“The best Marvel fan webseries EVER!!!”

So, a funny thing happened when I sat down to catch up on the recently completed first season of Chris .R. Notarile‘s original web series Phantom Faye, I ended up finding “the best Marvel fan webseries EVER!!!”


Deadpool: The Webseries (2013). Written and directed by Chris .R. Notarile. Starring Damian Vargas as Deadpool, Chris .R. Notarile as Deadpool’s voice, Mandy Evans as Typhoid Mary, Andrea-Nichole Olivas/Marvin as Boss Lady, Patricia Selznick as Domino, Beatrice Varnit as Elektra, Michael Szuslik as Weasel, Ali Stover as Emma Frost, and Trevor Swann as Sabretooth.

Deadpool: The Webseries is the best Marvel fan web series EVER!!! It’s witty, action-packed and, like most Blinky Productions films, brimming with bad-ass beauties! I can’t believe I overlooked this wonderful gem back when I did my initial post on Notarile‘s work! Well, the truth is that I didn’t really overlook it – I skipped over it because I didn’t know much about the character despite the fact that my friend Steve is the biggest fan of Deadpool – EVER!!! Then, while I waited patiently for the release of Bat in the Sun‘s Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino, I decided to find out more about this wisecracking Marvel anti-hero, as well as Luck’s lady, Domino – Deadpool’s partner in that awesome Super Power Beat Down episode (#16).

Deadpool is Wade Wilson. “I’m an assassin by day… and by night,” Deadpool tells us at the start of Deadpool: The Webseries. He is a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary who hides behind his signature red mask with big black eye patches. Deadpool is also known as the “Merc with a Mouth” because he is very talkative and often breaks the fourth wall to address the reader (or viewer) with wisecracks. He also has an accelerated healing factor which means, basically, that he can’t be killed. Domino is also a mercenary. She hides behind white make-up with her left eye covered in black. Domino is a member of the X-Men offshoot X-Force. She can affect probability in her favor thus giving her good luck which means, basically, that she can’t be killed either – if she knows you’re trying to kill her. But, of course, all comic book fanboys know this. So, let’s continue …

Deadpool: The Webseries was produced with Chris .R. Notarile‘s true passion for the comic book character which, as always, more than makes up for Blinky Productions’ lack of Hollywood-sized budgets. Watch Notarile‘s Mr. J for more proof. However, unlike that DC fan series, this Marvel fan series doesn’t have an iconic cinematic inspiration, like Heath Ledger‘s often-imitated Joker, to compare the main role with, and that’s a good thing. So, as it is, Damian Vargas‘s Deadpool, as voiced by Notarile, stands on its own chimichangas, as do Bat in the Sun‘s Deadpools [in Super Power Beat Down‘s #8 and #16]. Blinky‘s Deadpool, however, stands a little bit taller, while Deadpool: The Webseries, like SPBD #16, delivers a pretty big punch… and kick!

I love that Notarile eschewed [good word, right?] Deadpool’s origin story. I don’t really like origin stories. I like to be thrown right into the action in comic book fan films. Deadpool’s origin story is kind of vague anyway. He tells us, via breaking the fourth wall in Deadpool: The Webseries, all we need to know about him in the first five minutes, and his juvenile wisecracking draws you into the story from there. In fact, Notarile‘s series did something even my friend Steve couldn’t do – got me obsessed with Deadpool!

Sadly, Deadpool: The Webseries was quickly taken down from Youtube in 2013 by Marvel after just three episodes due, of course, to a copyright claim. Bastards. The episodes, however, can be watched, for now, on Vimeo.


Episode One – There’s Something About Mary [10:02]. While waiting for a client at the Hell House, Deadpool is approached by the very sexy Typhoid Mary. She is not his client but, after testing his skills for herself in the alley, she hires him to kill someone. Later, Deadpool’s employer Boss Lady, who also employs Domino and Elektra, gives Deadpool a new assignment to kill lawyer Michael Mackey (John Zion), much to Domino’s dismay. She doesn’t like Deadpool. She thinks he’s a loose cannon. The episode ends as Deadpool stands before a closed door, ready to break it down and take out Mackey and his men. “Alright, time to die!” he quips.

