“Guns, Girls, Aliens, Zombies…Cake!”

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overtime-poster-01“Guns, Girls, Aliens, Zombies…Cake!” Overtime (2012) is a low-budget “action-packed zombie-alien comedy” starring former WWE superstar Al Snow. “This movie doesn’t suck, and that’s awesome,” says a crew member on the DVD’s making-of featurette, and that can be said of most of the movies I post about on this blog. Overtime, written and directed Matt Niehoff and Brian Cunningham, is an insanely entertaining mix of action, horror, sci-fi and comedy, and it’s exactly the kind of movie I love to watch. Overtime doesn’t suck, and that is awesome!

Overtime-still-01Raph (Snow) and Max (John Wells) are hitmen, obviously modeled after Jules and Vincent from Quentin Tarantino‘s Pulp Fiction (1994). But, Raph is also a loving husband and father who’s having trouble balancing his work with his family, especially when his boss, defense attorney Samantha (Katie Stewart), asks him to do a job on the night of his son’s birthday party. Samantha acquits guilty criminals, then Raph and Max kill them for her, and, now, she needs them to kill a drug dealer. Soon, Raph and Max find themselves locked in a research facility overrun by zombie-aliens with “retractable proboscis,” and must rescue a handful of survivors, including their target, and get to Raph’s son’s birthday party with a gift, a clown and cake. But, eventually, all ends well. Raph and Max save the world, find cake, buy a Y-Box video game console, force a homeless man to be a clown, and make it to the Raph’s son’s party on time! And, of course, Max gets the girl. Well, actually, he gets two girls: tough but sexy biochemist Stephanie (Sebrina Siegel) and her naive but sexy assistant Monica (Erica Goldsmith).

Overtime-still-02This movie works, mostly, because of the chemistry between the very likable leads, Snow and Wells, who are relatively new to acting (in films, anyway). Al Snow wrestled, obviously, for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) but I’m not much of a wrestling fan. Apparently, in the ECW, his character used a mannequin head as a prop. But, as responsible hitman Raph, Snow is pretty badass, and funny, too. John Wells works as a personal trainer and voice-over artist but, as wise-cracking hitman Max, he won the “Best Actor” award at the 2011 International Fright Night Film Festival, as well as the award for “Best One-Liner”. I’m not sure which line won. He has a lot of one-liners, and seems to be having a whole lot of fun delivering them.

overtime-still-03Sebrina Siegel, as tough but sexy biochemist Stephanie, won the “Best Actress” at the 2011 International Fright Night Film Festival. She started acting in 2009, and has had small roles in movies like Santa Claus Versus the Zombies (2010) and fan film Halloween Homecoming (2009) as Laurie Strode. The latter movie also starred Jason Crowe who played Jim in the awesome no-budget zombie film Dead Moon Rising (2007). Erica Goldsmith, who plays Monica in Overtime, starred as barely legal April in Dead Moon Rising, which also starred Tucky Williams as Jim’s certifiable ex-girlfriend Vix. Tucky Williams created, writes and stars in the excellent lesbian web series Girl/Girl Scene. Katie Stewart, who plays Samantha in Overtime, stars as Maxine on Girl/Girl Scene. And, Overtime directors Matt Niehoff and Brian Cunningham went on to direct the amazing second season of Girl/Girl Scene. Plus, John Wells even has a cameo on that show near the end of season two. Did you get all that?

Overtime-still-04Overtime, by the way, won eight awards, total, at the 2011 International Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY. Obviously, John Wells won “Best Actor” and “Best One-Liner”, and Sebrina Siegel won “Best Actress”, but Jason Paige won “Best Soundtrack”, Brian Cunningham won “Best Cinematography”, Cunningham and Matt Niehoff won “Kentucky Film Makers of the Year”, and Overtime won “Best Action Movie” and the coveted “Best of Fest”. All those awards must mean something, right?

Check out some funny lines:

“I’m on the goddamn phone doing important shit!” Samantha scolds Raph and Max as they playfully interrupt her talking on the phone to a client.

“Are you sure we can get power back to the elevator shaft?” Raph asks Monica.
“Take me to the shaft and I’ll do the rest,” Monica assures him, as Max begins laughing hysterically.
“I bet you will, Sweetheart,” Raph grins. “I bet you will.”

“What’s your password?” Monica asks Stephanie.
“Fuck you!” Stephanie snarls. “All lower case,” she adds.

Watch the trailer here:

Overtime (2011). Starring former WWE superstar Al Snow, John Wells, Sebrina Siegel, Erica Goldsmith, Katie Stewart, James Tackett, Christina Mullins, Avri Apocalypse, and Rita Hight. Written, produced and directed by Brian Cunningham and Matt Niehoff.



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