Sweethearts of the Galaxy


Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver in Sweethearts of the Galaxy

Sweethearts of the Galaxy (2013-14) is an awesomely wonderful web series “about a cosplayer who believes she truly is a superhero.” The nine-episode series was created by Michael Premsrirat and Dexter Adriano, directed by Adriano, and written by Premsrirat. It stars well-known cosplayers Kit Quinn (Jacquelyn Crinnion) and Tallest Silver, Lola Binkerd, Megan Alyse and David Dickerson. Sweethearts of the Galaxy can be viewed exclusively at Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Youtube channel.

Sweethearts of the Galaxy is a witty look inside the worlds of cosplay, comic books and geek culture from a female perspective (despite being created by two guys); and, it is one of the best original comic-inspired web series that I’ve seen this year! Sweethearts is loaded with so much addictive charm, courtesy of the adorable Kit Quinn, that I was seduced, immediately, with her character’s enthusiastic passion: “Hello, Internet – Katelyn here! I’m super excited to show you my new Trinity Infinity costume for the comic book convention tomorrow! Ahhh!” she says, spinning in her chair. Her character is Katelyn, an obsessive, somewhat naive, cosplayer who cares more about making her costumes than paying the rent, much to the dismay of her roommate and childhood best friend Lilly (Lola Binkerd). Lilly gave up costumes and comic books in junior high in order to become a responsible grown-up. Katelyn, however, is joined in her artistic endeavors by her cosplaying friend Sylvia (Tallest Silver). Sylvia also wants Katelyn to hook up with Paul (David Dickerson). Paul is Katelyn’s crush, and Katelyn is Paul’s crush. However, Paul lives in the apartment across the hall with his ex-girlfriend Morgan (Megan Alyse) because he can’t afford to move out. Morgan is a total bitch who doesn’t even like comic books; but, the amazingly beautiful Megan Alyse is absolutely delightful as Morgan! After Katelyn bumps her head and begins to think that she actually is Trinity Infinity, Lilly, Sylvia, Paul and Morgan turn to the pages of Katelyn’s favorite comic book to help her! Watch the web series preview here …

Sweethearts of the Galaxy is delightfully entertaining in every possible way – from the concept to the characters to the actors, right down to the ridiculously catchy grrrl pop theme song (which is not heard in the preview)! “Take Off” is courtesy of The Wyle Band, an American indie rock duo from Nashville, TN, consisting of vocalist C.C. Wyle and instrumentalist James Wyle. You will be singing “na-na-na-na-na, na-yeah” in your head for days! Download the single from iTunes, Amazon, emusic, or wherever you download music.


The Wyle Band

Note: The episodes are about 6-10 minutes each, and the theme song plays over the opening and closing credits. I watched all the episodes in one sitting and, thus, listened to the song 18 times, once every 5-6 minutes. Eventually, my daughter who was in the next room, came into my office and asked, “Do you like that song or something?” I told her that it was the theme song for a web series I was watching, and I was going to watch the series again, from the beginning, to take notes for a post. “Ugh!” she said, and walked back into her room, closing the door. That’s exactly how I feel every time she makes me listen to She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS!

OK, “get ready… to save the day!” Let’s “take off!” with Sweethearts of the Galaxy


“No. I’m Trinity Infinity.”

Episode 1: Wish Granted [10:31]. Katelyn and Sylvia show off their new costumes at a comic book convention. Katelyn is Galactic Ranger Trinity Infinity, from the (fictional) comic book Sweethearts of the Galaxy, while Sylvia is Trinity Infinity’s sidekick Element 47. A reporter asks Katelyn why she likes to dress like characters from comic books, and she replies, “I always wanted to be a superhero.” Then, after she bumps her head on the floor, Katelyn begins to believe that she actually is Trinity Infinity. Later, she beats up a cosplayer dressed as her arch nemesis Necrocide, and is awarded a cosplay contest trophy for being really into her character. This fantastic debut episode features sexy LeeAnna Vamp [Facebook] as herself. She is definitely the “Ghoul of [My] Dreams”!


“I won’t imprison you in the Abyss of Worlds – I’ll kill you!”

