Last week, my friend Mike and I found the very cool Scooby-Doo artwork above on a Google image search. I’m not sure what we were actually looking for when we stumbled upon it, but, both of us were impressed by the image. The idea of the Scooby-Doo gang fighting zombies in a darker, more mature re-imagining of the long-running Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon series is intriguing – especially if geeky Velma is re-imagined as a sexy, zombie hunter! She’s the only one in the gang who can pull off smart and bad-ass.

“We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now” (above) was designed by Travis Pitts [Imagekind/Zom-Bot] for a Threadless t-shirt (here). Pitts is a freelance illustrator and designer, from Savannah, GA, with a retro style and “a love of old sci-fi, robots, zombies, giant monsters and pin-ups.” The image, I soon learned, is quite popular. First, however, Mike pulled up a Google image search for “sexy Velma”. I had no idea that sexy Velma was such a popular fetish! This delightful Dinkley double caught my eye first …



Eve Beauregard is a model, cosplayer and fangirl. She calls herself a Sydney-based professional nerd. Her fans call themselves the Beauregardians. Check out this Aussie beauty on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, devianART, Youtube, and other social media, where you’ll find a bounty of cosplay photos, modeling shots, etc.

Next, here’s a Velma cosplay that’s a little bit more risqué …


Gina B. Cosplay (above) is a cosplayer from Long Island, NY. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter, deviantART, and other social media, for more Velma photos (Velma) and many other sexy cosplays.

OK, so Eve Beauregard and Gina B. Cosplay look great as Velma Dinkley. However, neither looks ready to save the world from zombies like the bad-ass Velma in Travis Pitts‘ wonderful artwork. So, I kept looking and, soon, I found these photos that actually were inspired by that t-shirt design …



The Queen of Chibiland [aka Casey Murray] (above) is a cosplayer, gamer and musician from Charleston, SC. She proclaims herself the “Ruler Of All 4′ And Under”. The Queen of Chibiland looks fantastic as Velma in this photo (courtesy of City Light Studio), and she’s beautiful as herself (here), too. Check her out on Facebook for more Velma cosplay photos (VELMA!!!!/Velma) and many others, including some of Cassie Hack (Xcon2013)!

Here’s another cosplayer working from the same inspiration …


Alpha Team Cosplay is “a cosplay duo residing in the dark depths of New Jersey.” Courtney (above) is the female half of the duo. Check her/them out on Facebook or deviantART for more Velma photos (Zombie-Hunter Velma) and other awesome cosplays. And, check out this interview with Alpha Team Cosplay from Nerd Caliber at AnimeNEXT 2014 (here).

OK, so The Queen of Chibiland and Alpha Team Cosplay look great as Velma in their homages to the image that inspired this post. However, they’re both more adorable than bad-ass; so, the search continued. Then, I stumbled upon the coolest re-imagining of the Scooby-Doo gang ever …


The digital photo above is taken from an awesome set called “Scooby-Doo vs. the Zombie Apocalypse” by Jeff Zoet Visuals. This one below could be the poster for the movie that needs to be made …


The photo set is courtesy of Jeff Zoet (Photographer, Art Direction, Compositing) and Megan Boo (Hair, Make-up, Styling). The models are Claire Anastasia (Daphne), Matt Diamond (Fred), Roger Kean (Shaggy), Ashley DeCarolis (Velma), and Faith the Great Dane (Scooby-Doo). The zombies are Julie Moore, Corianne Verghies, Alyssa Loughran, Maura Loughran, Katie Neumann, Scott Duymich, and Josh Knotts. Awesome work!

Velma is, once again, inspired by the Travis Pitts artwork, and Ashley DeCarolis is definitely bad-ass – and sexy, too! I would love to see her kicking zombie ass in a fan film at the very least. So, since sexy, bad-ass Velma is the reason for this post, here’s a few more of Ashley DeCarolis from that amazing photo set …




Here’s those very lovely zombies up close …



And, one more of the whole Scooby-Doo gang …


I love that Shaggy is no longer a hippie but a hipster in Jeff Zoet‘s vision! I’m sure if Velma‘s thick-rimmed glasses weren’t such an iconic part of her look that Shaggy would be wearing them! Thanks, Jeff Zoet, for such an awesome photo set. I hope a sequel is in the works. I’d suggest adding the Hex Girls into the next set!

Now, if you’re wondering what a mature Scooby-Doo versus zombies fan film (with a bit of Pitts‘ influence) might look like, then check out this fake trailer for Scooby-Doo / Post Apocalyptic

I’d watch that movie! This trailer is well done, and the violent zombie kills are very cool, especially when Velma and Daphne are dropping the horde in tandem. I can’t fault these ameteur filmmakers for using a pit bull as Scooby-Doo since Great Danes aren’t exactly a popular breed. Do you know anyone who owns a Great Dane? I don’t. That pit bull, by the way, is a good actor.

Finally, here’s one more cosplay inspired by Travis Pitts‘ t-shirt design …


CrichyRulz (Cristiana “Crikee”) (above) is a cosplayer from Italy. Check her out on deviantART.


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