Amy Johnston: Badass Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, behold Amy Johnston


Amy Johnston

Badass, however, is in your face …

Amy Johnston [Facebook/Twitter] is an actress/stuntwoman/martial artist who, by all rights, should be the world’s biggest female action star! Well, there’s still time – she’s young. Now, let’s be clear… this post is about stuntwoman Amy Johnston (with a “t”), not former Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson (with a “Jo” and no “t”), who is also very beautiful and was once pretty badass (if, of course, you think Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was badass).

Amy Johnston was raised in the wild west of Wyoming. As the daughter of 5 time world champion kickboxer, David Johnston, Amy has trained and performed in Martial Arts her entire life. She has won numerous first place and Grand Champion awards in forms and fighting around the country, and was invited to perform at the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Extravaganza for Kung Fu Magazine. Along with a wide variety of martial arts styles, she has studied dance and gymnastics. At age 13, Amy starred in Karate Kids Workout with Emmy Award winning Director, Lee Stanley. Thus began her passion to inspire and show girls that they can be beautiful and strong at the same time. At the age of 18, she ventured on her own to Hollywood to pursue a career in martial arts film. Now in Los Angeles, Amy’s abundance of talent has overflown into acting and stunt performance, with Amy already having several professional appearances under her belt.

I first became aware of Amy Johnston back when I did a post on Bey Logan‘s unreleased  “exotic period swordplay actioner” Snowblade in September 2014. I learned that she was cast to star in Logan‘s B&E Productions‘ upcoming film Lady Bloodfight. I started a post but, soon, moved on to other obsessions. More on Lady Bloodfight later. Then, last week, I stumbled on the “style test” video for one of Johnston‘s recent projects, Razor Sharp: Renegade, and I was suddenly hooked on this badass beauty and her martial arts skills! More on Razor Sharp shortly.

Amy Johnston worked as Scarlett Johansson‘s stunt double on Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). I did not see that summer blockbuster, despite the fact that some of it was filmed here in Cleveland, near where I work. I have seen other things featuring Johnston. However, at the time, I didn’t know that she was in them! She has been featured as an actress and/or stunt double in several Disney TV shows that I often watch with my tween daughter Gaby, including Pair of Kings (2010-13), Dog with a Blog (2012- ), and Gaby’s current favorite, K.C. Undercover (2015- ). Johnston even stunt-doubled on ABC Family‘s Melissa & Joey (2010-15)! So …

Watch Amy Johnston‘s 2014 stunt reel (including clips from Captain America: The Winter Soldier) here ..

If you want more beauty, check out Amy Johnston‘s lovely photo galleries on her website (here) and her Facebook page (here). But, if you want badass with your beauty, well, check out some of her amazing filmed work. You will find that Johnston isn’t just a pretty face who can kick your ass, but that she’s a wonderfully talented actress as well. So, now, let me share a few of those filmed works featuring this future Hollywood action star …



Razor Sharp: Renegade (2015) [Facebook] is an upcoming sci-fi/action feature written, directed and co-produced by Marcus Perry [Youtube] for his M-Pact Films. The film, set in a cyberpunk’d future, stars Amy Johnston as high-tech thief Veronica Sharpe. Here’s a synopsis …

Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT-trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it’s all in a night’s work for quirky thief, Veronica Sharpe. But when she breaks into the most high-tech weapons manufacturing facility in the world, her business turns anything but usual when the technology she’s there to steal is revealed to be a brilliant little girl with a devastating secret. Set in a cyberpunk future, and loaded with action and laughs, Razor Sharp is one thrill-ride that would be criminal to miss.

In the “style test” for the feature film, Veronica Sharpe (Johnston) is cornered on a rooftop by an all-male security force. Unfortunately for them, Sharpe is there not only to steal technology but also to chew bubblegum and kick some ass! Watch the video here …

This “proof of concept” is an excellent showcase for Marcus Perry‘s dystopic vision, as well as Amy Johnston‘s stunning martial arts skills. Hopefully, this short will succeed in attracting the finances needed to get the feature film completed. If so, I’ll be very excited to see the final result. However …

Razor Sharp: Renegade, apparently, is a re-boot of Perry‘s 2006 short film Razor Sharp. The earlier incarnation, at just over 25 minutes, offers a more fully realized version of Perry‘s concept. It stars Cassidy Freeman [Smallville] as Veronica Sharpe, with Michael T. Weiss [The Pretender], Adam Gregor, and Skye McCole Bartusiak.

Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT-trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it’s all in a day’s work for corporate thief Veronica Sharpe. But business turns anything but usual when she’s hired by her underworld boss Rory Dex to steal an exotic codebreaker from a high-security skyscraper. After rallying with her mentor, a grizzled Russian named Karloff Bryce, a plan to breach the tower’s defenses is born. However, the one contingency Veronica could never anticipate is the strain the job will place on her morality and skill once she’s confronted with the dark reality of the codebreaker itself. Set in a near-future world where corporations strangle the globe, Razor Sharp blends a surprising amount of humor with pulse-pounding action to create an experience that is truly criminal to miss.

Razor Sharp (2006) is a fantastic film! Watch it on Vimeo (here), or on Youtube (Part 1/Part 2/Part 3). And, check out these cool behind the scenes featurettes: A Piece of the Action, A Very Green Experience, A Cast Of Characters, and Pulling Off the Job. Razor Sharp: Renegade (2015), I’m sure, will be, at least, as good as Razor Sharp (2006).



Amy Johnston as Harley Quinn

Yes, that is Amy Johnston as The Joker’s “little bag of crazy” (above)! She looks amazing, right? That is how Harley Quinn should look! She’s sexy and psychotic. Margot Robbie, who is playing the character in the upcoming Suicide Squad film (here), is a beautiful actress, but I’m not buying into her Harley Quinn (here) just yet. I am, however, loving Katana (Karen Fukuhara) whom I didn’t even know was going to be in the movie!

Anyway, Johnston will appear as Harley Quinn in an upcoming episode of Super Power Beat Down from Bat in the Sun [Facebook/Youtube]. The web series, hosted by the lovely Marisha Ray, “takes two super-powered legends and makes them battle!” Watch previous episodes (here). SPBD mixes universes (comics or otherwise), so, in Episode #16, Marvel‘s Deadpool and Domino will battle DC‘s Joker and Harley Quinn. Check out the cast photo here …


The cast of Deadpool & Domino vs Joker & Harley Quinn (SPBD – Episode 16)

This episode is going to be awesome!! Sure, Domino has the power to affect probability in her favor, thus giving her good luck and her opponents bad luck; but Harley Quinn is bat-shit crazy! Domino (here), by the way, is played by Russian-born actress/model Tatiana DeKhtyar [Facebook]. Check her out as Catwoman (here), Black Widow (here), Elektra (here), Mary Jane Watson (here), and more (here)!

The episode premieres Summer 2015 (after fan voting ends June 15).

UPDATE: Episode #16 of Super Power Beat Down was released July 3! Read more (here)!

OPTION ZERO (2015- )


Amy Johnston in Option Zero

Option Zero (2015) is an upcoming espionage/action web series directed by R.L. Scott [Facebook/Youtube] for his Shadow Motion Pictures [Facebook]. The series stars Chris Conrad (Trevor), Christian Howard (Nate), Eliver Ling (Connor), Amy Johnston (Kara), and Adolfo Quinones (Lionel).

A highly trained group of covert operatives are sent in to take down an organized crime family with international ties to a greater enemy. Lines are crossed, relationships are tested… lives are lost.

Watch the official teaser trailer here …

The pilot episode of Option Zero is currently in post-production, and slated for release in 2015. R.L. Scott previously directed several other action-oriented films [Champion Road (2008), Champion Road: Arena (2010)] and web series [Champion Road: The Series (2011), Touye Pwen (2011), Fixer (2013)].



Lady Bloodfight (formerly known as Lady Bloodsport) is an upcoming martial arts thriller written and produced by Bey Logan [Snowblade (unreleased)] and directed by Chris Nahon [Kiss of the Dragon (2001), Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)]. The highly-anticipated film, which has been in production for several years, will finally be released in November 2015 via Voltage Pictures.

Jane is a beautiful but troubled American girl backpacking through Japan, when her raw street fighting skills draw the attention of Oshima, Japanese karate champion. He recruits and trains her to fight in the vicious, all-female, underground martial arts tournament known as “The Kumite”. After months of rigorous preparation, Jane is ready to face off against the deadliest female fighters in the world, including Ling, the Chinese apprentice of Oshima’s nemesis. But other nefarious forces lie in the shadows, and Jane and Ling will have to unite on a journey that will take them from the gritty underworld of Hong Kong to the glitz of Macau, before deciding who really is the best female fighter in the world.