Episode 2: Capturing Necrocide [10:42]. Two days later, Lilly is frustrated that Katelyn still believes that she is Trinity Infinity, and that she’s still wearing the costume. Paul convinces Lilly not to disturb Katelyn’s delusion since the damage could be worse. She believes that she’s been exiled on Earth, and must find the Velocity Vortex in order to return. Lilly and Paul don ad hoc costumes, and convince Katelyn that Lilly is Element 47 and that Paul is Necrocide, so that Trinity Infinity will capture Necrocide and take him to the Abyss of Worlds (i.e., Paul’s job interview). The plan, of course, goes awry. Favorite lines: “Why don’t you ask your ex-girlfriend to fly you there on her broomstick?” Lilly wonders, when Paul asks her for a ride to his job interview. “Because every time she does me a favor I owe her a piece of my soul,” Paul replies.


“Tremble before me, Bitches!”

Episode 3: Becoming a Super-Villain [7:51]. Morgan asks Paul why he’s still wearing a costume, and playing games with Lilly and Katelyn. He tells her that Lilly came up with precise comic book scenarios to help Katelyn cope with her situation. Morgan wants to help, but, Paul and Lilly won’t let her, so she takes it upon herself to become Trinity Infinty’s arch nemesis The Wretched. “Tremble before me, Bitches!” she snarls, when Trinity Infinity recognizes her. Morgan realizes that Katelyn believes that she actually has psionic powers and every time Morgan waves her hand, Katelyn reels in pain. Morgan takes the Velocity Vortex (i.e., a cake for Katelyn’s birthday) and Necrocide, much to Paul’s dismay. Great episode! Megan Alyse is fantastic! “Tremble before me, Bitches!” should be a catchphrase sweeping the world! Second favorite line: “I wanna fudge some sugar up, ya know what I’m sayin’?” Morgan, who doesn’t curse, tells Paul.


“No need to applaud me, humans. I feel sorry for all of you.”

Episode 4: Faking Normal [10:42]. Lilly realizes that, in order to pay the rent, Katelyn will have to go back to work with Sylvia and interact with people. Sylvia convinces Katelyn that they’re going to complete Trinity Infinity’s mission by working undercover as waiters serving rich people. The plan, of course, goes awry when Katelyn scolds their boss (Michael Hornbuckle) for berating Tess (Sandra Saad), a former child star.


“I used to be able to fly.”

Episode 5: Stopping a Real Crime [6:58]. Katelyn, as Trinity Infinity, feels powerless. She has no strength, no speed and no flight. She doesn’t know how defeat The Wretched and recover the Velocity Vortex. She feels like she has no purpose on Earth. Then, Katelyn hears a scream in the distance, and so Trinity Infinty sets out to save a woman (Krystal Caldwell) from a robber (Jordan Holmes), with Lilly as Element 47 in tow. She subdues the robber and vows to continue fighting crime, but Lilly is upset that Katelyn almost killed the man. Krystal Caldwell is awesome as the victim. She, while casually eating a small bag of chips, follows Katelyn and Lilly as they pursue the robber. Favorite lines: “Those aren’t even real swords,” the victim observes, as Lilly draws her blades. “O.M.G.! Why do we even bother trying to save you!” Lilly retorts.


“Oh, God!!!”

Episode 6: Hanging Out in Bars with Boys [9:10]. After Katelyn’s violent actions, Lilly goes to the Bigfoot Lodge to cool down with some whiskey where she encounters a sexy lesbian barkeep (Amielynn Abellera) and a player barfly (Jaemyong Lee). Katelyn enters and the barfly offers to discuss their superhero options with them – back at his apartment. Later, Katelyn tells Lilly that she finally has a purpose, but Lilly is frustrated by Katelyn’s never-ending delusion. However, Katelyn asks for Lilly’s help and, because she’s a good friend, she resolves to do so. Then, Sylvia, also dressed as Element 47, shows up and takes them away at (water) gun point. Another fantastic episode! Both Amielynn Abellera and Jaemyong Lee, like Krystal Caldwell in the previous episode and Sandra Saad in episode 4, are wonderfully amusing! Good supporting players make something great just a little better. Favorite lines: “Put a finger on the dyke so it doesn’t leak,” the barfly tells the barkeep as they both vie for Lilly’s attention. “I am a slut for girls who kick butt!” the barkeep tells Lilly after Lilly shares with them what Katelyn did. “I am so turned on right now!” the barkeep proclaims as Katelyn goes on about her (nonexistent) super powers. “Oh, God!!!” Lilly cries in frustration, later, as Katelyn talks about her 500 years as a Galactic Ranger!


