Cobra Ramone


Cobra Ramone

Cobra Ramone [Facebook] fronts a bluesy rock ‘n’ roll trio from Vancouver, BC. They are “purveyors of greasy rock and roll with a slight apocalypse obsession.” Cobra Ramone (vocals, guitar) is backed by Trevor Snakedust (guitars, keyboards, backup vocals) and Pat Steward (drummer, backup vocals). She, according to her press, is “jacked up on a blend of grit, Jack Daniels, gun powder, love/hate and Lemmy Kilmister.” She, with her bandmates, sounds like Cherokee Fortune fronting The Black Keys meet The White Stripes.

Now, I don’t know if Cherokee Fortune is that dark-haired beauty’s given name but, apparently, Cobra Ramone is, in fact, this dark-haired beauty’s given name. They’re both talented women with cool names. I think they should work together on a single or something. Anyway …

Cobra Ramone recently released a new EP Bang Bang (2015), which followed an album Cobra Ramone (2012) and a debut EP The Flood (2011). I stumbled on the album on eMusic last year, but my balance was low; so, I decide to wait until my account refreshed. However, I must have forgotten all about them. Then, last month, I stumbled on Bang Bang while perusing eMusic’s new releases. I downloaded the new EP and the forgotten album. And, the next day, I downloaded the debut EP, too.

“L.E.M.M. Why” (from Cobra Ramone) is my favorite track of all by this gritty, whiskey-rockin’ trio. It’s Cobra Ramone‘s ode to Motörhead frontman Lemmy. “Why won’t you let me wear your cowboy hat? / I wanna wear it ’til the sky turns black / I’ll let you watch me while you drink your Jack / Oh, why won’t you let me wear your cowboy hat?” Oh, he’d be a fool not to take her up on that offer! The only thing wrong with this song is that, at 1:45, it’s too damn short! “Wrath Like a City”, the first single from Cobra Ramone, is driven by a killer guitar riff that backs this warning to Ramone‘s ex-lovers: “I’ve been lovin’ motherfuckers since the day I was born / There ain’t no wrath in this world like a, like a woman scorned.” She reiterates those bitter feelings in the electronic-laced “Guns Blazing”. She sings: “My anger’s exploding like a kamikaze airplane / My guns are blazin’ like a man with no hell to pay / And when you realize that I rule the world / If you wanna get in line – cuz I will never be your girl.” Those electronic sounds are used to good effect on “Zombies” giving the apocalyptic track a grindhouse vibe. Other favorites on the album include “So Quiet”, “Last Time”, and the soulful blues of “No Good”. Watch Cobra Ramone in the video for “No Good” here …


Cobra Ramone

Bang Bang opens with the heavy Led Zeppelin-esque rocker “Here Comes the Flood”. With this track, you can clearly hear why I’m posting about this band right after I just raved about bluesy L.A. rockers Dead Sara“Here Comes the Flood” seems to be a sequel of sorts to “The Flood” which opens Cobra Ramone‘s debut EP. On “I’m a Mess”, which closes the new EP, Ramone, this time, warns new lovers about her troubled self: “You better run before I come undone / Cuz, boy, I’ve got so much more you ain’t seen before / You better run.” Great song! However, my favorite cut on Bang Bang is the punky title track which is actually a cover song! The original is by Canadian hip-hop artist Trouble Andrew. Download the new EP, listen to Ramone‘s version, then compare it to the original (here). My favorite cut on The Flood, by the way, is “El Camino”.

Now, watch Cobra Ramone and Trevor Snakedust perform a live acoustic cover of “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes, which is one of my (many) all-time favorite songs …

Finally, in addition Cobra Ramone‘s awesome rock n’ blues, you might want to check out the band’s Facebook page (here) for “Cobra RaBoner Monday” in which she posts photos of sexy girls (and, sometimes, sexy guys) wearing Cobra Ramone merchandise. She also suggests checking out this amazing photoshoot of the beautiful Jessica Dallin (wearing our merch!) by the talented photographer Lyndsay Greenwood!” I did. Wow. I think I have just fallen in love with the beautiful Jessica Dallin!


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