The film’s title, by the way, was changed to avoid confusion with Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s American martial arts film Bloodsport (1988), and its sans Van Damme sequels. Lady Bloodfight is not related to those films.


Amy Johnston in Lady Bloodfight

Lady Bloodfight is Amy Johnston‘s debut as a lead actress in a full-length feature and, hopefully, it will turn her into the Hollywood action star she is destined to become. Her character Jane is the focus of the story but Jane, of course, is forced to join forces with one of her opponents. Johnston‘s co-star, actress Jenny Wu [Facebook], describes her character Ling as “a sexy, comic book style, street punk, bad-ass chick.” Sounds like the perfect BFF for an all-American girl! Thai-born Australian stunt actress Jet Tranter [Facebook] is also featured in the cast.

No trailers or other video extras as of yet, save for this promo (here) for Dan’s Movie Report [Facebook].



Amy Johnston in Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope (2014) is a “fan-made, non-profit, pilot episode for a live-action Dragon Ball Z web series.” The DBZ pilot episode was written by Derek Padula and directed by Donnie McMillin for Robot UnderDog [Facebook/Youtube], and stars Tyler Tackett as Android 17, Amy Johnston as Android 18, Anton Bex as Gohan, Jack Wald as Trunks, and Ruthann Thompson as Bulma.

Hope is worth fighting for. In Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Gohan and Trunks fight against the unstoppable Androids #17 and #18 and try to save as many human lives as possible. The young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his mentor, Gohan; but with battles to fight on both the outside and inside, how long can they endure, and where will they find a light of hope?

Watch the pilot episode here …

OK, I don’t know much about about DBZ despite the fact that, for about ten years (approx. 2002-12), I was almost exclusively into Japanese pop culture! I don’t know much about Sailor Moon either. I read manga and watched anime, but preferred grittier titles like Junji Ito‘s Uzumaki, Hiroaki Samura‘s Blade of the Immortal, and my favorite Tsugumi Ohba/Takeshi Obata‘s Death Note [the manga, the anime and the 3 live-action movies!]. My obsession mostly revolved around Japanese cult cinema and J-rock. So, I can’t really comment on Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope in the context of the source material. However, a co-worker, who is, in fact, a fan of DBZ, loved this film! I, of course, loved Amy Johnston as Android 18! Sometimes not being familiar with the source material is a good thing. Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a very well-made, exciting film, and I look forward to further installments. Luckily, episodes 2 & 3 were successfully funded via Indiegogo (here)!

Check out all the Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope extras (here), including this cool behind-the-scenes video (here). And, watch this excellent interview (here) and Q&A (here) with Amy Johnston for The Internet Show with Paris Lay, Robot Underdog‘s weekly superhero/geek ”news” show. When asked is she would consider playing Supergirl (if another indie project comes up), Amy said: “I would absolutely love to! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to!” Yes, that would be so AWESOME!! Somebody needs to take her up on that!

Oh, and I really liked Tyler Tackett [Facebook] as Android 17. I may dedicate an MHE FilmFest to the actor (if I like his other work), making him the first male honoree! I love that kid’s hair. Did I just write that out loud?



Amy Johnston in Clandestine

Clandestine (2015) [Facebook] is “an original martial arts action web series” created by Epic Rival [Facebook], a new development and production unit from the writers and directors behind Thousand Pounds Action Co. [Facebook], which is a film production team [of which Amy Johnston is a member] that specializes in martial arts action videos. All of the videos produced by Epic Rival and Thousand Pounds can be viewed one Youtube channel (here). So, as such, Clandestine was directed by Haile Lee and Christopher C. Cowan, written by Lee and Lex Randleman, and stars Marshal Hilton as Elliot Dural/Lion Patriarch, Amy Johnston as Adeline, Judith Scarpone as Ida, and other talented actors/actresses.

Elliot Dural, the Patriarch of the Lion clan, goes over the various mistakes he’s made in his life as he now faces a new challenge that may lead to bloodshed and war. He begins to leave the compound in the dead of night, making a decision that may end his own life for the sake of his clansmen. Greeting him at the exit is Ida, one of the eldest remaining clansmen and mother figure to all, she begs Elliot to rethink his decision and reminds him that the burden of their fate does not solely rest on his shoulders. This discussion between the wise leaders of the Lion clan is but one instance in a chain of events that will spark the conflict throughout Clandestine. Here is where our story begins…

Watch the trailer for the first two episodes here …

Watch Episode One which includes the above trailer (here). Amy Johnston is not featured in Episode One, but, her character is the focus of the series, so I’m in! Actually, I’d be in without Johnston‘s presence – Clandestine looks pretty awesome! But, I am excited that Johnston is involved! Check out other Clandestine-related videos: Enter The Eagle (Choreography Teaser), Enter The Lion (Conceptual Teaser), Enter The Wolf (Conceptual Scene), and Clandestine Special Prologue (Baruti’s backstory).

