The Skyship Chronicles


I stopped at my local comic book shop the other day and was elated to find the long-awaited issue #4 (February 2015) of Lady Mechanika, the awesome steampunk comic created, written and drawn by Joe Benitez. However, the original story arc (“The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse”) will conclude in issue #5, a “giant-sized finale” due in stores on March 25th. In addition, my favorite steampunk heroine will continue her adventures in Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies beginning in April 2015. So I will reserve a post on this blog for Lady M. after the first story arc is finished. But, in the meantime, I needed to sate my renewed hunger for femme-driven steampunk adventure; and, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon a wonderful short film series called The Skyship Chronicles

Set in Ireland, 1895, in a steampunk fantasy world. When Molly Madigan’s grandfather is killed by his partner, Gustav, and his inventions stolen, Molly begins a quest to take back what is rightfully hers. Twenty years later, in Wichita, Kansas, an unwitting postal clerk discovers a mysterious box containing the Potestatum, Molly’s grandfather’s most powerful invention. But, after many long years of hunting for the Potestatum, Gustav is hot on the trail. He tracks down Molly, and a battle for the ultimate weapon ensues.

The Skyship Chronicles [Part 1] (2015). Litewave Media. 17 minutes. Directed by Christian Cashmir. Produced by Jeff Zampino. Written by Jeff Zampino and Christian Cashmir. Starring Karleigh Chase as “Molly Madigan”, Daniel Lee Simmons as “Nathan O’Dell” and Edward Frank Olson as “Gustav”. Also starring Linda Roser as “Captain”, David Koepfinger as “Inventor”, Rachel Simone Lappé as “Alex Thompson”, Christian Cashmir as “Lucius Black”, and Marissa English as “Young Molly”.

Watch the official trailer on Vimeo (here) or on Youtube right here …

You can watch The Skyship Chronicles [Part 1] on Vimeo on Demand (here). This fantastical film, like the Lady Mechanika comic, works for me because the adventure is driven by strong female protagonists. Karleigh Chase is excellent as heroine Molly, but, I hope we haven’t seen the last of Rachel Simone Lappé as Molly’s friend/ex-soldier Alex. In addition, The Skyship Chronicles delivers a bevy of bad-ass beauties as antagonists, too! Linda Roser is delightfully cold-blooded as skyship pilot/Gustav’s right-hand man The Captain. Watch Roser in this Actor Spotlight video (here) and you’ll notice two things: (1) she is way too adorably cute in that spotlight to pull off nefarious as well as she does in The Skyship Chronicles; and (2) she looks a lot like Tybee Diskin in some of the those clips!


Other very lovely hentchwomen include Maylin Morera as “Radar Op”, Serrelle Baker as “Communications” and “Masked Marionette”, Candace LeRae as “Soldier 1”, Ann P. (aka Ann Poonkasem) as “Soldier 2”, Tia Strachen as “Marionette 1”, Mai Tran as “Marionette 2”, and Deidre Owen as “Violin Marionette”. All of the male leads are excellent as well, but, you know me – I like to showcase the women!

Christian Cashmir, who founded Tampa, FL-based Litewave Media, has turned out a pretty amazing short film that looks and feels like a much higher-budgeted production. $6,699 was pledged of a $5,000 goal via Kickstarter, and the funds were used well. The Skyship Chronicles is an exciting steampunk action thriller! Based on the official trailer alone, I bought the first installment ($2.99) in lieu of renting it ($1.99), and I’m looking forward to buying all the future installments! The Skyship Chronicles is awesome entertainment!



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