Go Motobunny, Go!



Meet Motobunny … They are a “brand new American rock n roll band,” from Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ, who play what they have dubbed “Iggy-Pop-meets-Icona-Pop.” They are Christa Collins (aka RoXy Moto, lead vocals), Nicole Laurenne (aka Violet Moto, lead vocals / keytar), Michael Johnny Walker (aka Death Ray Moto, guitar), Rik Collins (aka Bronto Moto, bass), and Jay Lien (aka Quasi Moto, drums). Now, if most of those names sound familiar, well, that’s because Motobunny is actually “the wild-eyed love child” of two of my favorite retro garage rock bands: The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits! But, first things first …

Motobunny recently released their first video for their self-titled anthem with their debut full-length album set to be released on Rusty Knuckles Music [home to the very cool all-female garage rock trio The Green Lady Killers] in February 2015. If the “Motobunny” single and the unreleased tracks on the band’s website are any indication, their debut is going to be mind-blowingly groovy! Check out the video for the single here …

First, the song is awesome! I mean how can you deny great lines like “She’s only got two speeds, fast and faster / Don’t look now, she’s a hot disaster!” Second, the video itself is even awesome-er! Roxy/Christa [with blonde streaks] and Violet/Nicole [with purple streaks] look amazing in their leather catsuits in the performance footage, for sure, but the Speed Racer-inspired animation by Francisco Enciso provides this video’s real charm. I would watch a Motogirl cartoon any day!


Go Motogirl, Go!

Nicole Laurenne (aka Violet Moto) and her husband Michael Johnny Walker (aka Death Ray Moto), as well as Jay Lien (aka Quasi Moto) are from Phoenix, AZ’s The Love Me Nots. They play Farfisa-heavy [courtesy of Nicole] ’60s garage rock with fuzzed-out guitars and trashy backbeats. The Love Me Nots have released 5 awesome albums to date, including their latest Sucker (2014). My favorite LMN album is their 2nd, Detroit (2008), followed by their 3rd, Upsidedown Insideout (2009). I’ll slip Sucker in as my 3rd favorite LMN album. It definitely harkens back to the gritty Detroit garage punk sound of the aptly-titled Detroit. “Don’t Let Him”, “You Gotta Go”, “You’re Not Giving Me Enough”, and the soulful ballad “Slip Into the Black” will make their way into the top tier of my LMN playlist, while “Midnight”, “Falling Down”, “Wrong”, “I Blame You”, and “No Myth” will climb into second tier of LMN favorites. Read my ranking of LMN‘s first 4 albums here.


Christa Collins (aka RoXy Moto) and her husband Rik Collins (aka Bronto Moto) are from Los Angeles, CA’s The Woolly Bandits. The band released one great album of raw retro ’60s garage rock with Christa Collins [formerly Christa Larson] on lead vocals, Woman of Mass Destruction (2009). Christa Larson, by the way, was as former Disney child star, while Christa Collins participated in the first season of The X Factor in 2012.

I found Motobunny‘s single on eMusic last week while perusing the new releases. I loved it instantly. However, I didn’t know anything about the band. A week earlier, I had downloaded The Love Me Nots‘ lastest album Sucker but didn’t connect the dots. I thought it would be cool to do a post on that album, followed by a post on the “Motobunny” single, because the two bands have a similar retro vibe that I love. However, when I went to Motobunny‘s website to find out about the band, I learned that they were, in fact, one-half The Love Me Nots with one-half The Woolly Bandits as a bonus!

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to Motobunny‘s debut album!




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