Here’s a few of my favorite lines …

“You gonna sit there and stare at these guns all day or what?” Deadpool asks us, as he sits at the bar with two guns holstered at his sides. “That’s right…” he teases, as he flexes his biceps, “…drink it in!”

“I’m an assassin by day… and by night,” Deadpool explains.

“I’ll scream rape – I swear,” Deadpool warns Typhoid Mary, after she grabs his throat and throws him up against the wall.

“So, do I know you?” Deadpool asks Typhoid Mary. “No. Don’t you wish you did?” she replies, with a grin. “Well, that all depends,” Deadpool quips, then looks her up and down. “Yes!”

“Break eye contact with me again and I’ll cut your balls off, OK?” Mary smiles, after Deadpool looks her up and down. “That is the most romantic thing a girl has ever said to me,” he replies.

“So, who might you be?” Deadpool wonders, after introducing himself to Mary. “Mary, Mary, Typhoid Mary. Quite contrary. Just as scary,” she replies. “Was that all just one name? Or is there like a first and a last in there because I just…” he cracks, as Mary grasps his throat tighter. “Have you ever just wanted to just grab someone by the throat and just squeeze until they die in your hands?!” Mary chortles. “Rape!” Deadpool cries, softly.

“I think I just found use for you,” Mary tells Deadpool, after he shoots a bar patron who heckles him. “You had me at cut your balls off,” he replies, like a love smitten teenage girl.

Well, I could probably just transcribe the episode’s entire script because it’s chock full of great dialogue! So, let’s talk about the very sexy Typhoid Mary! Just how sexy is she? This sexy …


Typhoid Mary is played by Blinky regular Mandy Evans, who previously starred as the Marvel character in Notarile‘s Daredevil fan film Daredevil ’83 (2011). I loved her in that film (even though I’m not a big fan of Daredevil), but I love her more in this web series – especially with her much sexier look which is an obvious nod to Alex Maleev’s cover for Daredevil #46. In Daredevil, Typhoid Mary flashdances to the Michael Sembello‘s “Maniac”. In Deadpool, she headbangs to Def Leppard‘s “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. Deadpool wins. Evans played Catwoman in The Knight Waltz (2010) and Mr. J (2010), and starred in Notarile‘s 2nd feature film Stand Off (2012). All were excellent roles for the lovely young actress. However, she also starred, and shined brightly, in Choice (2011), one of my favorite short films produced by Blinky Productions. Her character, in that film, was the inspiration for the characters in Notarile‘s recent Phantom Faye web series (2015).

Typhoid Mary, by the way, is an enemy of both Daredevil and Deadpool in the Marvel universe. She is highly unstable and has multiple personalities, including her violent “Bloody Mary” persona who tries to take out Domino in Episode Three. Oops! Spoiler alert. Typhoid Mary also has limited psionic powers which she uses to grasp Domino’s throat telekinetically during their fight in Episode Three. Oops! Spoiler alert. Obviously, in Episode One [which I’m assuming you just watched], Typhoid Mary fights Deadpool with bare fists and with Deadpool’s samurai swords to the hip hop beats of House of Pain‘s 1992 classic “Jump Around”! This fight sequence is amateurishly choreographed, but it’s so wonderfully well-done regardless!

So, from that fight sequence, here’s a few more of my favorite lines …

“So, can we have sex now?” Deadpool asks Typhoid Mary, mid-fight. “In your dreams,” Mary retorts. “What if I had a permission slip?” he wonders. “No.”

Is it just me or is this the best first date ever?” Deadpool quips after besting Mary.

“OK. Bye. Love you,” Deadpool says, sadly, as Mary walks away.

Oh, and the catchy punk rock song that plays over the end credits is “Take ’em All” by ’70s English street punkers Cock Sparrer. The song also plays over the end credits in Episode Three, but not Episode Two.


