Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders

Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders, in which “a half-shark half-alligator creature is loose at a camp full of zombie cheerleaders,” was an attempt at realizing a dumb but enticing idea. Cheerleaders, zombies, gatorsharks – how can you go wrong? Well, you can’t really go wrong with cheerleaders in anything, but, that’s just me.


Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders, in 2012, was in pre-production. The movie was written by Bob Madia, and, had a cast that included actress Kristen Kelly, model Jade Bryce, and Youtube personality/tanning addict Trisha Paytas. The movie’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were was last updated in October, 2012; however, Horror Society offered this more detailed synopsis taken from the film’s now-defunct official website …

A half-shark half-alligator creature escapes from a secret government facility and starts wreaking havoc in a remote California town. In a campground close by a group of young girls arrive to attend a cheerleading training camp to prepare for the cheerleading world championships. Little do they know that the cabins are built on an ancient haunted burial ground, and the dead come to life during the night and start infecting the girls. The few that are left alive must fend for themselves against not only the living dead but also the Gatorshark, a creature with the head of a shark and the body of an alligator.

Now, I’m not sure why the government would want to make an alligator with a shark’s head. It seems to serve no practical purpose. An alligator’s jaws are just as powerful and deadly as those of a shark, so why bother? I mean sharktopus [Sharktopus (2010)] kind of made sense as a military weapon in a dumb kind of way, as did pteracuda [Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda (2014)]. The gatorshark is more like the piranhaconda [Piranhaconda (2012)] in that it’s usefulness is far outweighed by its pointlessness.

Maybe, someday, my very own Crocodillo will be in pre-production …

In a top-secret desert laboratory, scientists genetically-engineer crocodile-armadillo hybrids to quell the overpopulation of rabid coyotes in the American Southwest. However, plans go awry when PETA activists free the creatures who ball themselves up and roll into the nearby town, which is hosting a monster truck rally to boost their dying economy. Now, a hotshot monster truck driver [preferably 21 Jump Street‘s Richard Grieco] and a tough-as-nails local deputy/ex-New York cop [preferably ex-Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci] are forced to save the town by using the massive monster trucks to make roadkill of the marauding horde.

I’d watch that. How’s this for a tagline: “Half crocodile. Half armadillo. All GRIECO.”


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