The Psycho in the Pink Pigtails


This is Tia Senpai [aka Tia Colcher] cosplaying as Jaime from B. Alex Thompson‘s awesome comic Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies [website/Facebook] at C4 – Central Coast Comic Con. Now, I don’t know how tall Tia Senpai actually is but judging by those cute little legs I’m guessing she’s the perfect size for Jaime’s 5-foot, 2-inches of a whole lot of attitude …


Check out more pics here. I think someone should make a Campus Chaos fan film with Tia Senpai as Jaime! Or a Jaime-only fan film! No, I need Jamie’s constant bickering with Brittany! Anyway, from a September 5 post on the Campus Chaos Facebook page, I read: TPB 05 (collecting #17-20) has just been sent to the printer! This is what the cover looks like, so look for it at the upcoming conventions!”


I can’t wait to get this volume into my hands!


One thought on “The Psycho in the Pink Pigtails

  1. Hey! Thanks for the post 🙂 I actually changed my cosplay name to Tia Senpai!! Also I am just under 5 feet tall hahaha 🙂 I would so be down to be Jamie in a fan film that would be so epic, such a good comic. Hoping to cosplay Jamie sometime soon 🙂

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