Episode Two – Curse You Gingerbread Man! [10:08]. Deadpool breaks down the door and quickly takes out Mackey’s men, then holds Mackey at gunpoint. However, before Mackey can tell Deadpool how to get to Sesame Street, Domino kills him. Later, at the Hell House, Deadpool has sex with Typhoid Mary in a bathroom stall, but he misses it because he dreams about fighting Gingerbread Man (Ron Fulmer). Then, Boss Lady tells him to take the weekend off to clear his head after letting Domino take his mark at the warehouse. Deadpool celebrates. The episode ends with Deadpool partying with a trio of lovely Hell House patrons.

Here’s a few of my favorite lines …

“Now, let’s be honest – I’m not the only sportin’ a little bit of chub, am I?” Deadpool quips to us, after killing Mackey’s last man.

“Why ya shootin’ yourself? Why ya shootin’ yourself? Why ya shootin’ yourself?” Deadpool quips, as he forces one of Mackey’s men to shoot himself, three times.

“Your job is to kill Mackey – not ask for directions to a kids show,” Domino tells Deadpool.

“Aw, come on, Domino, you know deep beneath that ice queen exterior beats the heart of a total bitch,” Deadpool retorts, as Domino walks away.

I love Domino’s brief scuffle with Deadpool in the warehouse. She takes him down quickly and tells him, at gunpoint, how she feels: “One of these days, I’m gonna figure out how to kill you. So, until then, get your shit together… or stay the fuck away from me!” Patricia Selznick is wonderful as the brooding Domino. She looks great, too! Selznick, who is adorable sans Domino make-up, is the best part of the strange short film Buried Alive (2010) in which two friends try to bury their roommate’s friend in their walk-in closet behind a wall of bricks! Selznick is the roommate. She also co-wrote and co-starred in the enticing short film Non Dicktion (2014) with the lovely Lucy Spain. I loved the trailer (here). And the promotional artwork …


I’d love to see the movie. Anyway, back to Deadpool and Domino. Her powers come into play in Episode Three when she avoids getting shot by Typhoid Mary, who has Domino by the throat with her psionic powers. Oops! Spoiler alert. I said in my post on SPBD #16 that I would love to see Tatiana DeKhtyar play Domino in a stand-alone web series but, now, I’m thinking I’d like to see Patricia Selznick take that role instead. Selznick‘s Domino seems to have a chip on her shoulder. I like that.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a blood-splattered promo pic of Domino. However, I did find Boss Lady …


Boss Lady, played by adorable Blinky regular Andrea-Nichole Olivas, is an original character created by Chris .R. Notarile. After Deadpool: The Web Series was taken down, Boss Lady appeared in The Legend of El (2013), a short inspired by Robert Rodriguez‘s “Mariachi” trilogy. She has El Mariachi (Hector De La Rosa) kidnapped to convince him to work for her. She tells him that she runs a “top secret organization of mercenary assassins for the specific intention of bringing permanent solutions to insolvable problems.” When he asks why one of her mercenaries can’t do the job, she explains: “Unfortunately, my guy’s on indefinite hiatus.” Olivas is also featured as Madaline Hess in The Retcon Chronicles (2014) and the Phantom Faye web series (2015).

And, Elektra …


Elektra (aka Elektra Natchios), of course, is Marvel‘s female ninja assassin, of Greek descent, who wields a pair of sai as weapons and is Daredevil’s love interest. She was created by Frank Miller [Sin City]. Elektra was played by Jennifer Garner in the dumb film Daredevil (2003) and its dumber spin-off Elektra (2005). She was played by sexy Blinky regular Kim Santiago in the much more entertaining Elektra: The Hand & the Devil (2009). Elodie Yung has been cast to play Elektra in the 2nd season of Netflix’s original series Marvel’s Daredevil (2015- ). In Deadpool: The Web Series, Elektra is played by sexy Beatrice Varnit. She is Lady Boss’s silent right-hand woman. However, she does speak in Episode Three when she confronts Sabertooth. Oops! Spoiler alert. Varnit is featured in the upcoming [since 2013!] vampire film Turn (2015). Watch the trailer (here).