Some Amy Johnston fans love Thousand Pounds‘ rough choreography practice video Amy vs Many. However, my favorite Thousand Pounds video featuring Johnston is the short fight test Tag Match. Blonde + black = badass! She also appears in Ultra Combos #2 (Femme Fatales), a Street Fighter IV-styled fight video that also features stunt actresses Anna Ranoso [more on her later], Mickey Facchinello and Niki Kristina. Oh, and Amy is just so adorable in this silly promo Street Fighter x Tekken Announcement.

Speaking of Thousand Pounds Action Co.

EARTH 3 (2012)


Amy Johnston as Black Canary in Earth 3

Earth 3 (2012) was “a super low-budget video done for a web series concept” that “was put aside after hearing about the CW’s Arrow announcement.” The short was directed by Christopher C. Cowan, written by Lex Randleman, and stars Nick Benseman as Green Arrow and Amy Johnston as Black Canary. Watch it here …

“Super low-budget”? Compared to what? This film looks great. My comic book nerd friends, who watch The CW‘s Arrow and love it, also loved Earth 3. In fact, they thought Nick Benseman‘s interpretation of Arrow was truer to the comic book than Stephen Amell‘s. I’m sure they would also enjoy Thousand PoundsDC Elseworlds web series [Part One, Part Two, Part Three]. Amy Johnston‘s not in that one.

RAZE (2013)


Raze (2013) is a violent, bloody exploitation film directed by Josh C. Waller, and starring actress/stuntwoman Zoë Bell [Angel of Death] as Sabrina, Rachel Nichols as Jamie, Tracie Thoms as Teresa, Bruce Thomas as Kurtz, Bailey Anne Borders as Cody, Rebecca Marshall as Phoebe, Allene Quincy as Brenda, Adrienne Wilkinson as Nancy; with Doug Jones [Hellboy] as Joseph, and Sherilyn Fenn [Twin Peaks] as Elizabeth. Rosario Dawson also appears in a surprise cameo which makes Raze a Death Proof reunion of sorts since Bell, Thoms and Dawson all starred in Quentin Tarantino‘s Grindhouse (2007) feature.

In Raze, 50 women are drugged, kidnapped, held captive in a concrete bunker and forced to fight, one on one, with their bare hands, to the death, until only one of them is left, all for the benefit of wealthy spectators. If the girls don’t fight or lose, their loved ones are killed. Watch the trailer (here).

Raze is, basically, like Kinji Fukasaku‘s Battle Royale (2000) meets women-in-prison films. However, Waller avoids the exploitative nature of that genre by keeping his actresses fully clothed. “If it were men in prison, there wouldn’t be nudity, there wouldn’t be some scene in the showers, unless it was something like Oz,” he told Entertainment Weekly (here). In addition, his feature is far more brutal than any of those women-in-prison films. Raze is an excellent thriller, especially if you’re a fan of Zoë Bell, and I am; however …

Amy Johnston is only in Raze for just over for 2 minutes! Her scene begins at 39:50 and ends at 42:04. She plays Gloria, and is forced to fight Sabrina. Johnston vs Bell. Awesome fight, but, too damn short! “I have a fiancé! We’re getting married in a month!” Gloria blurts out, after Sabrina gets the better of her. Then, as Sabrina drops her guard, Gloria kicks her in the knee. Of course, Sabrina eventually prevails by choking Gloria to death. As an added bonus, actress/stuntwoman Tara Macken [Ninja Apocalypse] is also in Raze for just under 2 minutes as well! Her scene begins at 18:45 and ends at 20:34. She plays Dee, and is forced to fight total bitch Phoebe. “They said they’d kill my mother,” Phoebe tells Dee, as they enter the arena. Then, later, after brutally pummeling Dee’s face, Phoebe drives her knee into Dee’s throat. “I fucking hate my mother!” she snarls, and cracks Dee’s neck.

