Shamelessly She-Hulk


Shamelessly She-Hulk

Strength, power, intelligence, and a sense of humor about it all. This is the shamelessly quirky story of a young woman who becomes one of earth’s most powerful heroes. Not your average, everyday, neighborhood hero – not your average superhero film.

Shamelessly She-Hulk is an unfinished fan film [approx. 90 minutes, 2007-2009] written, directed, photographed, animated and edited by artist/filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist for his Orange Cow Productions [Facebook/Youtube]. The story is  was adapted from and inspired by Marvel comic books by Stan Lee, David Anthony Kraft, John Byrne, Dan Slott and many more; and, the film stars Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk and Lesley Youngblood as She-Hulk’s human counterpart Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin.

Shamelessly She-Hulk, like Jennifer/She-Hulk herself, has two sides. The main part of this feature-length film is She-Hulk’s origin story in which a young woman must deal with her own personal problems as well as becoming a super heroine. It’s a micro-budgeted film, but it’s dark, dramatic and very well-acted. However, the wrap-around parts are delightfully campy and obviously inspired by John Byrne‘s satirical comic series The Sensational She-Hulk (starting in 1989) in which She-Hulk is aware that she is a comic book character. She wants to make a movie about her life, and that movie is the main part of Shamelessly She-Hulk. Well, at least, I think that’s what’s going on here. To make matters more confusing, a different actress (Henree A.) was originally cast to play Jennifer but her scenes were never re-shot and are passed off, by Gilchrist, as being part of Jen’s movie. But, isn’t the main part of this film, with Youngblood as Jen, Jen’s movie? Doesn’t matter. It’s all very entertaining regardless!

I’m not sure if an edited version of Shamelessly She-Hulk exists, but Gilchrist posted the unfinished film in 36 scenes and outtakes on Orange Cow‘s Youtube channel (here). Let’s go through those scenes and outtakes …


“I am the strongest, most powerful woman in the Marvel comics!”

1. Weathermaster Rough Cut [6:29]. Starring Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk, Landall Goolsby as Weathermaster and Sharon Mahoney as Weezi. She-Hulk reluctantly fights “the amazingly amazing Captain Weathermaster” on his spaceship, after he makes it snow in Los Angeles. “I am the strongest, most powerful woman in the Marvel comics,” She-Hulk sighs. “I deserve better than …” she continues, then adds with a mocking tone and air quotes, “… Captain Weathermaster!” This scene is all the proof you need to see how charming an entire film in this campy meta style would be! The charm is delivered by Elrod as She-Hulk – she’s awesome, she’s beautiful, and she’s green! So, let’s watch that scene right here …

2. Weathermaster Epilogue w/ Weezi [1:00]. This scene is a continuation of the previous scene’s satirical fun!


“Can we cut?”

3. Opening Scene [3:54]. Starring Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk and Claire Carroll as the psychologist. She-Hulk jokes about her conflicting backstories, comic books, copyrights, and Glichrist‘s movie itself. Hysterical! Superman and Batman even appear in a brief cameo. “I’m a lawyer and… a superhero. I’m two… two… two mints in one!” She-Hulk chuckles. Elrod is so adorable! Oh, let’s also watch this scene right here …

4. Titania Fight [4:26]. Starring Kierstyn Elrod as She-Hulk, John Nania as Spider-Man, Erica Edd as Titania, Sharon Mahoney as Weezi, Garrett Gilchrist as himself, Jason Waters, and Michelle Manu. She-Hulk takes advice from Spider-Man about making her movie before she fights her arch nemesis Titania. “Hey there, ‘Tit’-tania. See what I did there? I took your name and accentuated the ‘Tit’,” She-Hulk quips. “Oh, well, hello to you, She-huh…” Titania sputters, failing to muster a witty retort.

