Wonder Twin Powers Activate!


Miracle Dolls is an “alternative/rock/indie pop” band from Southern California fronted by Native American twin sisters Dani and Dezy Doll (aka Danielle and Desiree de la Rosa). They cite as influences The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Pixies, Weezer, and Joy Division; and, they describe their sound as Nirvana making dreamcatchers with The Beatles.” I found the link to Miracle Dolls when I was on The Turbulent Hearts‘ Facebook page for a previous post. I checked them out and, now, I think I may have found my next new favorite band!

Miracle Dolls‘ latest album Thieves and Guns (2014) is chock full of addictive, guitar-heavy rock songs about “love and life” with the twins’ pristine shared vocals lofting over quiet verses into louder choruses like, well, Nirvana. I hear Kurt Cobain‘s influence, loudly, in songs like “Nevermind” and “Lovely”. Is that former song’s title just deceiving my ears? I don’t think so. Watch the video for “Nevermind” here.

The Pixies‘ influence is heard on the track “We share”, one of my favorite songs on Thieves and Guns. Or is it really The Breeders influence I hear? I mean, after all, The Breeders were ex-Pixies bassist Kim Deal and her twin sister Kelley. “We share all of life’s good memories / We share, we share.” A perfect song for twins who “pretty much do everything together”, right? Watch the video for “We share” here …

Kurt Cobain was a big fan of The Pixies and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was, in fact, his attempt at ripping off that band. Obviously, he gave it his own angsty spin and, inadvertently, started a rock revolution. Miracle Dolls aren’t changing the world, but, they are making it a little more “lovely” by blending the influence of both bands, and others, with a twist of their own indie pop/rock flavor. Now, if you want more of that sincere, sweet flavor in your alt-rock mix, listen no further than the dreamy lament “I let you go”. Watch the video here …

All awesome songs! However, there’s not a bad track to be heard in this album’s delightful dozen! The title track is a definite favorite – right now. It’s a bouncy power pop/rocker about loving a fugitive: “All I wanted was you to take me with you / Down that road, it gets so cold / Every day and night, I’m by your side / He said, babe, I’m going away / Thieves and guns aren’t meant to stay.” Other favorites, right now, are “My beat for you”, whose chorus (“Feel my heart beat, I can you feel your heart beat / Close, so close”) will stick in your head for days; “Make the move”, whose vocal delivery recalls riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna; and “Let us fly”, which, like all good last tracks, leaves me wanting more. Thieves and Guns is easily another one of my favorite albums of 2014!

Miracle Dolls recently played the Vans Warped Tour 2014 on the Conquer Entertainment/Shiragirl Stage with ShiragirlTurbulent Hearts, Go Betty Go, and a few other female-fronted bands [that I’m not familiar with but will be checking out soon enough!]. Take a look at last summer’s complete line-up right here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go download Miracle Girls‘ Kiss Me Auras (2013).

Note: Some of the quotes were taken from this article here.


I suppose I should thank Suzi Moon of Turbulent Hearts for this wonderful discovery, since I found them on her band’s Facebook page. Thanks, Suzi. Again!


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