“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

The video embedded above is Mikey Tommy interviewing none other than The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, for the Wizard World Comic Con 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. Well, actually, he did the interview at Flannery’s Pub the night before the con began last weekend (February 20-22).

Mikey Tommy is Mike Kent, my good friend and co-worker. He is also an aspiring photographer, as well as one of the reasons I keep forgetting how old I am. Mike and I joke that we would be great on a sitcom called My Black Son because he’s a young hip black guy, and I’m an old(er) hip(ster) white guy who is, in fact, old enough to be his father. Mike and I are always coming up with dumb movie ideas. One of our latest ideas involved an apocalyptic Biblical revelation in which God sends down a scourge of velociraptors to deliver His wrath. We call it The Raptor-ture. Our drunken nights out, with our other partner-in-crime Dan, produce even more inspired ideas. Someday, Dan, a local Cleveland musician [Rustbelt Sons], will realize our dream of the Michael McDonald Experience. The MME is an epic event in which Dan, as the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, would sing songs not typically associated with the artist, such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana or “Anarchy in the U.K.” by The Sex Pistols. Try it yourself the next time you’re drunk. Sing your favorite songs using Michael McDonald‘s distinctive soulful voice. We came up with an entire set list one night at a local bar. Anyway …

So, why is Mike interviewing Lou Ferrigno?

Well, Mike’s cousin Michelle Simon [aka Sang Frais] is the co-founder, with Joshua Gantt, of Nerds With Pasports [Youtube/Facebook]. NWP was created in 2011 so that Simon and Gantt “could share their love of gaming, travel, music and nerd culture.” After spending a year under the wings of like-minded (but more well-known) Youtubers HipHopGamer, NWP began to work toward building their own multimedia company along with their third member, Boston resident Kesa Lynch [aka Pro_Kesadia]. NWP also works closely with nerdcore rapper Dezzy Yates, music producer Dominic Chandler and, of course, aspiring photographer Mikey Tommy. Michelle and Joshua finally realized their dream, earlier this year, with the creation of 10th Tier Media, which exists with NWP. NWP, by the way, is also sponsored by Nerds Clothing.

NWP is the real deal. Mike has been telling me for years about his cousin who makes Youtube videos with reviews of comics, games and movies; and, I pictured some nerd posting bad-quality videos from her parents’ basement. However, when I finally checked out NWP‘s Youtube channel, after they posted Mike’s video, I was surprised and quite impressed with what Michelle and Joshua have accomplished. Envious even. I told Michelle that they’re doing exactly what I would be doing if I were younger. NWP has a professional look, quality content, and a solid internet presence. I really love their website which is hosted right here on WordPress. If I wasn’t doing this blog just for fun, I would think I was wasting my time! So check NWP out for some insightful information on comics, gaming and general nerd culture. And, if you’re into hip hop music, well, there’s that, too.

So, why is Mike interviewing Lou Ferrigno?

Well, like I said, NWP is the real deal. They attended Wizard Con as bona fide press correspondents. Mike asked if he could interview the Incredible Hulk and they set it up. I think he did an amazing job with the interview above – his very first. I’m proud of my black son! He also wanted to interview one of his idols, the Green Ranger [aka MMA fighter Jason David Frank], but, apparently Frank couldn’t make it to the pre-con event.

Michelle interviewed Damian Beurer, of Bat in the Sun Studios, at Wizard Con. I posted about some of Bat in the Sun‘s work here, so watch Michelle’s interview here …


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