“Kung Fury” Unleashed!


Forget about The Avengers: Age of Ultron! Forget about San Andreas! Forget about Jurassic World! Forget about Terminator: Genisys! Forget about them all! The biggest blockbuster of Summer 2015 is here at last! Kung Fury has finally been unleashed on us all -yesterday, May 28!

Kung Fury [Facebook/Youtube], written and directed by David Sandberg [not this David (F.) Sandberg although both filmmakers are from Sweden] is “an over-the-top action comedy that has it’s foundation in ’80s cop movies.” The film was financed via a Kickstarter campaign in which $630,020 was pledged – overshooting their goal of $200,000! I posted the Kung Fury original trailer (here) back in January 2014 and have been waiting patiently for the finished film ever since! I expected a 90-minute feature but instead I received 90 minutes worth of pure unashamed brilliance in just over 30 minutes! “Is that even possible?” you wonder. Oh yes, my friends, it is! Just take all of your favorite ’80s action films [including Back to the Future (1985), The Terminator (1984), Conan the Barbarian (1982), and more!], cut out the boring parts, mesh what’s left all together, then add Adolf Hitler, dinosaurs, Thor, and an original David Hasselhoff ending theme song and there you have it – the best damn ’80s action film you never saw in the ’80s! Kung Fury is filled with over-the-top action, cheesy synth music, and campy dialogue delivered in perfect deadpan by David Sandberg himself!

Kung Fury (David Sandberg) is a renegade Miami cop with super Kung Fu powers. He is the Chosen One. He quits the force after being assigned a new partner, Triceracop (Erik Hörnkvist). Triceracop is half Triceratops, half cop. When Adolf Hitler (Jorma Taccone), the worst criminal of all time and a 1940s Kung Fu champion known as “Kung Führer”, appears in 1985 to find and kill the Chosen One, Kung Fury is “hacked” back in time by Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson), the most powerful hacker of all time, to kill Hitler in Nazi Germany before he travels to the future. However, Kung Fury is accidentally sent too far back and ends up in the Viking Age where he finds Laser-Raptors, and two hot Viking babes with machine guns, Barbarianna (stunningly beautiful Eleni Young) and Katana (female bodybuilder Helene Ahlson). Katana calls Thor (60-year-old bodybuilder Andreas Cahling), son of Odin and protector of mankind, who opens a portal to Nazi Germany so that Kung Fury can kill Hitler at last in the action-packed climax. Join over 4 million others (as of 5/29) and watch this amazing film here …

Those 4 million+ others didn’t actually watch the film here on this blog but you know what I mean! Kung Fury is highly recommended if you love the second season of the awesome Australian TV series Danger 5. Both offer plots to kill Hitler, time travel, an abundance ’80s action film references, and indisputable historical accuracy! Both also offer authentic synthwave soundtracks, but only Kung Fury has the Hoff! Watch the video, directed by David Sandberg, for ’80s icon David Hasselhoff‘s ending theme song “True Survivor” here (with film clips and altered film clips) …


Barbarianna (Eleni Young) on the set of the “True Survivor” video

Note: Jorma Taccone (Kung Führer) is one-third of the American comedy troupe The Lonely Island with SNL alum Andy Samberg and Akiva Shaffer.


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