Disney Stars Gone Bad!


Sierra McCormick and Grace Phipps in Some Kind of Hate (2015)

I’ve watched a lot of Disney (and Nickelodeon) TV series and movies over the years with my soon-to-be 13-year-old daughter Gaby. And, truth be told, I’ve enjoyed watching them with her. Some I even found myself watching without her, like Big Time Rush (2009-13) or My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2011-12). There are so many different shows out there! I didn’t have that much choice when I was Gaby’s age! Anyway, Gaby’s getting older. All kids get older. So, too, do those tween stars. And, they can’t be models of innocence forever, so they try different things that are far from what they’re known for in hopes that older audiences will embrace them as young adults. Obviously, Miley Cyrus [whom my daughter loved in Disney‘s Hannah Montana (2006-11)] is a mess – but I don’t care about former tween stars trying desperately to still matter on the contemporary pop charts. No, I care about those former tween stars who ditched the sunshine and smiles of Disney for the violence and gore of horror films!

I first noticed the trend when I saw the 2009 remake of the 1972 exploitation film The Last House on the Left. The remake starred Sara Paxton [whom my daughter loved as a mermaid in Aquamarine (2006) and as the new Marney Piper in Disney‘s 4th installment of their Halloweentown series, Return to Halloweentown (2006)]. Back when The Last House on the Left was originally released in the theaters, Gaby and her mother had gone to see Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus in concert, while my then 17-year-old niece Krystin and I decided to go to dinner and a movie. We chose The Last House on the Left and I sat in that theater, with a pure and virtuous teenager, watching as former tween star Paxton was violently and graphically raped, from behind, by the film’s antagonist! Yeah, it was uncomfortable to say the least! Paxton also starred in Shark Night (2011).

Recently, I watched Bella Thorne [whom my daughter loved as CeCe Jones in Disney‘s Shake It Up (2010-13)] as manipulative mean girl Nina Patterson in Scream: The TV Series (2015), MTV‘s television adaptation of Wes Craven‘s Scream franchise. I noticed, in Scream: The TV Series, that Bella Thorne had blossomed into quite the curvaceous young booty – umm, I mean beauty! Thorne also played manipulative mean girl Madison Morgan in the teen comedy The Duff (2015), so at least she’s not being typecast as a Disney princess! Gaby didn’t watch Thorne in Scream but she watched her in The Duff. Currently, Gaby loves watching Zendaya [who played Rocky Blue, Cece’s best friend, in Shake It Up] as teenage spy K.C. Cooper in Disney‘s K.C. Undercover (2015- ).

Emma Roberts [whom my daughter loved in Hotel for Dogs (2009) is currently playing manipulative mean girl Chanel Oberlin in  the Fox TV series Scream Queens (2015- ). The series also stars Keke Palmer [whom my daughter loved in Nickelodeon‘s True Jackson, VP (2008-11)], as well as Abigail Breslin [whom I loved in Zombieland (2009) and Haunter (2013)]. Emma Roberts also starred in several seasons of FX‘s American Horror Story (2011- ). Gaby is currently binge-watching that entire series.

Oh, and I forgot about Stefanie Scott [whom my daughter loved as Lexi Reed on Disney‘s A.N.T. Farm (2011-14)] in Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015). The scene where Scott’s demon-possessed character Quinn Brenner breaks her leg casts was awesome!!

So, speaking of A.N.T. Farm


Sierra McCormick in Some Kind of Hate (2015)

Tonight, on a whim, I watched a movie called Some Kind of Hate (2015) which stars Grace Phipps [whom my daughter loved as Lela in Disney‘s Teen Beach Movie (2013) and Teen Beach 2 (2015)] and Sierra McCormick [whom my daughter loved as Olive Doyle in Disney‘s A.N.T. Farm (2011-14)]. If my daughter watched this movie, I don’t think she’d ever look at Olive, in repeats, the same ever again! McCormick‘s a former Disney star gone bad, but it’s all good!

Some-Kind-of-Hate-theatrical-11x17Some Kind of Hate (2015) is a slasher/horror film directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer and written by Brian DeLeeuw and Adam Egypt Mortimer for Caliber Media with Destroy All Entertainment and Revek Entertainment. The film stars Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps, Maestro Harrell, Lexi Atkins, Sierra McCormick, Noah Segan, Andrew Bryniarski; with Spencer Breslin and Michael Polish.

A bullied teenager is sent to a reform school where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl, herself a victim of bullying, who takes vengeance on his tormentors.

