The Greatest Cinematic Car Chase Ever!

Action Chase 2: Babcock’s Revenge (above) is quite possibly the greatest cinematic car chase ever! Sure, some say that Steve McQueen racing through the hilly streets of San Francisoco in Bullitt (1969) is the ultimate cinematic car chase [watch it here], but, I think Action Chase 2 definitely offers that classic film a bit of competition!

Action Chase 2 was directed, written and edited by Barak Hardley for his 50 Year Plan [Youtube/Vimeo], who played gun caddy Jack LeMans in the awesome sci-fi/action thriller Bounty Killer (2013) [read my post here]. Hardley also plays Detective Kramer. Babcock is played by Rob Zabrecky, who is an actor, magician and former frontman of ’90s alternative rock band Possum Dixon [watch the video for “Watch The Girl Destroy Me” (1993) here].

Babcock: “I’ll tell you what… I’m gonna flip a coin. Heads… you die. Tails… you die!”

Detective Kramer: “I’ll take those odds any day!”

If there’s Action Chase 2, is there Action Chase? Yes, there is! Action Chase is quite possibly the greatest cinematic foot(?) chase ever! Watch the film here …


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