Watch some of Amy Johnston‘s Raze fight scene in her 2014 stunt reel (above).



Zombie Killers (2013) [Twitter], apparently, was a movie, written and directed by Ron McPherson, that was supposed to have been released in episodes via Zombie Killer TV. However, the film’s Facebook page (here) isn’t available, the official website (here) re-directs to the 2015 film Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard, and that Youtube channel has only the film’s official preview posted. But, the preview is awesome!

When a secret military experiment goes wrong a horrible disease is unleashed turning millions into flesh eating zombies. Three girls become ruthless zombie killers and set out to save the world by rescuing the President’s son who carries the only known antidote.

Those three ruthless zombie killers are actress/model Eve Mauro [Facebook] as Frankie, actress/stuntwoman Aoni Ma as Kira, and Amy Johnston as Jesse. They use guns, swords, chainsaws, and sledgehammers to dispose of zombie Little Rex (Josh Tessier) for his concerned mother Marge (Sandra Weston). “Who’s gonna clean all that up?” Marge wonders. “We’re not housekeepers!” Frankie snarls. “We’re zombie killers,” she grins. This preview is funny, bloody and badass! Watch it here …

Yes, that was Eric Roberts as, according to the credits, Agent Mckay. “Who I am… is not important,” he tells Frankie. “What you’re gonna do for me… is,” he adds, delivering bucket loads of smugness with a smirk! Zombie Killers is, quite possibly, the best movie I’ve never seen! Sadly, Amy Johnston‘s martial arts skills aren’t utilized in this preview, but, she does look amazing! They all do! I need to see this whole movie!

Note to self: find out more about Aoni Ma.


Mickey & the Fly (2012) is “an homage to the early vaudeville clowns of the 1920’s.” The silent short was written by Marc Fajardo, directed by Evan A. Baker, and stars Marc Fajardo as Mickey, Amy Johnston as Molly, Aza Allen as Boris, and Dante Swain as Axe.

When a pesky insect interrupts Mickey’s spaghetti meal, his thirst for revenge leads him on a rollicking adventure of jealousy and love.

Watch the film here …

Amy Johnston, as Molly, is absolutely adorable! The film, overall, is just OK.



Dracula Reborn (2012) is a direct-to-video horror film written and directed by Patrick McManus, and starring Corey Landis (Jonathan Harker), Victoria Summer (Lina Harker), Stuart Rigby (Vladimir Sarkany/Dracula), Ian Pfister (Renfield), Keith Reay (Van Helsing), and Krash Miller (Quincy Morris). The film is based on Bram Stoker‘s Gothic novel Dracula (1897), but, set in modern-day Los Angeles. Sunny L.A.? Dracula is a dumbass. He, of course, has his sights set on his realtor Jonathan Harker’s wife Lina whom he believes is the reincarnation of his companion. You know the rest. Watch the trailer (here).

I hadn’t seen this movie before I saw it listed in Amy Johnston‘s credits on IMDb, and didn’t even plan on watching it for this post. However, I found that Dani Lennon [Bite Me] was also featured in the cast, so I couldn’t pass up two lovely ladies! Did I regret it? No. Dracula Reborn delivers an OK modern twist on the legend, however …

Amy Johnston plays vampire Lucy Spencer who, unless I missed something, is only shown as a dead body in the trunk of Quincy’s car. Linda Bella plays human Lucy in a brief flashback. Dani Lennon, on the other hand, has much more screen time as Dr. Joan Seward.


Beyond Doomsday: The Chronicles of Captain Z (2012) [Facebook/Youtube] was a proposed web series created and directed by Brian K. Hillard for PUSH Adventure Productions. The pilot episode was set to star David B. Johnson, Amy Johnston and Dian Bachar. However, the Kickstarter campaign (here) was unsuccessful funded and, I’m guessing, the project was abandoned. Too bad – it sounded promising.

Ex-Army Captain L. Brandon Scott, better known by the moniker he has given his alter-ego self, Captain Z, is a Steve Irwin meets Bear Grylls-type for the UNDEAD. His mission, to teach others how to plan, prepare for, survive in, and become warriors against the UNDEAD insurgency that now infest our Post Apocalyptic planet.