Oh, and the bouncy cover of Katrina and the Waves‘ 1985 hit “Walking on Sunshine” that plays at the end of this episode is by Christian pop/rockers Jump5. English rockers Katrina and the Waves will forever be remembered as one-hit wonders but the band’s guitarist/songwriter Kimberly Rew also wrote “Going Down To Liverpool” which was covered by and became a minor hit for all-female American rockers The Bangles in 1984. Anyway …


Episode Three – A Nightmare on Pool Street – [10:34]. Deadpool meets Freddy Krueger (Roberto Lombardi) in a dream and kills him. He wakes, the morning after the party, and quickly finds himself bored with being benched for the weekend. Elsewhere, Sabretooth conspires with supervillain Emma Frost, while Typhoid Mary tries to take out Domino on a job. Deadpool bides his time by recreating Tom Cruise‘s dance scene in Risky Business (complete with tighty-whities, pink dress shirt and Bob Seeger‘s “Old Time Rock & Roll”) until his best friend Weasel interrupts him. Later, Sabretooth raids Boss Lady’s headquarters, and takes out her guards. The episode ends as Sabretooth is about to face off against Elektra! Damn you, Marvel!

Here’s a few of my favorite lines …

“I heard you were on notice, so I stopped by to cheer you up,” Weasel tells Deadpool. “Did you bring hookers?” Deadpool wonders. “No,” Weasel replies. “Then you failed,” Deadpool quips.

“You’re a dick – say you’re a dick!” Deadpool snarls as her draws his gun and holds it against Weasel’s head after a seemingly playful back and forth. “I’m a dick, I’m a dick! I’m a dick!” Weasel says. “That’s what I thought,” Deadpool adds.

“Victor,” Elektra greets Sabretooth, with disdain. It’s her only line of dialogue in all 3 episodes!

I love Domino’s encounter with Typhoid Mary in the hotel room! I’ve already spoiled that scene for you twice. But, now, you’ve watched Episode Three. “Is this really happening?” Domino wonders, upon finding Mary waiting for her after taking out her mark. “Yeah,” Mary concurs with sardonic glee. “Good,” Domino grins. Then, awesome girl-on-girl action ensues before Mary exerts her psionic powers to grasp Domino’s throat and Domino exerts her powers by dodging Mary’s bullet! Very cool! Of course, at the end of this episode, we’re teased with another brawl which I’m sure would have been very cool, too! Elektra is definitely sexy, but Sabretooth is pretty bad-ass …


Sabretooth (aka Victor Creed) is played by Trevor Swann. He follows in the paw prints of Tyler Mane in X-Men (2000) and Liev Schreiber in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Sabretooth has retractable, razor-sharp claws. He also has an accelerated healing factor similar to Wolverine and Deadpool. “Ow!” he snarls, after taking a bullet to the chest! Swann played “DHS Agent #9” in the awesomely entertaining B-movie Eyeborgs (2009) starring Adrian Paul and Danny Trejo. Sabretooth’s collaborator, in Deadpool: The Webseries, is Emma Frost, who is played by Ali Stover. She follows Tahyna Tozzi in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and January Jones in X-Men: First Class (2011). She is telepathic and has diamond skin ability although no powers are shown in this web series.

Oh, and check out Blinky regular Roberto Lombardi as Freddy Krueger in Kreuger: Tales from Elm Street (2011-14), Chris .R. Notarile‘s 4-part prequel web series to Wes Craven‘s slasher classic A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), on Vimeo as follows: Krueger (A Tale from Elm Street), Krueger (Another Tale from Elm Street), Krueger (A Walk through Elm Street), and Kreuger (The Slasher from Elm Street). He also appeared as Krueger in Notarile‘s slasher mash-up The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II (2011), a sequel to tehslasher mash-up The Nightmare Ends on Halloween (2004). Richard Myles played Freddy Krueger in the first film. Michael Myers, Pinhead, Leatherface and Jason Vorhees join Freddy Krueger in those fun fan films.

