God Save the Queen (and me)!!

This blog is about my obsessions, right? Yes, it is. And, right now, I am obsessed with all the awesome U.K. punk bands I’m finding on stepunker‘s Youtube channel! In my previous two posts, I showcased a total of 6 new bands that I discovered [not including Grim Dylan whose post I did about their debut album led me into this current obsession]; so, now, I’ll showcase 4 more to make it an even 10! I found some videos featuring some of my favorite (newer) U.K. punk bands like Lesbian Bed Death and Gasoline Thrill, as well as a whole lot of videos featuring another favorite Barb Wire Dolls, originally from Greece. However, my current obsession is about finding bands I haven’t heard of until now, so …



1. Brassick [Facebook] is a “hi-energy punk band” from Birmingham, U.K. (West Midlands). They are Nicola Hardy (vocals), Peter Macbeth (guitar), Jake Cunningham (bass), and Jay Jay Khaos (drums). They’re a “mash up of punk, ska and metal influences” that create a raw, punk rock sound with a anti-fascist, pro-equality message.” Nicola‘s gravelly vocals against her band’s tuneful aggression reminds me not only of The Distillers but also of more recent punk rock bands like Australia’s Stranglehold and SoCal’s Fiction Reform. “Let Us Go” is my favorite from stepunker‘s Youtube channel. Watch the video here …

Check out Fall“, “Cynical Ties and Free For All, from stepunker‘s channel, as well. Brassick‘s 5-track debut EP Broken and Restless was released in September 2013, and it’s a pretty stunning first effort. I’ve been spinning the EP on my iPod all damn day! Pelt“, “Rome“, “The Streets Provide“, and “Broken and Restless”, in that order, are amazing tracks, but, “Hitting Home” is, without a doubt, my favorite track of this week so far! It mixes pop into the punk without forsaking the piss and vinegar. I wish that song had an official video but, alas, it does not. However, “Pelt” does, so let’s watch it here …

You can download Broken and Restless on Brassick‘s Bandcamp page. The band’s self-titled debut album is set for release in early 2015. Two official videos have been released, to date: Cynical Ties and Same Sound“. I’m guessing “Free For All” will also be on the upcoming album as well, so watch a different live performance of that song by clicking right here. That album is gonna be FUCKING awesome!!!

Kerosene Queen, Honey and Brassick are all releasing debut albums this year! My obsession couldn’t have come at a better time! Like I told Charly (from Kerosene Queen), this is gonna be a good year for (UK indie) punk for me! I love getting in on the ground floor with fresh new bands!


Pink Hearse

2. Pink Hearse [Facebook] is a punk/horror punk band from Fleetwood North, U.K. They are Nikki Hearse (vocals), Vodka Fenton (guitar), Rai Brains (bass), and Stu Dawson (drums). Their sound “draws inspiration from the old-school punk sounds of Siouxie and the Banshees and X-Ray Spex and to an extent the Dead Kennedys.” Pink Hearse is “also reminiscent of more modern outfits such as The Horrorpops and The Distillers.” Awesome! “Zombie Rock N Roll” is my favorite from stepunker‘s Youtube channel. Watch the video here …

Check out “Bubblegum“, “Dead Beautiful” and “Radio Active Killer Wasps“, from stepunker‘s channel, as well. I’m not sure if Pink Hearse has any singles, EPs or albums but, if they do, I want them! Bass player Rai (Jayne Hearse) [Facebook] is also an author. She recently published a YA novel called The Life and Loves of Cherry Bakewell: Year One (2014). It’s the diary of a young punk rocker and, since I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert is one of my favorite books, I’m going to read it. I love YA, and I’m not ashamed to say so!

OK, the next two bands bring this recent obsession of mine full circle. Both offer more variations of the grrrl grunge sound. Is grrrl grunge a thing? Or did I actually coin that phrase? Anyway …



3. Idlehour [Facebook] is an alternative rock band from London, U.K. They are Jesse Naish (vocals/guitar), Drew Patterson (guitar/vocals) and Paul Clark (bass/vocals). Idlehour is “a dark cocktail of early 90’s grunge, abrasive punk and ice cream truck melodies.” They cite as influences Nirvana, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Sick Puppies, Flyleaf, the Cure, Marilyn Manson and a whole load more.” Nirvana is their most obvious influence. “Dixie Drug Store” is my favorite from stepunker‘s Youtube channel. Watch the video here …

Check out “Parasites” and “White Noise“, from stepunker‘s channel, as well. Idlehour‘s self-titled debut album was released in September 2013, and it features 7 awesomely grrrl grungy tracks, including the studio cuts of “Parasites”, “White Noise” [love this version!] and “Dixie Drug Store”. “Screw” is another favorite! You can download the album on Idlehour‘s Bandcamp page, and you can watch the official video for “Parasites” here …

Idlewild‘s brand new single is My Familiar. An official video will follow.


Husbands N Knives

4. Husbands N Knives is a punk/riot grrrl band from Torquay, U.K. They are Lou (vocals), Julie (guitar), Craig (bass), and Wheelie (drums). They cite as influences Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, Hole, L7, Siouxsie And The Banshees.” Are they named after the episode of The Simpsons? “Rage” is my favorite from stepunker‘s Youtube channel. Watch the video here …

Check out Lady Castlemaine and Nazi Bull Dyke“, from stepunker‘s channel, as well. Husbands N Knives‘ debut album Raised On Synthetic Bitch Milk was released in 2010, and includes the studio cut of “Nazi Bull Dyke”, as well as other cool tracks like “Domestic”, “NOTBOT” and “Bunny Boiler”. You can download the album on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc; or on the band’s Bandcamp page where you can also download two pre-release tracks from their upcoming album Virosa Ebirosa.

So, there you have it… Ten awesome new U.K. bands: Kerosene Queen, Honey, Deaf FM, dragSTER, Loaded 44, Dirty Habit, Brassick, Pink Hearse, Idlehour, and Husbands N Knives. One new American fan: Me!

Now I’m going to re-sort the videos on stepunker‘s channel from oldest to newest and pick my next 10 favorites, working backwards! However, I think I may have found a momentary diversion while I was on Husband N Knives‘ Facebook page. Stay tuned!

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