Amy Johnston in “Sacrifice”!

So I’m still on an Amy Johnston kick. Pun intended. Well, I’m sure I’ll be on this kick for a long time to come since she seems to choose projects that I would be watching even if she weren’t in them. The new fight video (above) is no exception! Sacrifice (2015) was directed, edited, and choreographed by Vlad Rimburg [Youtube], and stars Brendon Huor, Gemma Nguyen, Mickey Facchinello, Amy Johnston, and Natalie Padilla. It’s a Chinese folklore-infused tale of demons, ghost ashes, witches, and four – count ’em! – four badass beauties! “How strong can the demon be?” Detective Xu (Huor) wonders. “I MUST FIND OUT MYSELF!” Let’s hope for another installment so he can!

Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello [whom I mentioned here] previously fought each other for Vlad Rimburg in  his Part I: Chapter C (2012). No plot, just fighting. Watch it here …

Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello, as well as Brendon Huor, are members of Thousand Pounds Action Co. [who I mentioned here].  Vlad Rimburg edited 2014 stunt reels for both Facchinello (here) and Huor (here). Rimburg also directed, edited, and choreographed his own version [which I posted here] of one of Hammer Girl’s fight scenes from Gareth EvansThe Raid 2: Berandal (2014). Rimburg‘s awesome short starred Caitlin Dechelle as Hammer Girl and featured both Mickey Facchinello and Brendon Huor. Let’s watch it, again, here …

Gemme Nguyen [Facebook], who plays the summoned demon in Sacrifice, is new to these eyes. She is a “World Champion Martial Artist, Stuntwoman, Actress, Tricker, Professional Performer, Collegiate/All-star Cheerleader.” This photo, from her Facebook page, for an upcoming project in which she “got to work with some of the best while cosplaying and kicking ass!” looks very promising …


Gemme Nguyen “cosplaying and kicking ass!”


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