SabreFireTiger Custom


So, I picked up the premiere issue of Cosplay Culture magazine the other day and, within its pages, I found an article on SabreFireTiger Custom [Tumblr/Facebook]. Who? Well, SabreFireTiger Custom is Brenda Le, a 24-year-old 6th grade math teacher and doctoral student who also specializes in creating custom Funko Pop! vinyl figures. She charges $70-$90 a, well, pop, but the waiting time is 2-3 months for commissions. She says, on her Tumblr page: “You are going to be bothered by how cool I am.” And, yes, I am bothered by how cool she is!

My daughter freaked over Le‘s custom-made Beth Greene figure (above). Beth (Emily Kinney) is/was her favorite character on AMC’s The Walking Dead. She sobbed, for days, after Beth was killed off. And, if I had gone to Wizard World Comic Con last weekend, she wanted to come with, dressed up as Beth! She even wanted to have a bullet wound on the back of her head! OK, the bullet wound was my suggestion, but I was kidding.

So, I thought about what comic book characters I would want to see as Funko Pop! vinyl figures and, of course, they corresponded to the heroines of the Top 5 of my Top 10 favorite comic series. However, the order has changed, so here they are …

5. Amanda, from Fanboys vs. Zombies (Boom Entertainment) …


4. Asia Black, from Dead@17 (Viper Comics/Image Comics) …


3. Mercy Sparx, from Mercy Sparx (Devil’s Due Publishing) …


2. Violet Grimm, from Dogwitch (Sirius Entertainment) …


1. Cassie Hack, from Hack/Slash (Devil’s Due Publishing/Image Comics) …


So, that will cost $350-$450! No, wait, $420-$540 with Gaby’s Beth figure!


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