OK, here’s the main parts of the film, the dramatic origin story …

5. Jen’s Story Pt 1 [7:00]. Starring Lesley Youngblood as Jennifer Walters, with Mike Muscat as Jennifer’s father Sheriff Morris Walters and Madelyn Kish as Young Jennifer. This scene includes the opening credits with Ray Charles‘ version of “Bein’ Green” playing over. Jennifer Walters, via a reality show testimonial format, talks about growing up, being bullied and being ignored. “I graduated from UCLA… but I don’t think anyone noticed,” she says, sadly. Jen’s father, whom she was afraid of, is introduced. Youngblood, by the way, is an amazing actress!


“Well, I guess since we’re lesbians now …”

6. Jen & Jill [1:06]. Starring Lesley Youngblood as Jen and Monique La Barr as Jill. This brief scene is to introduce Jen’s friend Jill. It’s very sweet, and La Barr is amazingly beautiful! Youngblood, by the way, is very beautiful, too.

7. Jen’s Story Pt 2 [7:35]. Starring Lesley Youngblood as Jen, Mike Muscat as Sheriff Walters, Alex Vetangle as Nick Trask, Spike Spencer as Buck Bukowski, Dave Huber as Mr. Procter, and Joseph Sun as Trask’s goon. Jen talks about how when she lost her mother, in a car accident, she lost her father, too, to alcohol. “I graduated summa cum laude from Harvard law school… I don’t think anyone noticed,” she says, sadly. Her father, however, is not so happy that Jen defends criminals. Nick Trask, the story’s main villain, is introduced.

8. Bruce Returns [1:25]. Starring John Nania as Bruce Banner and Henree A. as “Movie Jen.” Jen’s cousin Bruce Banner returns to ask Jen for help.



9. Getting Angry [3:45]. Starring John Nania as Bruce, Lesley Youngblood as Jen, Henree A. as “Movie Jen”, Thomy Kessler as Igor, and D. Lebrecht as The Hulk. Jen recounts the story of how her cousin Bruce became The Hulk. Gilchrist‘s Hulk is inspired by the iconic Lou Ferrigno version. “You know what you need …” Movie Jen says, after Bruce tells her he’s The Hulk, “… your own TV show! ‘The Incredible Hulk’ on CBS!”

10. Bruce and Jen Walk and Talk [0:50]. Movie Jen tries to get Bruce to become The Hulk.

11. Barbeque (Jen/Jill/Zapper) [4:55]. Starring Lesley Youngblood as Jen, Monique La Barr as Jill and David Pintado as Zapper. Jen and Jill attend Jen’s friend Zapper’s barbeque. Later, Jill takes Jen’s car, but someone has tampered with the brakes.

12. Jen in Danger [Unfinished Bits] [1:19]. Nick Trask wants Jen dead. Jen’s father tells her that he has reason to believe that Trask murdered Jen’s mother.

13. Getting Angry Again [0.54]. Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk at the police station.

Next, a brief interlude …


“I think I had Kung Fu Duck once at a Chinese Restaurant.”

14. Howard the Duck Rough Cut [2:01]. Howard the Duck wants a role in She-Hulk’s movie. “I think I had Kung Fu Duck once at a Chinese Restaurant,” She-Hulk quips, after Howard the Duck tells her he can be an action hero. She-Hulk looks lovely in that red dress!

Now, back to Jen’s movie …

15. Bruce Phones Zapper [1:57]. Bruce calls Zapper to tell him that he thinks Jen, after being shot, might have caught his rare blood condition. She becomes She-Hulk after being shot and getting an emergency transfusion from him. However, this pivotal scene is not included in Gilchrist‘s posted videos. Jen mentions getting shot in scene #11 and Bruce is possibly being interrogated by police officers in scene #13 because of the incident.

16. Jen & Zapper (Night) [2:15]. Jen tells Zapper that she wants to kill Trask. “I’m gonna tears his head off… and then I’m going to eat him,” she says. “Sounds like a plan,” he replies. Jill is dead, Jen has become She-Hulk, and Zapper knows that she’s She-Hulk. Scenes are missing! In scene #11, we saw Jill leave in Jen’s car and we know that the brakes had been tampered with, and we saw Jen beginning to change into She-Hulk, but nothing more.

