“Let’s go resurrect my dead girlfriend.”


“Bring it on!”

Misfits (2009-13) is a British TV series that I’ve never seen. However, a simple search on the Internet for zombie cheerleaders led me, first, to Gatorshark vs. Zombie Cheerleaders, then to episode seven of Misfits’ third series in which the characters must save the world from zombie cheerleaders. I couldn’t resist. So, I went to Wikipedia, learned as much as I could about the series up to that episode, then watched the episode on Hulu. And, what a great episode it was! I’ll have to start a marathon of that show from the beginning at some point; but, for now, let’s talk about zombie cheerleaders. Well, first, let me summarize what I learned about Misfits


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon, Antonia Thomas, Joseph Gilgun

The first series (2009) focused on five troubled young adults who are sentenced to community service. They obtain supernatural powers after getting caught in a strange electrical storm. Kelly (Lauren Socha) gains telepathy, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) can rewind time, Alisha (Antonia Thomas) can send people into a sexual frenzy, Simon (Iwan Rheon) can become invisible, and Nathan (Robert Sheehan) gets immortality. At the end of the second series (2010), Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Nathan sell their powers to Seth (Matthew McNulty), who has the ability to transfer powers but can’t use any of them. At the beginning of series three (2011), Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis buy new powers from Seth. Simon can see the future, Kelly gains knowledge of rocket science, Alisha can see through the eyes of others, and Curtis can change into a woman. Nathan doesn’t return and is replaced by Rudy (Joseph Gilgun), who can duplicate himself.


“Bring it on again!”

 OK, now we’re up to episode seven. Here’s a brief synopsis …

Seth acquires the power of resurrection which he has been searching for in order to resurrect his dead girlfriend Shannon (Charlene McKenna) despite being in a relationship with Kelly. Shannon died, one year before, of a drug overdose and Seth, a former drug dealer, feels responsible for the tragedy. He offers the power to Curtis in exchange for resurrecting Shannon. Curtis takes the deal because he got himself pregnant as a woman and can’t change back to a man. “Let’s go resurrect my dead girlfriend,” Seth says, then he and Curtis dig up Shannon’s coffin, and pry it open. Curtis uses his newly acquired power, soon, Shannon springs to life. “What the fuck is going on?” she demands. “Hi,” Seth offers in return. The next morning, Curtis, on his way to the community center, runs into an old woman whose cat, Mr. Miggles, was hit and killed by a car. He brings it back to life for her and she repays him with cake but makes him promise to return the tin. At the community center, Curtis finds Kelly, Alisha and Simon watching a squad of cheerleaders, six of ’em, practicing in the gym. Rudy, however, has an aversion to cheerleaders because he once walked in on his father having sex with his mother who was dressed as a cheerleader. Later, Curtis returns the tin to the old woman but finds her, presumably dead, on the floor of her flat with Mr. Miggles eating her face. The cat hisses, then attacks Curtis who locks himself in the bathroom and calls his friends for help. Meanwhile, Seth breaks up with Kelly so that he can make things right with Shannon, who is adjusting to her new life. Kelly, Alisha and Simon, armed with hammers, and Rudy, armed with an ice cream cone, arrive at the old woman’s flat to kill the “crazy killer cat.” They capture Mr. Miggles but no one can muster the courage to kill him. The old woman gets up and startles them. Then she attacks Rudy. Curtis hits her in the head with a hammer and she falls dead, again. “It’s like a zombie film,” Simon observes, realizing that resurrecting dead things turns them into flesh-hungry zombies whose bites can infect others. They realize that Shannon will eventually turn and attack Seth. Kelly tries to warn Seth about Shannon but he scoffs at her. Meanwhile, Shannon has secretly been fighting the urge to feed – by eating Seth’s iguana. Kelly realizes that she’ll have to kill Shannon before she infects Seth; so she, Simon, Alisha and Curtis, armed with baseball bats, and Rudy, armed with a huge iron mallet, head to Seth’s flat. Seth hides Shannon in his neighbor’s flat, while the Misfits break into his. However, Shannon has already bitten Seth’s neighbor. He turns into a zombie and attacks Seth, but Shannon hits him in the head with an iron. The next day, Curtis, Simon, Alisha and Rudy draw straws to see who will have to kill Mr. Miggles which they brought to the community center in a carrier. Simon loses. However, the cat has escaped and bitten one of the cheerleaders. Hearing screams from the locker room, Rudy looks inside and finds that all six cheerleaders have become flesh-hungry zombies and are attacking each other. One of them jumps through a window onto Rudy, but, Curtis hits her with a baseball bat. She gets back up and Rudy taunts her before delivering the final blow. “Fucking cheerleaders,” he quips. “What the fuck is going on?” Kelly wonders, arriving at the scene. “Mr. Miggles got loose,” Simon tells her. “Might have infected… one or two cheerleaders,” Rudy lies. “Infected all of them,” Curtis says, glaring at Rudy. “All of them,” Rudy clarifies. “So, what we gonna do about the rest of ’em?” Alisha wonders. “We kill them all,” Simon tells her. “If we don’t, the infection will spread. We’ll end up the sole survivors, locked in… the shopping center. That’s what happens,” he rationalizes. So, they split up to kill the other five zombie cheerleaders. Kelly kills one; while Alisha, with Simon, kills another that was bitten but hasn’t yet turned. “Still want me to dress up as a cheerleader for your birthday?” she wonders, after having told him earlier that she would. Curtis, Simon and Alisha kill two more while Rudy hides in the kitchen. The last one bites the community center’s new probation worker as she arrives on her first day. They all beat the cheerleader with their bats. “So, who’s gonna kill the probation worker?” Simon wonders. They draw straws. Rudy loses. Meanwhile, Shannon confronts Kelly but Seth steps in. “What’re you gonna do? You gonna kill me again?” Shannon snarls. “I’m sorry,” he says, then kills her again, proving his love for Kelly. Later, the Misfits celebrate their victory. “We did it. We stopped the zombies infecting everyone,” Simon declares, proudly. “What happened to Mr. Miggles?” Curtis wonders. “Oh, shit!” Alisha proclaims.

Watch a scene here (until someone takes it down) …

Best use of zombie cheerleaders in a British TV series ever!


“Oh, it’s already been brought-en!”


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