Grace Huang in Bloodtraffick (2011)

In a world torn by a war between vampires and angels, a human vigilante on the hunt for her missing sisters is lured into the den of a vampire.

Bloodtraffick (2011) is an award-winning action short film written and directed by Hong Kong-based Jennifer Thym for her own RockGinger. The vampires-versus-angels film stars Asian-Australian Grace Huang [the Gemini female in The RZA‘s The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)] and Kirt Kishita. Watch the film here …

Jennifer Thym‘s Bloodtraffick, like Ben Juhl‘s HearT PumPing OiL, offers a brief glimpse into an intriguing world that, in the end, promises a much grander view. In Bloodtraffick, Ava Chen (Grace Huang), a human, won’t rest until she finds her sister Rachel, an angel, to continue the war against the vampires; while, in HearT PumPing OiL, Destiny (Kassie Rehorn), a human, vows to find others to spark a revolution against the machines who keep them in servitude. Destiny, of course, was freed by Sparrow (Jing Song), a machine who fell in love with and sacrificed herself for Destiny. Sparrow’s act of defiance allowed her to feel human, like Destiny; while Ava’s act of vengeance allowed her to feel angelic, like her sisters. Bloodtraffick and HearT PumPing OiL are very different films, but with similar themes as well as a strong Asian female as a lead. They make yet another wonderful double feature!

I love, in Bloodtraffick, the concept of a sort of serial-killing vampire who kills angels to collect their wings. Finn Rose (Kirt Kishita) is certainly a menacing foe for Ava, but, I’d love to know more about him, and her. There is so much left untold up to the point at which this film begins and so much more to be told when it ends. It’s a short film, I know, but when a short film is this good, I can’t help but to want more. Oh, and I love the angel wings tattoo on Ava’s upper back. However, the tattoo is Ava Chen’s, not Grace Huang‘s.

Grace Huang won Best Actress at the HollyShorts Film Festival 2011 and Fear Fete Horror Film Festival 2013, while Bloodtraffick won Best Short, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography at the Salty Horror International Film Festival 2011; The Stiletto Award for Excellence in Directing, Cinematography and Original Screenplay at the Stiletto Film Fest 2012; Best Cinematography at the Viscera Film Festival 2012; and Best Micro Short Fantasy Horror Film at the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival 2013. That’s a lot of awards!


Grace Huang with her lovely [fake] angel wings tattoo in Bloodtraffick (2011)


Bloodtraffick (2011) promotional artwork


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