Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino!!

Here it is – at last! Episode #16 of Super Power Beat Down with stunt actress Amy Johnston as Harley Quinn!! This is another amazing episode from Bat in the Sun‘s fantastic web series (hosted by Marisha Ray) whose concept is “to take two super powered legends and make them battle!” This time it’s an epic battle between DC and Marvel comics! Joining Johnston are director Aaron Schoenke as the Joker [with Jason Marnocha voicing the villain], Orion Acaba and(?) Dirk Ellis as wise-cracking, regenerating Deadpool, and Russian-born actress/model Tatiana DeKhtyar as super lucky Domino!

I voted for the Joker and Harley Quinn because I love Harley Quinn and I couldn’t imagine the Joker‘s “little bag of crazy” losing because Amy Johnston was playing her! I mean who can kick Johnston‘s ass, right? Domino, of course, has that whole luck thing on her side, but DeKhtyar is no match for Johnston! I looked at this the wrong way, didn’t I? Anyway, the truth is that I really don’t care who wins these things – I just love watching them!


Amy Johnston as Harley Quinn in Super Power Beat Down (Episode 16)

However, I do know now that Amy Johnston was born to play Harley Quinn!! She delivers the perfect balance of silly and bat-shit crazy! Take note, Hollywood! And Tatiana DeKhtyar is awesome as Domino as well! Their lengthy fight sequence is exciting as hell! Harley and Deadpool‘s grindhouse fight sequence is pretty damn cool, too! My favorite line, by the way, comes courtesy of Deadpool as he checks Domino‘s vitals after Harley knocks her out [since her powers have limitations – that is, she didn’t have time to force luck in her favor]: “OK, uh, pulse check! Neck check! Tummy check! Boobs check! She’s alive!!”

An awesome ending, too! Best episode of this series to date!!!!!!


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