Signed with Suzi’s Kiss!!


Turbulent Hearts

A few weeks ago, punk rocker Suzi Moon contacted me in regards to a post I did about her former band Civet. Civet was an L.A.-based punk band formed by Suzi Moon on guitar and her sister Liza Graves on vocals/guitar. They released two amazing albums, Hell Hath No Fury (2008) and Love & War (2011), on Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong‘s label Hellcat Records“Love & War” by Civet and “Hall of Mirrors” by The Distillers are two of my all-time favorite songs by female-fronted punk bands. However, Civet is currently on hiatus, so Suzi contacted me to let me know about her latest band, Turbulent Hearts. They are Suzi Moon (vocals/guitar), Easy Lou Jones (guitar/vocals), Mark Johnson (bass/vocals), and Jay Skowronek (drums). Suzi wanted to send me Turbulent Hearts‘ debut EP, and I just received a package from her the other day. She included the EP, a button and a hand-written message on a piece of torn notebook paper that she signed with a kiss! Check it out …


Kissed, sealed and delivered!

Did Suzi Moon really kiss the note and leave her lipsticked imprint? I’m going to believe that she did. And, if you didn’t, Suzi – lie to me. Anyway, what about the music? Well, Turbulents Heats‘ 5-song debut EP is more than I could have hoped for from the former member of one of my favorite bands! Panic is an energetic set of Jett-feuled grrrl punk that mixes a whole lot of The Runaways with a little bit of The Distillers!

“Panic” kicks off the EP with a blast of melodic hardcore punk that recalls Suzi‘s former band as well as The Distillers, circa 2002. I included the song’s video in my previous post, but, let’s watch it again here …

Yes, I do believe that those lovely lips kissed my note! “Hello Sailor, we meet again,” Suzi croons in “Never Getting Over You”, a punky 60s-esque ballad that is a sequel, it seems, to “Dear Sailor”, a previously released track. “Dear sailor, don’t treat me like a fool,” she warned, ever so sweetly, in the earlier track. But, in this one, she snarls, “Gonna finish what started / I’ll show you!” Watch the video for “Never Getting Over You” here …

I love the line, “This broken record’s got me cryin’ like a hound dog, yeah!” Awesome song! Hey, let’s watch the darkly twisted video, again, for “Dear Sailor” here …

“Not That Kind of Girl” and “Cryin'” are two great tracks on which Turbulent Hearts wear The Runaways influence proudly, like one of Suzi‘s tattoos, and loudly. Both songs kick out the (power) pop without forsaking the (punk) rock. Watch this video of a snippet of “Not That Kind of Girl” here, and you, too, will want to be dancing around the room like they are! Oh, and “Cryin'” would be perfect on a grrl-powered power pop/punk mix right after The Muffs‘ cover of The Zeros‘ classic “Beat Your Heart Out”! In fact, I think “Cryin'” is my favorite track!

Finally, “Redwood Nights” is a bluesy rocker that Suzi wrote for The Redwood Bar & Grill in Los Angeles where Turbulent Hearts play often.The song has a kind of evil pyschobilly groove, and Suzi sings it as such, even adding hiccups and all, especially in the final line of the chorus, “Damn that shit feels nice! Those Redwood Nights!” You just can’t argue with lines like “Iggy on the jukebox / Blasters at the bar / Come on down / And have a PBR.” There ain’t no Stooges or The Blasters playing in the bars around here, but there should be! This track’s a perfect closer to a damn near perfect EP. The only problem is that it’s too damn short!

I’m looking forward to what’s next for Turbulent Hearts!


Suzi Moon


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