Catwoman in Action (Figure)!


Catwoman [cosplay by K0nataChan/photography by theDevil]

Christmas is coming up quick, and I need to figure out what to buy for myself. Well, I need to figure out what to buy for my daughter Gaby to give to me as a Christmas present. I love Catwoman, and I want some sort of Catwoman collectible – like, for instance, an action figure.

I really want this  Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


Out on the prowl in her glossy black fitted jumpsuit and night-vision goggles, Selina Kyle steals the spotlight as she stops to give her trademark whip a twirl. With a feline companion trailing at her feet, the sly and stealthy femme fatale shoots a mischievous glance over her shoulder. Whether she’s looking for her next heist, or a kiss from a certain caped crusader, one thing’s for certain – there’s gonna be bad luck for anyone who crosses this cat’s path.


This 23″ figure is limited to 4,000, and it costs $399.99! Ugh! So, I’ll take for this Catwoman Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles instead …


Fitted with a sleek black bodysuit and a few key tools of her trade, Selina Kyle is more than ready for her next heist. A helpful climbing harness will come in handy when making a quiet entrance or a hasty exit, and her trademark whip keeps the boys in line. A girl can’t leave home without the right accessories, so we’ve included a cat-shaped belt buckle, infrared goggles, burglary friendly boots and of course, this cat has claws!


This 12″ figure costs $189.99! Ugh! So, I’ll settle for this DC Comics Designer Series 2 Catwoman Action Figure by Greg Capullo from DC Collectibles


This 6.5″ figure is only like 25 bucks! Watch Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Red Hood and Thrasher Suit Batman (from the DC Comics Designer Series 2 Action Figures by Greg Capullo) in action here …

Oooh, I want this Catwoman #46 by Adam Hughes T-Shirt from SuperHeroStuff, too …

Catwoman #46 by Adam Hughes T-Shirt

Sadly, they only have Men’s 2XLarge ($24.95) in stock. However, Men’s Medium ($21.99) are on order!


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