Knockouts (2015?) [Facebook] is an upcoming action comedy written by Olivia Briggs and to be directed by Leo Kei Angelos [Youtube] for manga distributor TOKYOPOPKnockouts is about your basic ragtag bunch of college misfits who band together to take on the popular clique, like in Bring It On Again (2004), The House Bunny (2008), or Pitch Perfect (2012), except much cooler and more badass.

Sun Tze is the top teenage fighter in China and a shoo in for the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts. Before she can become a professional fighter, however, Sun has to follow family tradition and attend university in America, join the prestigious Kappa Tae Bo sorority (KTB), and compete in the Inter-Collegiate Mixed Martial Arts Tournament (IMMAT). Upon arrival in America, however, Sun finds the KTB sorority filled with nothing but losers and the house being repossessed! The only way to get enough money to pay their debts is to win the IMMAT. To save the house and the sorority’s lost legacy, Sun has to turn her new sisterhood of misfits into martial arts masters in time to defeat rival blond bombshell Whitney and her band of Alpha Alpha Alpha brats. What’s worse, she’ll have to convince KTB President and former MMA champion Cassidy to face her fears of a past injury and return to the dojo, or they won’t even have enough members to compete!

Kappa Tae Bo? That’s funny! Watch the concept trailer here …

Awesome! Tara Macken [Ninja Apocalypse], by the way, is the film’s stunt coordinator.

The KTB sorority girls are played by Michelle Lee as Sun Tze, Kristen Brancaccio as Cassidy, Carrie Lynn Certa as Helen, Bethany Levy as Alex, and Mickey Facchinello as Bobby Jean; while the AAA sorority girls are played by Tess Kielhamer as Whitney and Adrienne Camille, PeiPei Yuan, Monica Lopez, and Alli Beckman as her sisters.

Michelle Lee [Facebook] is an “actress, stuntwoman, motion capture performer, martial artist, photographer and app developer.” She played Mileena in the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy II (2013) and Ninja Girl in the short action film GWG: Girl With Gun (2006). Watch the trailers for both here …

Kristen Brancaccio [Facebook/Youtube] is an “actor, writer and director.” She starred in, wrote and co-directed [with Leo Kei Angelos] the post-apocalyptic short film Day One (2015) which was a Top 10 finalist in HBO’s Project Greenlight competition (season 4). Watch the film here …

Michaela “Mickey” Facchinello [Facebook] is an actress/stuntwoman/martial artist who, like Amy Johnston, is a member of Thousand Pounds Action Co. She stunt-doubled for Mila Kunis on Jupiter Ascending (2015), as well as on episodes of network/cable TV series such as ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013- ), HBO‘s True Blood (2008-14), and others. Watch Mickey Facchinello‘s 2014 stunt reel [with clips of her fighting Amy Johnston] here …

Tess Kielhamer [Facebook/Youtube] is an “actress, martial artist and vlogger.” Watch the first episode of her Cosplay Combat web series featuring Kokoro (Kielhamer) of Dead or Alive vs Lei Wulong (Kevin Tsai) of Tekken

Tess Kielhamer and Mickey Facchinello are also featured in the martial arts action comedy series Slug Street Scrappers [Facebook] created by Micah Brock for Whirlwind Action [Facebook/Youtube] in association with Dragon Phoenix Entertainment [Youtube] …

Slug Street Scrappers is an action-packed comedic movie quadrilogy that was inspired by the “Beat Em Up” video game genre of the early 1990’s (Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, etc). With campy humor, video game style outfits and a blend of both speed-based & contact-based (real contact hits) fight choreography, Slug Street Scrappers is tailored to entertain fans of martial arts flicks, retro Beat Em’ Up games or Japanese anime.


Tess Kielhamer plays Knuckles Clark, while Mickey Facchinello plays Vein. Slug Street Scrappers also features stunt actresses Anna Ranoso as Venom, Katelyn Brooke [Youtube] as Boss Peaches, Jessie Graff as Punchy McBritches, and Mari Saito as Shizuka McBritches. Watch this awesomely entertaining quadrilogy here: Episode 1 [16:42], Episode 2 [49:26], Episode 3 [1:19:56], and Episode 4 [53:47].

Finally, Vietnamese-American Leo Kei Angelos previously directed First Impressions (2013), one of the best Wonder Woman fan films I’ve seen to date! Watch that film and a few of his other projects (here). Based on the Knockouts concept trailer and the First Impressions short, Leo Kei Angelos will deliver a knockout feature film!

Oh, and check out the promotional artwork here …



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