Cheerleaders vs Zombies? Summer 2012?


Cheerleaders vs Zombies was a film project that was unsuccessfully funded via Kickstarter in November 2011. The film was to be directed by Bill Evashwick and produced by Frank McEnulty for McEnulty‘s I Made a Movie Studios. The film, apparently, is dead. But, not like zombie dead – just plain dead. Here’s what it would’ve been about …

“Our heroines Lorena, Roxy and Ginger set off for a cheerleader symposium in Phoenix, and find themselves lost on a remote stretch of a forgotten highway. At a little old motel in the middle of nowhere, the girls find shelter, but after a government experiment goes horribly awry they wake up to also find zombies! Lorena, the girls and an intrepid young man (aka the love interest) battle the creatures. But the undead get the upper hand, and the fate of humanity lies in the balance. As thrilled as she is to finally meet some men interested in her for her brains, Lorena has to come up with a plan to stop them — if she’s going to save her friends, save the man she loves…and save the world.”

Watch the promotional trailer here …

Cheerleaders vs Zombies had the potential to be, at least, as good as The Biker Warrior Babe vs. The Zombie Babies from Hell. Or, at least, as bad – depending on how you look at these kinds of movies. In fact, Dixie (Katie Keene) was CvZ‘s Zipp, the biker warrior babe from THWBvTZBFH. Dixie, too, is a bad-ass biker babe. She loves killing zombies and hates cheerleaders. A perfect dynamic. Oh, and it appears that she’s a lesbian as well! Even better! According to the I Made a Movie Studios website, CvZ “morphed into Dixie Slaughter, Zombie Killer.” I really wish this movie, as CvZ or DSZK, had been made – it looks like it could’ve been the kind of dumb fun I love!

Oh, and check out the slightly different CvZ Kickstarter trailer by clicking right here. There’s boobs. Censored boobs with the power to explode zombie heads, but boobs, nonetheless. The producers, by the way, projected a $60,000 budget but attempted, unsuccessfully, to crowd-fund only $30,000. They raised just under $2,000. Good Z-movies have been made for not much more than that. In fact, the insanely entertaining and amazingly well-made Z-movie Overtime, with WWE superstar Al Snow, was made for $4,000. Take note, Mr. McEnulty.


Dixie (Katie Keene) from CvZ


Dixie (Katie Keene) and Lorena (?) from CvZ



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