Some Kind of Hate sometimes feels kind of contrived with its anti-bullying agenda and overabundance of teen angst that practically drips right off the screen but, mostly, Some Kind of Hate offers an intriguing new twist on the slasher genre with a vengeful ghost who kills her victims by cutting herself! Sierra McCormick as Moira Karp, the vengeful ghost, is this film’s biggest surprise – she’s awesome! Is McCormick even old enough to be using all those curse words? I never thought I’d hear Olive Doyle talk like that! Or spew all that anger!


Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps and Spencer Breslin

Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein) is a troubled teen who is bullied at school. One day, he snaps and sticks a fork into his tormentor’s eye. He is sent to Mind’s Eye Academy, a reform school in the desert run by Jack Iverson (Michael Polish), Krauss (Noah Segan – JT in Deadgirl), and Christine (Lexi Atkins – Jenn in Zombeavers). He finds a friend in porn hacker Issac (Spencer BreslinAbigail‘s brother) and a potential love interest in wayward cheerleader Kaitlin (Grace Phipps). He also finds bullies in Willie (Maestro Harrell) and Derek (Brandon Eaton) and it all starts over again.

After taking a beating from Willie, Lincoln runs and hides in a basement and wishes his tormentors were dead. Soon, they do start dying at the hands of the ghost of Moira Karp (Sierra McCormick), a troubled teen who was killed by bullies at the academy. Her death, however, was covered up and blamed on suicide because, in life, Moira was a cutter. Now, as a ghost, Moira kills by cutting herself. She slices a razor across her skin and cuts appear on her victims. She slices the razor across her throat and her victims’ throats open, spraying blood. She leaves the razor in their hands and their deaths are blamed on suicide.

Lincoln is appalled by Moira’s actions. He really just wanted the bullies to stop – not to die. He confronts Moira in the basement and tells her that he doesn’t need her anymore. She disappears in tears. However, after Lincoln leaves, Kaitlin secretly goes into the basement, allowing Moira to continue her path of vengeance toward the ones responsible for her death and everyone else who gets in her way!

Not rated. 83 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

Some Kind of Hate is a wonderfully bloody and violent movie! Moira’s ability isn’t just limited to cutting herself. She’s like a horror version of the Corsican Brothers. She kills Isaac by repeatedly and violently slamming her head against a support beam and he suffers the injuries. Later, Christine points a gun at Moira, but Moira taunts her and puts her mouth over the barrel. Christine pulls the trigger but ends up killing herself. Oh, and Moira’s demise is very Corsican-inspired since she and Lincoln seem to share each others’ pain. Hopefully, Moira will return in a sequel!


Sierra McCormick

Moira’s confrontation with Christine, by the way, is one of my favorite scenes in Some Kind of Hate. Sierra McCormick is a talented young actress and this scene is proof of that. However, the scene (pictured at the top of this post) where Kaitlin gets “pleasured” from feeling the pain when Moira cuts herself is another favorite! Oh, Olive!


Grace Phipps

Ronen Rubinstein and Grace Phipps are excellent as troubled young lovers Lincoln and Kaitlin. They both have gorgeous jet black hair! When I watched Teen Beach Movie with my daughter for the first time, I thought Phipps was stunningly beautiful with her black hair and blue eyes. Now, I’m convinced that she is one of the most beautiful young actresses out there! I so need to watch season four of The Vampire Diaries to Phipps her as April Young! But, first, I’ll be watching the anthology horror film Tales of Halloween (2015) in which she is also featured!

Oh, and yeah, I watched Teen Beach Movie more than once! I’ll admit it! “Crusin’ For a Bruisin'” and “Like Me” are insanely addictive songs! I can’t deny that! And, Grace Phipps‘ solo song “Falling For Ya” is pretty good, too! However, I have not watched Teen Beach 2. Yet.

Anyway, I loved Some Kind of Hate. In fact, I liked it even more after watching it again to do this post!

Film links: website / Facebook

Note: In the poster for Some Kind of Hate above, Moira is holding a straight razor. However, in the film, she actually kills with razor blades that she keeps draped over her chest on a necklace. Obviously, the straight razor in the poster is purely for visual effect!

Finally, here’s a wonderful photo of dark-haired beauty Grace Phipps

amy-lee-evanescence-photo-01Oh, wait – that’s Amy Lee of alt-rockers Evanescence! Sorry. Here’s Grace Phipps

Grace-Phipps-photo-01BThe resemblance is uncanny, huh?


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