“Behold… the Committee of Evil-Doers!”

Episode 7: Behold… the Committee of Evil-Doers! [6:26]. “Why are there two Element 47s?” Katelyn wonders. “I’m the real Element 47. This one …” Sylvia says, referring to Lilly, “… is the Dark Element 47.” Sylvia leads Katelyn and Lilly to a surprise birthday party for Katelyn with Paul and all their friends dressed as Trinity Infinity’s greatest enemies. However, it’s not even Katelyn’s birthday, and they realize that Morgan is actually behind the ruse. She assembled the rogues gallery (i.e., created the Facebook event) as “the Committee of Evil-Doers” to defeat Trinity Infinity and Element 47 once and for all. She commands them to destroy her. Guest stars in this episode (and the next two) include cosplayer Tally Smith as Crazy Daisy/Atrocity, Kelby LeNorman as Wanda (who also appeared in episode 1), Sam McLellan as Xavier, and Rahne Fellwalker as Centurian Sigma. Favorite lines: “You’re my friend. You’re supposed to be there … Arghh! You fiend!” Katelyn says, after learning about Dark Element 47. “Calm your titties, Admiral Ackbar,” Sylvia tells Katelyn, concerned about finding all her enemies at the party. “I think I’m having multiple nerdgasms!” Sylvia says after talking to professional cosplayer Crazy Daisy.


“Are you sure you wanna go through with this?”

Episode 8: Some Romantic Notion [8:02]. The partygoers get Lilly and Katelyn drunk [well, Katelyn], while Wanda shows Morgan what really happened at the convention on her cell phone. Katelyn and Morgan face off for a fight, but Paul quickly drags Katelyn away, and Lilly sits down with Morgan. Morgan tells Lilly that she did what she did in hopes that Katelyn would go back to being normal, but, the truth is that Morgan is not over Paul. However, when Morgan walks in on Paul getting undressed for Katelyn, she smacks him and shows Katelyn the real Velocity Vortex, the reset button to her universe (i.e., Wanda’s cell phone footage).


“Do you believe in me?”

Episode 9: Reality Bomb [7:44]. Lilly and Katelyn gather their Galactic Rangers (Paul, Sylvia and Wanda), while Morgan rounds up her minions. “Minions, attack!” Morgan shouts. “Rangers, advance!” Katelyn commands. And, the two sides charge each other, while Crazy Daisy draws the string of a real bow and arrow. “And let God sort them out,” she grins. In the aftermath, Paul is left with an arrow in his knee, and Katelyn watches the cell phone footage. “None of this is real?” she wonders, sadly, and walks off. Morgan finds a new friend in Crazy Daisy because Paul can’t see that she went through the ordeal for him. Meanwhile, Katelyn stands on the roof of their building as Lilly tries to convince her that people need heroes, real or fake. “Do you believe in me?” Katelyn wonders. Lilly tells her that she has her back. “That’s all I need to know,” Katelyn says, then jumps off the roof. The end, I suppose, is the only thing I won’t spoil! Favorite lines: “Oh, Darlings – I thought this was going to be another boring nerd party,” Crazy Daisy says, as the face off begins. “Who brings real archery stuff to a costume party?” Paul demands of Crazy Daisy. “Authenticity, Darling,” she replies. My only problem with this finale is that I would have liked to have seen Morgan and Paul, at the very least, vow to become better friends. She cares about him. Is that a crime? Oh, and who plays Morgan’s female steampunk-esque minion?!? She is so adorable!

love Sweethearts of the Galaxy! Have I made that clear? Sure, it’s a love letter to cosplay and comic books, but, at its core, it’s about friendship: Katelyn and Lilly, Katelyn and Sylvia, Katelyn and Paul, Paul and Morgan, Morgan and Crazy Daisy, Wanda, etc. Sweethearts is yet another example of the great stuff out there that you’ll never see if you’re not looking for it, and that’s a shame becuase this series deserves to be seen. So watch it!

Will there be a 2nd season? I don’t know. I don’t have insider information, nor do I even keep up with all the latest news on all my obsessions. In fact, I’m always the last to know. However, the web series was funded via Kickstarter, so I’m holding out hope for more fan-funding fun. If so, take my money now!


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