“Like a bullet in your brain!”


OK, it’s official – Pussycat Kill‘s debut album Faster Than Punk is my favorite album of 2015 (so far)! I said, in my previous post (here), that Pussycat Kill isn’t revolutionizing punk, but, what bands are? And, who cares? I love Sofía Hernandez‘s music – and her sexy punk look, too! I’ve been listening to my playlist non-stop for days! So here, now, is my definitive ranking of Pussycat Kill‘s tracks …

pussycat-kill_faster-than-punk1. “Whiskey Love” – Poppy punk but not pop/punk!
2. “Eat You” – Hard rockin’ punk!
3. “Kill My Baby” – Ramones-ey punk!
4. “All Night Long” – Rancid meets Ramones-ey pop/punk!
5. “Blood and Revolution” [non-album single] – Killer street punk!
6. “Don’t Go Away” – Poppy Distillers-esque punk!
7. “Wake Up” – First single! Pussycat Kill‘s call-to-arms!
8. “We Say No” – Street punk!
9. “One Two Three” – Street punk!
10. “She Said” – More hard rockin’ punk!
11. “Faster Than Punk” – Pussycat Kill‘s artistic declaration!
12. “Coming For You” – More Distillers-esque punk!
13. “Intruder”

Pussycat Kill also released a 4-track EP with acoustic versions of “All Night Long” and “Blood and Revolution” and radio edits of “All Night Long” and “Don’t Go Away”. The album, the EP, and the “Blood and Revolution” single can be purchased here. Pussycat Kill‘s next album will be one of my most anticipated releases!

Watch an awesome extended video of “Coming For You”, “Don’t Go Away” and “All Night Long” here …

Sophie is so fucking cool! I love Pussycat Kill!

Next, on my playlist, are the tracks from Sophie‘s former band Reducers‘ album Rock n’Roll Bastards. I don’t know if Reducers released any other music but, if they did, I want it all! But, for now, here’s my definitive ranking of Reducers‘ “punk n roll” from Rock n’Roll Bastards

reducers-rnr-bastards-cover1. “Johnny B” – ’70s punk mixed with dirty ’50s rock!
2. “Cadillac” – More ’70s punk mixed with dirty ’50s rock!
3. “Broken Heart” – Sounds like Elvis Presley‘s “That’s Alright Mama” gone punk!
4. “Got To Go” – Crunchy riffs, rockin’ beats!
5. “Coward” – Punkier riffs, rockin’ beats!
6. “Dirty” – Pure ’70s hard rock!
7. “Rock n´Roll Band”Reducer‘s artistic declaration!
8. “I Don’t Care” – A precursor to Pussycat Kill‘s melodic punk!
9. “Reducers” – More melodic punk!
10. “Kill You Bitch” – Even more melodic punk!
11. “Long Way Home” – ’70s melodic rock!
12. “I Just Wanna” – Sleaze punk!

Sofía Hernandez [aka Sophie Paranoid] is not only a musician, but, a tattoo artist as well! Check out her work on her new Facebook page (new/old). In addition, Sophie is also an “Alternative Model” and a “Burlesque & Cabaret & Fetish performer.” Check out an awesome set photos of Sophie here at PinupLifestyle.com, which is “the world’s first online community for admirers of the pinup style.” Here’s two of my favorites …




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