Wait, what?


Sorry. This post is about Deadpool!

OK, all comic book fanboys know that Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson/Weapon XI in Marvel‘s 4th X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Even Deadpool himself knows, which is why he keeps an autographed photo of the actor in his bathroom [see Episode Three of Deadpool: The Webseries]. Deadpool and all comic book fanboys are also wetting themselves over the fact that Reynolds will be playing Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Marvel‘s upcoming Deadpool adaptation, appropriately titled Deadpool, which opens in theaters on February 12, 2016. I’ll admit that, with my newly discovered appreciation for Deadpool, I’m excited for the film, too. For the record, I am not a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. Adventureland (2009) is the only film with Reynolds that I really like, and I don’t like it because of him. However, I do love former mixed martial artist Gina Carano. She is featured in Deadpool, the movie, as Angel Dust – “a mutant with the ability to increase her adrenaline to give her super-human strength.” That’s exciting, so let’s watch the red band trailer here …

I live that triple head shot! And, since I mentioned Bat in the Sun‘s Deadpools, let’s watch those awesome SPBD episodes! First, here’s Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino (SPBD #16), again, starring Aaron Schoenke as the Joker, Jason Marnocha as the voice of the Joker, Amy Johnston as Harley Quinn, Orion Acaba/Dirk Ellis as Deadpool, Tatiana DeKhtyar as Domino, and Madelynn Rae as the voice of Domino …

This episode is my favorite Harley Quinn fan film, but it’s my second favorite Deadpool fan film! And, after watching it again, I’m torn between Dominos: Tatiana DeKhtyar or Patricia Selznick? I can’t decide! Maybe there’s a Bizarro Domino – no, wait, Bizarro is DC! Anyway, here’s Batman vs Deadpool (SPBD #8) starring Bryan Morton as Batman, Orion Acaba/Carlos Baca as Deadpool, and Liz Katz as Catwoman …

I previously posted about Liz Katz (here). I loved her Catwoman cosplay but I didn’t know, then, that she was in SPBD #8 because I hadn’t watched the episode. My new obsession with Deadpool urged me to watch it now. Katz would make a great Catwoman in her own fan film …


Ooh, how about Liz Katz in this proposed beat down … DC‘s Catwoman vs Marvel‘s X-23!

OK, one more Deadpool fan film… Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday (2012). Directed by Kevin Brooks for DIM Pictures in association with Bean Dip Productions and Scratched Lens Productions. Starring Trevor Garner as Deadpool, Jay Peterson as Slim Jim, and Secret Harris as Domino. Deadpool is hired to take out a target but finds that Slim Jim and Domino are after the same target. Watch the film here …

That one is my least favorite of the Deadpool fan films I’ve included here but it’s way better than the next best one I could find out there! Anyway, back to Deadpool: The Webseries … so, in 2015, is there a chance that we’ll see a new Deadpool fan film from Chris .R. Notarile and Blinky Productions? Well, that’s definitely NOT happening! Listen to Boss Lady herself in this announcement that is NOT a teaser trailer to an upcoming fan film …

I can NOT wait for that NOT to happen! Until then, I’m diving head first into the Deadpool comic books to sate my obsession. However, there’s a lot of them to choose from! I decided to start with writer Daniel Way‘s ongoing series (2008-12). So, I went up to the nearest comic book shop and picked up Deadpool: The Complete Collection, Vol. 2 (2014) which collects issues #13-31. Why am I starting with the second volume? Well, the shop didn’t have the first volume. However, I saw that Domino appears in issues #15-18, so I’m good!

Well, that’s it! I’m done.

Oh, wait, did I mention just how sexy Typhoid Mary is? I did? Oh. Well, here’s another promo pic anyway …



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