17. Trask Frames Jen [1:22]. Trask and his goons go on a crime spree to frame She-Hulk. They leave bright green plush toy hair at the crime scenes. However, She-Hulk’s hair is dark green, almost black. Dumbass.

18. Unstable Blood [0:53]. Zapper tells Jen/She-Hulk that her blood is unstable and that she’ll die if she doesn’t get help. He’s only 19 in this movie – how does he know all that?

19. Morris Shoots Jen [1:41]. As Zapper tries to rush She-Hulk to the hospital, Morris Walters shoots her thinking that she killed his daughter Jen.

20. Zapper & Morbius in the Hallway [0:40]. Morbius the Living Vampire warns Zapper that he’s not safe.

21. Jen & Zapper (Day) [1:36]. As if being She-Hulk isn’t enough, Jen has to deal with Zapper’s crush on her.


“I’ve gone through some changes, too.”

22. Zapper Brought Roses [2:06]. Zapper brings roses to Jen and tells her how he feels about her. However, he finds She-Hulk, and they share a romantic kiss. What a tramp!

23. Jen, Buck and Zapper at Trask’s Mansion [3:38]. Jen arrives at Trask’s mansion, followed by her colleague Buck. She becomes She-Hulk, and they talk about stuff that happened in missing scenes. Soon, Zapper arrives, too.

24. Showdown with Trask [8:25]. Jen confronts Trask. She becomes She-Hulk and throws him out a window. She grabs him by the neck but her father Sheriff Walters shows up and convinces her not to kill him. However, his officers are forced to kill him anyway. Sheriff Walters reconciles with Jen/She-Hulk and all ends well.

25. Penny for Your Thoughts [2:15]. Jen tells Zapper that Roger Stern from Marvel Comics called.

And, now the wrap-up …


“I’m a superhero. I’m Jennifer Walters. I save the world.”

26. Your Hour’s Up [1:00]. She-Hulk finishes up her story, and comes to terms with who she is. “It is an honor and a privilege to be who and what I am. I’m a superhero. I’m Jennifer Walters. I save the world.”

The rest of the 36 videos are outtakes and other extras …

27. Blade / Punisher / Black Widow [3:55]. Short film with other Marvel super heroes.
28. Superheroes: I Need a Hero [5:27]. Music video montage.
29. Shamelessly (Extended Trailer) [6:15].
30. Jen & Bruce Auditions 1 [1:19].
31. Outtakes 1 [10:30]. And here I thought Kierstyn Elrod was actually painted green!
32. Outtakes Veronica Kelly “Party Girl” [1:15].
33. Deleted Scene Madelyn Kish Narration [0:57].
34. Bruce Audition 3 [1:59].
35. Jen & Bruce Auditions 2 [2;15].
36. Garrett Gilchrist – Writer/Director/Editor Reel [10:38].

I hope someday Garrett Gilchrist puts an edited version of Shamelessly She-Hulk together, or better yet – expands the campy wrap-around sequences into a full-length feature!


Shamelessly She-Hulk



One thought on “Shamelessly She-Hulk

  1. Hey, thanks for the detailed review of Shamelessly She-Hulk! The cast was full of brilliantly talented actors, led of course by Kierstyn and Lesley. It’s a great regret of mine that [to date] I never finished editing the entire film. A huge amount of special effects and animation were required and I felt the technology I was working with wasn’t up to it, at the time. We did shoot nearly the entire film, and there’s a lot of great stuff which nobody’s seen. We didn’t shoot some stuff with Bruce and part of the ending, but that’s about it. We even shot scenes for a proposed sequel. I did post a rough cut (without effects) of the hospital scene where she first becomes She-Hulk, and the effects were actually completed for that scene, but not finalized due to the technology I was working with at the time. I’m often tempted to go back and finish it … starting with that scene.

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