Letzte Instanz “Shuldig”


Wikipedia says: “Letzte Instanz, founded in Dresden, Germany in 1996, is a German metal band particularly noted for their use of the violin and cello. To date, they have released eleven studio albums, two live albums, two live DVDs, three singles and have appeared on a number of mix CDs.”

Letzte Instanz sounds a little like a German version of Finland’s HIM. The artwork above (and the wallpaper below) is for the band’s 8th album Schuldig [trans. Guilty] (2009). I would love to see this sexy dark angel brought to life in a comic book, an animated film, or even a live-action film!


On Letzte Instanz‘s 3rd album, Kalter Glanz [trans. Cold Luster] (2001), Marta Jandová from Die Happy is featured as a guest vocalist. Die Happy is one of my favorite German alternative rock bands, although Jandová is actually from the Czech Republic (and sings almost entirely in nearly unaccented English). So, let’s watch her in the video for “I Could Die Happy”, the first single from Die Happy‘s latest album Ever Love (2014) …


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