Watch a Beyond Doomsday: The Chronicles of Captain Z teaser trailer (here). Better yet, check out this episode of Zombie Go Boom [Youtube] guest starring “Captain Z himself” (David B. Johnson) and “his sidekick, baton-twirling Amanda Bower” (Amy Johnston) …

Zombie Go Boom, by the way, is an awesome live-action web series that puts “weapons and everyday objects to the test to show you what will kill the undead and help you survive the zombie apocalypse.” It’s like Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior meets Discovery’s Mythbusters – with zombies! I wrote all that once before (here)!



Amy Johnston and Anna Ranoso in Deadly International Assassins

Deadly International Assassins is/was an unreleased(?) and/or unfinished(?) low-budget action short directed by David Lynn [Youtube/Vimeo], and starring Amy Johnston and stunt actress Anna Ranoso [Facebook/Youtube]. That’s all I know about the film. Check out some footage and behind-the-scenes videos here: rough cut Amy Johnston vs. Anna RanosoAmy vs Anna Behind the Scenes 2, Montage Amy Johnston & Anna Ranoso, posing for shotsBehind the scenesAmy vs Anna widescreen, and Amy Johnston NEW. Again, Johnston looks amazing! I think it’s the short shorts! However, in Zombie Killers, she was adorably cute in short shorts but surprisingly deadly; while, in D.I.A., she is sexy hot and totally badass! Ranoso is sexy hot, too! I previously posted some of her action work (here).

David Lynn previously directed the low-budget short films Let Us Prey (2009) and Dark Legacy: Ghost Of The Lady In Black (2009). Anna Ranoso, by the way, is also a singer/songwriter, and she recently released her first solo album Sandcastles (2014). Listen to her promo (here). Synthy dance/pop isn’t really my thing.

But, I do like hard-rocking metal …

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – “Overlord” (2010)


Anna Ranoso and Amy Johnston in Black Label Society‘s “Overlord” video

The music video for Black Label Society‘s “Overlord”, from their 8th studio album Order of the Black (2010), is an awesome homage to ’70s kung fu movies that must be seen! The mini-epic, directed by Master Cylinder (Eric Zimmerman/Nik Jamgocyan), features Zakk E. Stylze (BLS frontman Zakk Wylde) as Ju Jitsu Lipshitz, a Bruce Lee look-a-like who takes on various opponents on a quest to find The Overlord, an old lady. His opponents include JDesus (BLS bassist John DeServio) as DJ Phyuk-Yu, Dick Assman as Himself, Will Hunt (BLS drummer) as Won’t Fish, Shirley (Cindy Williams aka Shirley of Laverne & Shirley!) as Shur Lee, and Nick Catanese (BLS guitarist) as Ying Yang Fro. Amy Johnston, armed with a rattan stick, and Anna Ranoso, armed with nunchaku, play Ying Yang Fro’s sexy hentchwoman. Watch the video here …

I love this video! Cindy Williams as Shur Lee is so random – and so hysterical! Order of the Black, by the way, is one of Black Label Society‘s best albums.


Kung Fu Femmes [Facebook/Youtube], founded by Tony Laudati, is “a Los Angeles-based entertainment company of female martial artists, dancers and acrobats” who “perform at clubs, conventions and corporate events.” They also made a variety of martial arts videos, and a series of webisodes starring Michelle Tomlinson. Amy Johnston is featured as “KFFemme with Chips” with stunt actress Anna Yosin in webisode #4. Watch all the KFF webisodes here: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8.


Amy Johnston in Angering the Gods

Amy Johnston also starred with martial artist Drinie Aguilar in Angering the Gods (2011). Johnston played eccentric billionairess/model/socialite Elisha Davenport who announces her new jewelry line inspired by Greek mythology. Aguilar played international jewel thief Jennifer Sanchez posing as L.A. fashion photographer Evelyn Stewart who attempts to steal Davenport’s collection. However, Davenport catches her in the act, then forces her to put on a toga like the one she’s wearing. “Now what?” Sanchez wonders. “Now we let the gods decide,” Davenport replies, and a fight to the death ensues. Watch the film (with fight choreography courtesy of Johnston) here …

Kung Fu Femmes: Volume One (here) is a DVD collection that includes KFF Webisodes #1-6, Angering the Gods, Girls For Hire, The Final Lesson, and Warrior’s Kiss. Buy it. Or just go to the KFF Youtube channel (here) for those and many more female martial arts action videos.

