Porter as Batman, Paul Molnar as The Joker, Madelynn Rae as Harley Quinn, and Guy Grundy as Zsasz. Watch it here …

Madelynn Rae [who plays Harley Quinn in City of Scars] also sings the theme songs that play over the end credits of both films. Watch the videos for those songs here:City of Scars [City of Scars] and Scarlett Scorpio [Seeds of Arkham]. Both were written and produced by Sean Schoenke. He also directed the video for the song In Bed by lovely singer Arielle Paul.

Bat in the Sun Productions also produces a web series called Super Power Beat Down whose concept is “to take two super powered legends and make them battle!” Viewers vote to determine the winner. The show is hosted by none other than Marisha Ray! Check it out! Episode 14 premieres this month (November).


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