Grrrl Gunge: Grim Dylan & Diamond Doll


Suki Celeste of Grim Dylan

Early last year, I did a brief post about the UK-based all-female grunge trio Grim Dylan in anticipation of their (then) upcoming debut album. A few weeks ago, Grim Dylan kindly informed me that the debut album, Cyclone, was available (since December 12). So, I downloaded it immediately. I loved the album on first listen, and had planned on doing a post. However, at the time, I was immersed in other obsessions, so I set Grim Dylan on the shelf for a later date. Then, the other day, I stumbled upon a female-fronted grunge-esque band from New Zealand called Diamond Doll. So, I took Grim Dylan off the shelf, and here I am ready to shout out loud about both bands!

Grim Dylan, from the Midlands, UK (Derbyshire), is Suki Celeste on vocals/bass, Vicky Bandit on guitar, and Ro McSkimming on drums. Grim Dylan mixes grunge, punk and riot grrrl into an agressive but melodic alternative rock sound with influences from great bands like The Gits, L7, Nirvana, Otep, Killola, The Distillers, Joan Jett, and more. I loved the band’s previous 3-song EP Holy Sh*t! It’s Grim Dylan [which you can get for free], but, the snippets of recordings from Cyclone promised something bigger, something better. And, it delivered!

Cyclone opens with the stunning track “No Way Out” which sounds like PJ Harvey fronting Green Day as they kick out some sludgy Black Sabbath riffs! Next, Grim Dylan goes full-on riot grrrl with the Sleater-Kinney-esque first single “Seasick”, followed by the L7-ish alternative rocker “Hard Being You”. The latter track reminds me of Tairrie B‘s first band Manhole [aka Tura Satana], too. Nirvana gets a nod, riff-wise, on the great last track “Ash and Dust”, as well as on my favorite track, for now, “Lies Pretty Lies”. Other favorite tracks include “Shivers”, another mid-tempo sludge cruncher, and “Freudian Slip”, a gritty alt-metal rocker; but, the truth is, there’s not one bad track on this album! I wish the girls would do an official video because the poor sound quality of the ameteur live footage out there doesn’t do Grim Dylan justice. However, I did find two performances that sound good enough (courtesy of stepunker). First, check out “No Way Out” here …

Next, check out “Lies Pretty Lies” here …

Cyclone was fan-funded, and the album sounds amazing. Fan-funding is the future of music that matters. Some of my favorite bands, like The Dollyrots, The Birthday Massacre, and others, have released excellent albums via this D.I.Y. means. And, D.I.Y. is what punk’s all about, right? Fuck major labels!

Note to self: Check out Birmingham all-female punk rockers Kerosene Queen ASAP! They may very well be my next new favorite band! Thanks, stepunker! Anyway …


Tyley of Diamond Doll

Diamond Doll, from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, is Tyley on vocals, Kane on guitar, Ben on bass, and Liv on drums. They say: “Expect heavy but melodic; the hard edge of metal with a rock foundation and punk rock attitude.” Their influences include Hole, The Distillers, Danzig, Gallows, My Ruin.” The band released their debut single “Consume” in 2012, followed by their debut EP Plus None. I found them via their current single “Dumb”.

“Dumb” sounds like My Ruin‘s Tairrie B fronting Hole. I dropped Tairrie B‘s name above, but, it was in reference to her first band’s grungy alt-rock. Tyley, of Diamond Doll, sounds more like Tairrie B in her current band as she mixes snarled melodic vocals with raging aggressive screams. Watch the video for “Dumb” here …

And, check out the video for “Consume” by clicking right here. “Society” from Plus One is another favorite.

Grim Dylan and Diamond Doll are two very cool new bands, so check ’em out!


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