Now, for my daughter Gaby’s benefit …



Amy Johnston (left) as the target in K.C. Undercover

In Disney‘s K.C. Undercover (2015- ), set in Washington D.C., 16-year-old K.C. Cooper (Zendaya) learns that her parents, Kira (Tammy Townsend) and Craig (Kadeem Hardison), are secretly undercover spies who recruit her to be a spy, too. K.C.’s best friend Marisa (Veronica Dunne) eventually finds out about K.C.’s secret life, and becomes K.C.’s cohort in her misadventures. My daughter loves this show. She also loved Zendaya‘s previous Disney show, Shake It Up (2010-13). I like K.C. Undercover.

In “Photo Bombed” (S1:E5), Marisa is a finalist in a national photography contest with a photo she submitted of K.C. However, K.C. can’t take the chance of someone seeing her photo and coming after her, so she tries to sabotage Marisa’s entry. Amy Johnston plays one of the targets of the Cooper family’s Operation Slice and Dice. She fights K.C. at a Japanese restaurant with a samurai sword.

This episode was just on Disney Channel last night (5/20), and I watched it with Gaby for this post. Well, I watched it while Gaby listened to a Little Mix song on her iPod, watched a 5SOS video on her laptop, and Snapchatted with a friend on her cell phone – all at once! “I thought you wanted to watch this with me?” I asked. “I am,” she replied. “But, I saw it before,” she added, as she texted her friend. “That’s the girl I’m posting about,” I pointed out, later, when Amy Johnston appeared on screen. “I remember her,” Gaby said, without even glancing up at the television.

By the way, when did Dwayne Wayne [A Different World (1987-93)] become a TV dad?!



Amy Johnston (left) as a Nanju warrior in Pair of Kings

In Disney‘s Pair of Kings (2010-13), Chicago teens Brady (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw), fraternal twins, learn that they are the heirs to the throne of the Pacific island nation of Kinkow. They relocate to the island to assume their role as co-kings, and are aided in their misadventures by Mikayla (Kelsey Chow), the teenage daughter of their Royal Advisor Mason (Geno Segers). My daughter liked this show, but wasn’t obsessive about it. I think she felt obligated to watch it since Mitchel Musso played Oliver on Hannah Montana. I liked Pair of Kings.

In “Crouching Brady, Hidden Boomer” (S2:E20), Brady asks out Sabrina (Skylar Vallo), a hot Nanju warrior. However, Sabrina holds a grudge against Mikayla for beating her on the final exam at Fight School, and holds Brady captive to get back at her. Amy Johnston plays one of Sabrina’s two Nanju warrior companions. The three warriors beat Brady and Boomer with fighting sticks before finding out who they really are. Johnston also did Vallo‘s stunts in Sabrina’s climactic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-inspired fight with Mikayla.

Watch some of Amy Johnston‘s Pair of Kings stunt work in her 2014 stunt reel (above).

According to IMDb, Amy Johnston will stunt double again for the lovely Skylar Vallo in Anthony DiBlasi‘s upcoming slasher flick Most Likely to Die (2015). Some other upcoming projects featuring Johnston‘s stunt talents, according to IMDb, include …

Blonde Squad (2015) [Facebook]. “It’s Russ Meyer making Charlie’s Angels for the James Bond-loving fanatics everywhere!!” Directed by Benny Tjandra. Starring Lacey Wildd, Elizabeth Starr, Summer Summings, and Linda Wang. Amy Johnston is stunt doubling for Lacey Wildd‘s character Jill Masters. I don’t like big boobs (especially those as big as Elizabeth Starr‘s) but I’ll watch this. Check out the trailer (here).

Atticus’ Activists (2015) [Facebook]. This web series is a “live-action comedy featuring clumsy super heroines who join forces to save Mommy Earth by any means necessary.” Directed by Aldo Pisano. Starring Gerry Bednob, Scout Durwood, Krista Kalmus, and Korrina Rico. Amy Johnston is stunt doubling for Krista Kalmus‘ character Ocean in the first episode “Meet the Activists”.

Bad Night (2015) [Facebook]. This is an upcoming adventure film starring YouTube personalities Lauren Elizabeth and Jenn McAllister. “When Kate (Lauren) and Abby (Jenn) are mistaken for famous art thieves, their fun night out quickly goes from good to bad.” Directed by Chris & Nick Riedell.

Want even more Amy Johnston videos? Go (here). You’ll find everything I’ve embedded or linked above as well as more stunt reels, fight videos, etc. I’m sure I’ll be posting again about this badass beauty soon enough!


Amy Johnston


7 thoughts on “Amy Johnston: Badass Beauty

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