Phantom Faye

Phantom Faye (2015) is the latest short film from writer/director Chris .R. Notarile and his Blinky Productions. I posted about his films previously hereNotarile introduced his Phantom character in the brilliant short film CHOICE (2011), in which a suicidal actress (Kerri Miller) is confronted by the personification of choice (Mandy Evans). The character(s) returned in The Retcon Chronicles (2014) as Phantom Faye (Kylie Contreary) and Phantom Celista (Shannon McDermott). Faye is a Phantom with a conscience who has aligned herself with heroine Kayla The Centurion (Dominique Storelli); while Celista is an evil Phantom who has aligned herself with villainess Madaline Hess (Andrea-Nichole Olivas). Those relationships are explored, at their beginnings, in Phantom Faye.


Kylie Contreary as Phantom Faye, Shannon McDermott as Phantom Selista and Andrea-Nichole Olivas as Madaline Hess reprise their roles from The Retcon Chronicles. However, Marissa Centrella replaces Dominique Storelli as Kayla The Centurion. But, that’s OK because the two actresses look very much alike!

Phantom Faye connects CHOICE with The Retcon Chronicles wonderfully well, and both Contreary and McDermott deliver fantastic performances driven by some of Notarile‘s best dialogue! Faye and Celista are Phantom sisters at odds with each other. Faye believes that they, as Phantoms, must assure humans that there is always hope when making difficult choices, whereas Celista believes that humans must find hope for themselves and suffer the consequences of their choices. I love when Celista throws Faye against the wall, and Faye snarls, “You dare attack me!” The sisters’ discord becomes the catalyst for wars that will be waged within the universe of The Retcon Chronicles. The concept is very intriguing indeed.

Check out the film on Youtube above, or in HD on Vimeo by clicking here.


Phantom Faye left me wondering if and when Faye and Celista’s story will be continued. Luckily, I was able to find out straight from the source. Chris .R. Notarile, who appreciated my previous post, kindly sent me an e-mail to let me know that Phantom Faye was live. So, I asked him what’s next …

I plan on doing more with Phantom Faye. I am actually writing part 2 as we speak and we will delve deep into what happens between Madaline Hess (Andrea-Nichole Olivas) and Selista (Shannon McDermott). We are going to see how she goes from being this nice invested mother to the cold-hearted woman at the end of The Retcon Chronicles. We will also get to see the developing friendship between Faye (Kylie Contreary) and Kayla (Marissa Centrella) and some of the adventures they will go on together. So that’s gonna be awesome.

Yes, that is, in fact, gonna be awesome! I also asked Chris about a few other upcoming projects that I found in Blinky ProductionsFacebook feeds. Here’s what he had to say …


Assassinista is still filming right now. That is a spy thriller with a gritty flare to it. It’s more emotional as its about two best friends in a no win situation. I’ll be posting more about that soon.

I wondered if Assassinista was connected to Notarile‘s guerrilla-filmed short Assassinista (2007) or as his JACI project, both unfinished. “Apart from the title there is no connection,” he said, in regards to the 2007 film. “But yes, Jaci the character is now in Assassinista, but the role itself was recast,” he added. Notarile has a knack for casting actresses who are cute, tough and talented. Cute only goes so far, cute and tough goes further, but cute, tough and talented takes it all the way. So, I can’t wait to see the re-cast Jaci in action in Assassinistas.


Daddy’s Girl is my fourth feature film and is flat out one MESSED UP movie. The script is really twisted. I hope to have that releasing some time towards the end of the year, and possibly a trailer out by this spring. We shall see.

Daddy’s Girl is a “suspense thriller about a manipulative teen and her vengeful father.” I mentioned this movie in my original post on Blinky Productions, and it’s been in the works since 2010. The film stars Madelyn Carek, Michael Thor Love, Ian Niles, Sean Pohle, Andrea-Nichole Olivas, Casey Crane, Ali Stover, and Roberto Lombardi. I love these promotional stills of star Madelyn Carek


Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this film as well. Notarile also shared a little more …

I am also working on a couple of additional projects for this year including Pretty Little Killers, a psychological thriller short starring Andrea-Nichole Olivas and Rachael Jayne. And I am NOT doing a new fan film NOT starring everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. So yeah, that’s NOT happening.

Click here to see what he’s probably NOT talking about!

So, between my first post on Blinky Productions (October 13) and this one, Chris .R. Notarile posted Stuntmen (November 25), “a fun little fight video” that he shot and edited with fight choreography by Emmanuel Brown. Watch the short film here …

The fight choreography is well-done and the twist is funny, but I was enchanted by the very lovely purple-haired girl who is more concerned with texting than with the guys fighting for her attention. The guys are Emmanuel Brown, David Armstrong and Ari Loeb. The object of their affection is Julia Maggio, and the object of her affection is Ashley Adamek [who is also very lovely].

Julia Maggio will be featured in the upcoming VOD series Voodoo Church [preview] from Fever Dreams [who also produced the VOD series Flesh for the Beast: Tsukiko’s Curse which can be seen on Netflix]. Voodoo and zombie punks – awesome! Anyway, check out Maggio‘s stunt reel by clicking here. Hard to believe she’s only 5’3″!

Anyway, 2015 looks good for Chris .R. Notarile and Blinky Productions; and for me, as well, since I love Notarile‘s films. However, this year, I’ll be keeping an eye out so he doesn’t have to remind me when a new film is released!


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